How to Get Better Handwriting in 3 Simple Steps

How to get better handwriting

There is no dearth of free advice on the Internet on how to get better handwriting or how to improve handwriting.

The nuggets of information available on some websites are pretty basic and their recommendations on how to get better handwriting usually range from ‘pick up a pen that suits you’ to ‘make sure you get your posture right’.

What surprises me is that some of the suggestions offered in the name of improving handwriting are by people with little understanding of how handwriting works and what are the things to keep mind before changing it.

Here are a couple of examples: A particular website suggests ‘swapping your air guitar for an air pen’.

How on earth do you that? And has anyone willing to change his handwriting ever swapped an air guitar for an air pen?

I know I am taking things literally here. But my limited point is that this is not how handwriting works, and this is not how people change their handwriting.

Another run-of-the-mill suggestion on how to get better handwriting was given in an article on Buzzfeed. It recommends people to ‘mimic handwriting on Instagram accounts’.

Yes, there is no doubt that visually, the Instagram handwriting example looks “perfect”. (See below)

But if you look at it from the perspective of a handwriting analyst, this perfect one is fraught with imperfections. One of them is that the entire handwriting is in the middle zone, which is indicative of many personality flaws.

People who write only in the middle zone tend to live for the day and do not believe in planning for the future and their focus in life is to be socially accepted. (Read: Even all caps handwriting is in middle zone)

See my point?

In my opinion, such free suggestions are more of a disservice than help. And in ignorance if you copy that Instagram handwriting, you could be injuring your personality in ways you probably cannot even imagine. This is definitely not the right choice for people trying to figure out how to have good handwriting.

As a handwriting analyst, I get emails and messages from several people who are extremely bothered by the fact that their handwriting does not look “neat” and “pretty” in a conventional way.

They want to me to tell them how to get better handwriting. And by better they mean Instagram-like handwriting.

If that is the case, I have to say two things to you. One, you’re asking the wrong person. And second, you are not taking a right call by copying a handwriting style without understanding its implications.

How to get better handwriting

If you have come here to understand how to get better handwriting, you could do the following things:

1. Do not copy anyone’s handwriting

That is something you should never do. Avoid copying even the “best-looking” handwriting.

We all develop our personalities in a certain way and our own handwriting reflects that. When you choose to completely revamp it by copying someone else’s handwriting, you are confusing your brain.

Why, because ultimately how you write has an effect on your brains. (For more on this, read this article on handwriting analysis.)

2. Illegible handwriting? Slow down a little

Most people want to change their handwriting because it is illegible. If your handwriting is illegible, just slow down a little.

In several instances, illegibility in handwriting is an outcome of a speedy writing. Therefore, it will be a good idea to take it slow and practise writing on four-lined papers. That will help you. But remember the first point.

3. Handwriting size change

If you’re an adult, do not ever change the size of your handwriting. But if you are a teenager and your teacher has issued you warnings about the small size of your handwriting, you’ve got a problem at hand.

The good news is that you’re allowed to make that change as a teenager. So, again, try practising on the four-lined pages and make sure that zonal balance is maintained.

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Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.