Handwriting Can Reveal Whether Someone is a Bragger

Handwriting Can Reveal Whether Someone is a Bragger 1

Bragging and handwriting

I love the “Rule of Three” — one of the many gems from American Pie. It refers to exaggerations in stories of romantic exploits.

According to this rule, take the number of women that a man claims to have hooked up with and divide it by three. You get the real total.

Similarly, when a girl tells you how many guys she’s slept with, multiply it by three and that’s the real number.

The movie says the rule is an exact science, “consistent as gravity”. The basis of this so-called rule is a person’s tendency to inflate facts.

We all know people who brag about . They are like God. Omnipresent.

You will agree with me they are extremely irritating. In fact, I believe very few things put us off as much as their braggadocio. They manipulate their self-worth in order to establish their superiority over others.


For some people, bragging is compulsive.

Exaggerations galore

None of us likes a show-off, but almost everyone likes to show off once in a while.

For many people, however, bragging appears to be somewhat compulsive. A boaster needs to showcase his/her accomplishments—both real and imaginary—all the time.

They exaggerate facts about themselves to appear more important than they deep down feel they are.

When you ask these peacocks how many girls they have dated in the past, they’ll come up with such hair-raising figures that will make you feel insignificant like a stray dog with incurable rashes all over your body. (Unless you have a lovely self-esteem or a healthy girlfriend. Sorry, it’s the other way around: a healthy self-esteem or a lovely girlfriend.)

Similarly, if you ask a boaster about his new jacket, he will immediately give birth to an uncle abroad who “got it only for him”, and not for his two-and-a-half brothers and three-and-a-quarter cousins.

You will only secretly laugh at his response because you know the truth through a common friend: he bought it at the CST subway.

What’s the need to lie so blatantly? What would have happened if he had spoken the truth? Would the reality have made him feel smaller in your eyes or his own?

An article on psychology.com says, “Bragging is similar to getting a fix or fill of something, perhaps to forget the emptiness someone feels inside.”

It definitely makes sense.

In any case, I leave the answers to these questions to psychologists. If you are one, do share them with us.

Handwriting Can Reveal Whether Someone is a Bragger 2

Braggarts often exaggerate facts.

Signs in braggers’ handwriting

There is a way to identify such people by looking at their handwriting.

According to graphology, there is no single stroke that can reflect on the writer’s tendency to exaggerate: it is a combination of a few strokes.

The two important ones are: inflated lower zone and vulgarly-embellished large signature.

Handwriting Can Reveal Whether Someone is a Bragger 3

US-based handwriting analyst Bart Baggett says that every time someone with an inflated lower zone in his handwriting tells him anything, he divides it by three to get the actual figure.

Plainly speaking, if an inflated lower-zone writer says he lost $3,000 in the stock market, you can safely assume that his loss was around $1,000.

Similarly, a vulgarly-embellished large signature, according to signature analysis, shows the writer’s inner need to project a much larger picture of himself and his realities.


A bragger—knowingly or unknowingly—creates gaps between himself and others by making them feel they are not as special or privileged as hhe is.

An effective way to deal with braggarts is to pay them back in the same coin. Start bragging. Like everyone else, even they do not like when other people brag.

In handwriting analysis, there are many indicators of the writer’s bragging nature. We have discussed two in this article.

But keep in mind that these handwriting strokes are indicative, not absolute. So, be careful when you make an opinion about someone on the basis of isolated handwriting strokes.

If you are interested in exploring the connection between handwriting and bragging, you should know that if the personality traits, reflected by an inflated lower zone and a vulgar signature, co-exist with low self-esteem, lying loops and the head-in-the-air syndrome, you’ll have an incorrigible gasbag who can go to any extent to be heard and considered significant.

If your also find such strokes in your handwriting or signature, it would be advisable to make some changes as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.