5 Secrets Donald Trump’s Signature Reveals about His Personality

5 Secrets Donald Trump's Signature Reveals about His Personality 1

Donald Trump’s signature analysis

What makes a good President? Better yet, what makes a great President?

According to TheLadders.com, a well-known job search service, assessing presidential candidates can be likened to evaluating applicants for any other job.

It means certain skill sets, talents, and traits must be present in the candidate for him or her to excel in the role. By that logic, the top four most-prized presidential characteristics should be: honesty, commitment, charisma, and the ability to stay cool. Leadership, as per Forbes.com, is the most important of all.

Using handwriting analysis, one can get a fair idea about whether a person possesses the characteristics or not. That’s what we will attempt to do by analysing Donald Trump’s signature.

We have reiterated in our previous signature analysis articles that each signature is unique and it is a reflection of how one behaves in public and how one handles oneself in public. Professional handwriting analysts are able to see personality traits through those signatures, which cannot be an figured out by an untrained pair of eyes.

So, let’s find out more from Donald Trump’s signature.

1. Commitment

donald trump's signature

Donald Trump’s signature

Strong pen pressure and hard distinctive lines are evidence of a passionate, driven individual. Once in, he’s “all in” and there’s no turning back.

2. Leadership

Coincidentally, Trump’s signature resembles a NYC skyline with its ups (tall buildings) and downs (shorter buildings). Taken all together, his signature (and printing) is very intense and purposeful. Given that, and his natural ability and desire to direct all the action, leadership is well within his wheelhouse.

3. Honesty in Donald Trump’s Signature

Can you read every letter of his first and last name? Not really, but you can make out most of it. In other words, his signature is not totally illegible.

Trump’s level of transparency runs along the same lines. He will keep a few salient details hidden from public view. In other words, he’ll have no trouble fitting in. Politicians are known for their honesty, right?

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4. Charisma in Donald Trump’s signature

Geminis possess the innate ability to communicate and persuade. And Trump fits the bill to a tee. He can and will charm constituents wherever he goes.

However, Geminis are the twin sign, meaning there is a dual personality in play. On a good day, Trump will wow the crowd; on a bad day, he’ll put off even his biggest supporters. Balance is the key.

5. Equanimity in Donald Trump’s signature

Trump’s Achilles heel. Running the show in a privately-held company is very different than trying to please the public. Bulldozing over others to get his way will not work in the political arena. Tact and diplomacy go a long way – in both scenarios.

Trump is not skilled at hiding his feelings or motives. He hits people head-on and doesn’t back down easily. Watching him try to maintain his cool when challenged is sure to be wildly entertaining.

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The author is a New York-based graphologist. She can be contacted at [email protected]

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.