4 Things You Should Know about People with Angular Handwriting

4 Things You Should Know about People with Angular Handwriting
People who have angular handwriting are alert.

Broadly speaking, every handwriting is either angular or rounded or combines the two.

The angular handwriting is that in which the letters are all more or less pointed. They are sharply formed.

Their general appearance is that of straight lines and angles. There is a marked absence in the writing of curves or rounded strokes.

Here are the four things that define angular writers:

#1. Mental Alertness

Angular writing always indicates activity. It is associated with nervous, quick and energetic dispositions. It betokens a person of mental alertness and physical restlessness.

Incidentally, CEOs of most companies have such handwriting, which shows they are capable of making quick decisions. Steve Jobs, co-founder of tech giant Apple, wrote like this. Read the analysis of Steve Jobs’s signature)

Angular handwriting

Angular handwriting has pointed middle-zone letters

#2. Full of enthusiasm

According to graphology, writers of an angular hand are natural workers. They are not happy unless their brains or hands are busy. Whatever they do is done with energy and enthusiasm. They are usually quite brilliant and they have a sharp and penetrating mind.

#3. Manual Skill

The tastes of people who have pointed letters in their handwriting turn to the practical affairs of life, and they have a natural aptitude for work requiring manual skill.

#4. Aggressive Personality

According to graphology, angular writers are also emphatic, precise, positive and aggressive. They are generally self-reliant and industrious.

However, they are not good for certain kinds of jobs, such as school teacher. Read why people with angular handwriting should avoid being teachers.


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Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.