Are You a Disliked Person? Blame It On Your Angular Writing

Personality traits of people with angular writing

People with angular writing tend to impose discipline on themselves and thus see nothing wrong in imposing it on their environment.

Angular writing: A disciplinarian?

People with angular writing may have negative or positive personality types, but almost all have in common the feature of unadaptability.

Angular writers impose discipline on themselves and see nothing wrong in imposing it on their environment as well. They are non-conformists who try to make the world conform to them.

They do not give up easily, are not discouraged but stimulated by challenge; do not fear resistance but seek it in order to prove themselves; form them a certain amount of friction is necessary and desirable.

Napoleon had an angular writing

Napoleon had an angular writing

Methodical, reliable and brutal

These writers are methodical, persistent, strongly goal-oriented, hard-working, plodding, steady, reliable; they do not lose interest; are not bored by repetition.

Their writing has a marching quality and, in some cases, their manner of pursuing aims is relentless (like an army sending wave upon wave of troops until the mission is accomplished). These writers are sometimes brutal and harsh depending upon the balance in the writing.

These people are powered by energy that is never full released. They operate like a clenched fist. They are constantly holding themselves in check and posed for resistance.

Why they become aggressive

People with angular writing tend to analyse and organise their own impulses before expressing them. The result is tension and inhibition.

If they fail to find a field in which they can express themselves productively, their need for friction will find expression in quarrelsomeness and even harsher qualities as they become aggressive.

Difficult partners

According to graphology, lack of adaptability, indicated by angular writing, makes them difficult partners. Their need to be critical and stubborn is useful in work but not in social life.

Thus, they seek outlets in areas of common interest since it is the interest more than the companion which absorbs them. There is an impersonal quality; a formality.

Physical activity like skiing which requires technical skill and discipline is good for them as an outlet.

Eintein had an angular writing

Eintein had an angular writing

According to handwriting analysis, personality types vary among angular writers depending on the manner in which the qualities of will, persistence, control, inhibition, tension are used:

  1. May indicate the power urge (Napoleon)
  2. May indicate technical precision esp. when writing is small, clear, quick, regular. [Einstein)
  3. May indicate headstrong and purely stubborn personality [lawyer] when not balanced by reason and/or when writing is irregular.

Angles in various handwriting zones

Zone in which angles occur indicates how the personality is dealing with situations:

  1. Angles in the middle zone indicate a style of handling of daily life that involves decision and purpose. These qualities make reliable and realistic workers. Thus middle-zone angles may be quite positive.
  2. Angles located in the lower zone indicate conflicts [Illustration] in subconscious and instinctual areas.
  3. Angular springboard strokes starting below baseline and ending [illustrate] in the middle zone can indicate the channeling of subconscious energies into meaningful work and daily activities. Such strokes can be seen in writing of goal-driven businessmen.
  4. Angles going from the middle zone to the upper (intellectual) zone may indicate intellectual aggression and closed mind, for he cannot leave bis emotions out of his reasoning.

Combinations of angular writing with other qualities may be very telling:

  1. Angles with changes in slant shows irritability and excitability. (Slant=mood indicator; angle=friction)
  2. Angles with heavy pressure invariably show preference for force or even harshness since the pressure reinforces the inflexible qualities of the angle. [Napoleon; lawyer]

Angular writing: Conclusion

Anglular writing is not always strictly limited to personality indications, but may also indicate some physical difficulty.

Lack of coordination resulting from disease or circulatory difficulty will show angles. When a few angles are seen in an otherwise rounded Script it is important to note the age of the writer.

Highlights of angular writers:

  1. They impose discipline on themselves and others
  2. They are not discouraged but stimulated by challenge
  3. They do not fear resistance but seek it in order to prove themselves
  4. They feel a certain amount of friction is necessary and desirable
  5. They are methodical, persistent, hard-working, and reliable
  6. They do not lose interest because of difficulties

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.