How to Get the Best Signature Style of Your Name in 5 Steps

best style of signature for my name

Figuring out the best style of signature for my name

“What’s the best style of signature for my name?”

I get that question a lot. Each of us wants to have the best style of signature and at the same time a unique signature.

In the next five minutes we will teach you how you can do that. All you need to do is follow the instructions carefully.

First of all, you need to know that no two signatures are ever alike even if they are forged by the best of Frank Abagnales.

That’s why each signature is unique and a lot of importance and validity is associated with the small piece of handwriting.

What’s the ‘best style of signature’?

Although signatures are an important part of our lives and we want the best signature for our names, the process of choosing the best style of signature is rather casual in several cases.

For example, most of you chose a signature style in your growing-up years without giving much thought to its impact on you.

It’s also likely that as teenagers some of you just decided to make your signature look like someone else’s just because you either liked the person or were fascinated by the signature itself.

Say no to copying signature

I recently met a person who said his signature style looked similar to his dad’s. He told me he liked his father’s signature style on his report card and then one day he decided to start signing like him.

A lot of people I have met for signature analysis complain that they do not like their signature and they would like to change it.

But they want professional help because they do not want to repeat the mistake they made as a teenager when they copied someone else’s signature style.

So, what’s wrong in copying someone else’s signature, you may ask. Actually, a lot.


When searching for the best style of signature, don’t be a monkey and copy someone else’s signature.

The most important thing is that you can’t be sure whether the signature is good enough or it contains some strokes that are harmful.

For example, if the signature has a horizontal or vertical strike-through stroke piercing through any letters, it means the writer might cause harm to himself or the things he has created.

If you’re one of them and would like to know how to develop one of the best signature styles, read on.

How to create best style of signature

Creating the best signature style is not difficult, but it’s not very easy either.

You need to keep several things in mind before you decide to make any changes. If you go wrong in making the right choice as far as your signature is concerned, you may have to suffer the consequences.

1. Never use an online tool

How to Get the Best Signature Style of Your Name in 5 Steps 1

The best signature style cannot be made using a free online tool.

Just run a Google search for ‘best signature style for my name’, and you’ll be flooded with pages offering you online tools to create the best signature style.

One such website says: ‘Start making your signature using our easy step-by-step wizard. It is free and you may create as many signatures as you want.’

If you follow the advice, you will only damage your signature. So, if you are also someone who is searching for ‘best style of signature for my name’, just ignore those websites completely.

2. Follow the KISS formula

Yes, Keep It Simple, Stupid. The next step towards creating the best signature style is to make sure that the signature does not contain embellishments or additions.

You’d be surprised to know that a lot of embellishments in the signature style indicate that the writer is vulgar.

Therefore, when you are choosing a signature style, stick to basics and avoid adding too many fancy strokes in it.

3. Keep the capitals healthy

Best signature style

Best style of signature with healthy capital letters

In handwriting analysis, capital letters have a special place. The size of the capital letter in a handwriting sample reflects the writer’s confidence level or the lack of it.

Therefore, it is important to give capital letters its due place in your signature and keep the size right.

4. Use the dots properly

Best signature style

Not the best style of signature: Dot at the end of the signature

A dot or full stop is an essential part of the written script. We all know its correct usage while writing something.

But very often we choose to ignore or forget all the rules when it come to using dots in the signature.

I have found dots placed at wrong places in many signature examples. And that’s not just a coincidence.

Since signature is the only writing we do consciously, a dot at the wrong place points to some complications in the personality.

Therefore, always use the dot at the right place. For example, a dot should not be placed at the end of the signature.

5. Use of underline

I advise most of my clients — not all — to use a horizontal line below their signatures. Underlines show the confidence level of the writer. But an ill-placed underline is not good.

signature underline

Don’t underline your signature like this.

While drawing the underline, you should ensure it does not have a downward slope and it should not be convex or concave.

Also, it should not touch or cut through any letters. The direction of the underline is equally important: it should only travel from left to right. Not the other way around.

Best style of signature: Conclusion

That’s it from me. Hope the suggestions help you create the best style of signature.

Let me know how it went. Or, if you want me to take a look at your signature, don’t hesitate to write to me.

General guidelines for signature

Some general guidelines for a favorable signature in graphology include:

Clear legibility: A clear and legible signature suggests that the person is straightforward and honest.

Consistency: A consistent signature indicates stability and reliability.

Confidence: A signature with strong, bold strokes suggests confidence and assertiveness.

Balance: A well-balanced signature indicates a harmonious balance between the person’s personal and professional life.

Simplistic: A simple and uncomplicated signature suggests a straightforward and unassuming personality.

But before you go, you may want to take a look at the signatures of some famous people and take inspiration from them. Just inspiration. Do not copy the whole thing.

As we stated in the first point above that you should not copy anyone’s signature just because it “looks good” to you.

Best style of signature of Famous People


Best Signature Style

The signatures of the famous (Photo:

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.