Are You Scared of Taking Risks? Let’s Find Out from Your Handwriting Margins

Are You Scared of Taking Risks? Let's Find Out from Your Handwriting Margins 1

Your handwriting margins can reveal your risk appetite.

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

— Soren Kierkegaard

This explains the mystery called Life. We all have a past and we have to use its learning in the present to build a great future.

Amongst us there are people who are fearless, ready to take risks and are always curious about what comes next in life.

While some of us are very cautious, buried in thoughts of the past and memories and always worried about the future and what it has in store for us.

Some of us are bounded by society rules, family traditions and values while some enjoy breaking rules and have distanced themselves from their families.

Why do people differ? What is that underlying force that makes them what they are. We can know this and lot more through their handwriting.

Are You Scared of Taking Risks? Let's Find Out from Your Handwriting Margins 2

Have you ever seen an iceberg? It has only one-ninth of its volume above water and the rest is hidden beneath the surface of the sea. Humans are just like icebergs.

They present before the world only a fraction of what they are. What we see are just few components of their personality say for example – knowledge, skills, communication but there are other core components like attitude, thinking patterns, behavioural patterns which lie hidden beneath the outer image.

Handwriting is a reflection of a person’s mind and hence can serve as a great tool in knowing the true personality, the complete picture.

When you decide to write something on a sheet of paper, what is the first thing that you do? You decide where to start writing from. Do you know that this one decision speaks volumes about your personality? Let us see how and learn more about handwriting margins.

On a blank sheet, the left margin represents your past, while the right Margin represents your future. So when you write from left to right, it actually shows your ability to move confidently from your past into your future.

Handwriting Margins

Normal Left Margin

People who leave normal margin space (1 inch) from the left and keep coming back to it line after line, are the ones who are attached to the roots.

They value family tradition and culture and play by the rules. They respect and care for their near and dear ones. They believe in maintaining discipline and equilibrium in life.

Narrow Left Margin

Narrow Left Margin in Handwriting

Narrow left margins in handwriting

People with narrow left margin are very attached to their origins. They will passionately talk about family, native place and are always subconsciously pulled back into the past.

They are economical and carry a sense of saving. Too narrow left margin can indicate a person who is unable to forget the past, haunted by past memories and not able to let go of them.

Wide Left Margins

Wide left margins

Wide left margins

People who have a very wide left margin, are the ones who are not very attached to their past or their families. They have created an subconscious barrier between themselves and their past events. They do not want their present to be connected or influenced by their past in any manner.

Normal Right Margin

Right margin shows a person’s approach towards the future. People who have a normal right margin are bold and confident about facing the future. They are risk takers.

Narrow Right Margin

According to handwriting analysis, narrow right margin indicates a person who has a risk-taking attitude and is ready to face challenges that the future has in store.

People with narrow right margin are social and can also get aggressive to defend themselves. But the point to note here is that just having a good risk appetite does not guarantee success. It is necessary to take calculated risks in order to achieve the goals.

Crushed Right Margin

Crushed Right Margin in Handwriting

Handwriting margins

Some people have crushed right margins, which means their word seem to crash onto the right side of the paper and are not able to judge the space required for completing their sentence.

Such writing indicates people who are unable to see the inevitable and do not know their limitations.

For example, they fail to see the end of the paper, they fail to see consequences or fail to learn from their mistakes. Such people are also prone to accidents due to lack of judgement with respect to time and distance.

Wide Right Margin

Handwriting Margins

People with wide right margin are not confident about facing the future. They have low risk appetite owing to which they may lose on umpteen opportunities in life.

This fear may be because of a previous failure which has left a lasting impact on the person. This sense of failure pulls the person back whenever he tries to seek a new opportunity.

People with wide right margin are shy and introverts. Their inability to take risks can turn them into pessimists. Wavering right margin indicates the person’s indecisiveness in taking up an opportunity.

Wide Margin on All Sides

Are You Scared of Taking Risks? Let's Find Out from Your Handwriting Margins 3

People who write with wide margins on all sides are more of introvert and withdrawn people who work well alone. They are self-centred and do not believe in taking risks and hence restrict themselves from achieving to their capacity.

No Margins

Are You Scared of Taking Risks? Let's Find Out from Your Handwriting Margins 4

No margins in handwriting

People who write without leaving any space for margins are workaholics who can’t think beyond themselves and their priorities.

This is why there is no space left on the paper which indicates they do not have any time for others in their life. They want to live life to the fullest and will always be curious about what comes next in life.

The Left and Right margin thus indicates how balanced an individual’s state of mind is. Working on maintaining the normal left and right margin will help maintain a person’s equilibrium. Connect with a Graphologist to understand how changing your handwriting can help you change yourself.

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.