Are You Two Made for Each Other? Take a Handwriting Test

Are You Two Made for Each Other? Take a Handwriting Test 1

Compatibility in handwriting analysis

Indian entertainment factory Bollywood ceaselessly produces movies with men and women possessing opposite characteristics getting attracted to each other. Like in most films, their stories have predictable happy endings.

But, does this happen in real life?

Not always.

Opposites do get attracted to each other sometimes, but they can’t always be too sure of happy endings. Also, in the best of marriages, there are skirmishes every now and then.

If you talk to a couple going through a rough patch, even the made-for-each-other ones can produce a small list of incompatibilities.

happy couple

One of the things I love about handwriting analysis is the insight it provides into the workings of the writer’s mind, which enables me to understand them rather well. For example, why does he or she behave in a certain way? Once you know that, you can handle situations accordingly, minimizing the occurences of conflicts and confrontations.

Abitlity to express feelings

When we talk about the compatibility between couples, there are many aspects and levels we have to consider. Take the ability to express one’s feelings, for example. This is what we will examine in this article.

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I have chosen this aspect because it is one of the most commonly found incompatibilities that create misunderstandings and unnecessary conflicts in relationships.

Let us run a check on how compatible you and your partner are as far the ability to express your feelings is concerned.

And for that, we need to turn to various slants in handwriting. Generally, writing can be classified as left slanted, straight, right slanted, and having variable slants.

compatibility in handwriting analysis

Have a look at the slant in your handwriting and that of your partner’s and determine which category you both fall into.

If both you and your partner have the similar slant to the writing (that is if both are left slanted, or straight, or right slanted), you have similar temperaments and a near-identical ability to express your feelings. You are unlikely to complain at least in this regard because you are either equally expressive or non-expressive depending on the slant of your writing.

The problem surfaces if one partner has a leftward slant and the other writes right slanted. The one with the leftward slant would be less expressive of the two, which  makes the other partner go through periods where he/she feels unloved.

But that does not mean you need to change the partner or his/her slant. Just identifying this aspect helps you understand the temperament of your partner, therefore expecting lesser expression and this can greatly reduce misunderstandings.

Are You Two Made for Each Other? Take a Handwriting Test 2

It is important then to understand why he/she is not as expressive and instead of feeling bad about it, you would then take the correct action of being more patient with such a person instead of letting insecurities set in.

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Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.