Handwriting Reveals David Headley had Hyper-religious Upbringing

David Headley has one blue eye and one brown

David Coleman Headley, formerly known as Daood Sayed Gilani, (born June 30, 1960) is a Chicago-based Pakistani American, who conspired to launch the 2008 Mumbai attacks and other terrorist activity.

He changed his Muslim name to a Judaeo-Christian name to hide his Muslim identity to make travel to India easier.

Since his arrest in October 2009, Headley has yielded much information about the Mumbai attacks, as well as intelligence about ongoing terrorist activities.

According to a CNN report, in December 2009, David Headley wrote a letter to his uncle, Billy, from jail. I will analyse his handwriting and tell you what his personality is like.

But before that, a little information on how he was arrested.

David Headley was arrested by the US federal authorities in Chicago for plotting against the employees of a newspaper in Copenhagen.

Headley is accused of travelling to Denmark to scout the building of the Jyllands-Posten newspaper, and a nearby Synagogue, for an attack by terrorists.


Headley's handwriting

He thinks very highly of himself

Notice the extreme height of upper zone of his handwriting. By upper zone I mean the stem of lower case t, d, h and l. In the upper zone of a handwriting sample, graphologists see the mental health of the writer.

The extreme height in David Headley’s handwriting suggests he thinks very highly of himself. He is often inclined to think that many around him are intellectually starved and that their lives might be better if they accepted  (his kind of) spirituality.

David Headley believes that he is following a path that enables him to makes decisions that are in the “larger interest of the humanity”.

Hyper-religious fathering

But what if one has been brought up on the doctrine that the larger interest of humanity lies in killing humans?

In that case, there arises an urgent need to question the belief in a civilised society. But Headley, with a high upper zone, cannot challenge the accuracy of that dogma because he thinks that whatever he does is right.

That extreme upper zone also reflects David Headley has had extremely strict and hyper-religious fathering.

In addition, the tall upper zone speaks of scholarly and philosophical pursuits, and the idealist who expects perfectionist standards of himself.


Handwriting Reveals David Headley had Hyper-religious Upbringing 1

Intellectual narcissism

In the sample above, see the  highlighted area where he says that he is a “100% Muslim” despite being half American.

This statement by David Headley confirms that he indeed had a hyper-religious upbringing.

Someone with an upper zone as high as we see in Headley’s handwriting can go to any extent to prove to the world her/his viewpoints.

That is why Headley, who has been indoctrinated that a “real” Muslim should indulge in activities that are aimed at eliminating all diversities, is proving the same to the world with his nefarious activities.


David Headley's handwriting (Click to enlarge)

In this section of his handwriting, a few things that stand out are:

  1. High writing pressure and straight baseline
  2. Angular and pointed strokes (see lower case m’s and n’s)
  3. Well-formed lower case ‘f’
  4. Flying i-dots

Now, let me explain one by one:

High writing pressure and straight baseline

People with high pressure and straight baseline in their handwriting have a resolute and unshakable faith.  They get totally involved into doing whatever they want to. In a good and organised handwriting, it becomes a positive trait.

The high pressure usually reinforces the writer’s characteristics — good or bad.

Therefore, if a person, who thinks that killing is cool, writes with a high pressure, it means that he will put his entire energy into it.

Angular and pointed strokes

Angular strokes in a handwriting indicates that the writer thinks very very fast. He executes things  quickly and then he gets on the another job. Now, I am combining the angularity with the well-formed lower case ‘f’

Well-formed lower case ‘f’

A well-formed lower case ‘f’ — with full upper and lower loops — reflects a writer’s ability to plan meticulously and execute immaculately.

No wonder Headley planned so many terrorist activities and made fool-proof strategies to carry them out.

Flying i-dots

Among other things, flying i-dots show that the writer’s ideas and philosophies may not any basis at all and they may be have no touch with reality.


Although this handwriting sample does not have apparent strokes that suggest David Headley could be a killer, it does show he has all the traits of a master strategist who will go to any length to prove to the world what he thinks is right.

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.