What you’ll learn about graphology in the Write Choice classroom

What you'll learn about graphology in the Write Choice classroom 1The handwriting analysis course at Write Choice is divided into two levels. We give below in detail what you will learn if you decide to choose Write Choice to become a handwriting analyst. Hope you make the best of it and become a successful handwriting analyst!

What you will learn in Level I:

What margins in handwriting means
What the baseline of a handwriting reveals
What spacing between words and letters means
What the pressure of handwriting tells about a writer
What the size of the handwriting — small, big, medium — reveals
What the slant of handwriting reveals and how to measure slants
What the connection between letters reveals
How to analyse individual letters
Signature Analysis – An introduction

Level I will be completed in 6 sessions of 4 hours each.

What you will learn in Level II:

Practice sessions with various handwriting and signature samples
Criminality in handwriting
Children’s handwriting
Signature Analysis in detail
Types of signatures
How to correct and suggest a new signature
How to understand what job will be good for a person
Couple compatibility
Comparative analysis of famous persons’ handwriting

Level II will be completed in 8 sessions of 4 hours each.

After learning graphology, you will be able to know:

1) What is the energy level of a person
2) How ambitious the person is
3) What is the level of the writer’s self-esteem
4) How trustworthy a person is
5) What kind of childhood the writer had
6) How selfish or benevolent a writer is
7) How focused he is in life
8) How creative a person is
9) How patient or impatient the writer is
10) What job is perfect for someone
11) Whether two people are compatible with each other
12) How emotional the writer is
13) What kind of relationship a person has with his parents
14) Does a person have suicidal tendencies
15) Is a person suffering from depression
16) How to tackle someone whose handwriting you have seen
17) Whether a person is studious or a party person
And much more!

If you live in Mumbai and if you are interested in learning handwriting analysis, write to [email protected]/writechoice or call us at 9076968891

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.