Will Love Between Kate Middleton & Prince William Last? Let’s Ask Their Handwriting

Will Love Between Kate Middleton & Prince William Last? Let's Ask Their Handwriting 1

The Royal Romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton like all relationships are destined to take place. While they may be decreed in heaven, it is on earth that we do the work.

But what contributes to a good marriage? What do we look for in a spouse? How can we be sure with the high divorce rate that our bond will last? What are the signs and indications that we have chosen wisely? Is there a guarantee?

Well no, there are no assurances, but there are clues and plenty of preparations, not predictions that can be made to ensure success. Many can be found right in your own handwriting.

Graphology is a gift that if unwrapped properly can lead to a ​​written warranty that love will last. Marriage on the deepest level is a mind/body/soul connection and gestalt graphology (the study of handwriting) can provide cascading clues of unravelled understanding that shorten the search for a genuine mate.

The power of a promise, an engagement leading to marriage based on mutual compatibility is often lost on this generation of immediate gratification and passionate pleasure. Not so with Prince William and Princess Kate (Catherine). Let’s take a look at what makes this union unique.

Unlike Princess Diana, Kate is loved. Charles who was much older than Diana was in love with another woman, Camilla, and prompted by Queen Elizabeth entered into a quick, pre-aranged marriage where neither really knew each other and had little in common.

William, on the other hand knew Kate for eight years before proposing. They both met while studying at the University of St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland. Both received an MA; Kate in Art History, William in Geography.

Their relationship is based on communication, chemistry, character, commitment and compatibility. Bonded in mutual respect, maturity, dignity and common sense, their royal romance was ignited not just by physical attraction but deeper values of intelligence, sensitivity, kindness, and hard work.

Their common thread goes back to family values, decency, shared goals and what is often quite lacking in today’s marketplace maturity, commitment , responsibility and a sense of purpose.

Kate Middleton & Prince William

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and the second in line to the throne has since childhood had a brave and protective personality.

As is well documented, at the age of 7, he told his mother Princess Diana that he wanted to become a police officer when he grew up so he could protect her. He has followed along those lines in all his activities shunning the spotlight, keeping a low profile by ducking media attention and following in his mother’s footsteps.

Although born into the Royal family and taking on the responsibilities of his station in life, he was inspired and modelled much of his behavior after his mother.

His Royal Highness Prince William was given a normal childhood going to Walt Disney World, McDonalds, and played with various video games.

In school, he excelled in and liked football, swimming, basketball,cross- country running, water polo, and shooting. Due to his mother’s influence in humanitarian and environmental issues he taught children in Chile, sharing household chores and was also a radio jockey. His specific interest in various causes attracted him to the plight of the needy in Africa.

An ambitious, brave and intelligent man he earned his wings at the Royal Air Force College, and became an RAF flight lieutenant. He underwent helicopter training at RAF Valley performing co-pilot search and rescue missions. Not without his hardships, he lost his mother when she died in a horrible paparazzi car crash. Always missing a loving family, he turned to the traditional family values he found in Kate’s home life.

Kate Middleton Prince William handwriting

Prince William’s handwriting matches what we know about him. His small, concentrated, unpretentious, well-spaced, rounded simplistic style are all signs of a modest and humble person. There are no exaggerations or extremes. There are no large noticeable attention-grabbing gestures.

Adjusting well to being left-handed, he has a convex writing with a slight right slant showing his environmentally extroverted male assertiveness while his signature William pulls first to the right and then angles back to the left, all signs of inner, personal introversion, caution and reserve.

His base line (the line on which the letters sit) tend to fluctuate up and down in an undulating fashion pinpointing his strong emotions and feelings which are kept in check and under control by his wider, even spacing between words which portrays his ability to keep a formal distance from others and not to engage in overly verbose dialogue.

His middle zone is relatively small (a,e,i, o, u) all signs of ego-nullification and an ability to maintain privacy.

There is one fascinating sign in his writing and that is the lower zone letters (y, g) where the stroke does not return to the base line but is left hanging to the left.

According to handwriting analysis, this is one trait that is considered ‘the unrocked cradle’ and is often seen in people who still have a deep longing to be mothered, nurtured and cared for.

His mother died when he was still quite young and the incomplete lower loop is one of the tell-tale signs of ‘the missing mother’ or what is called therapeutically and graphologically ‘unfinished business’ with the primary caregiver.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Kate Middleton and Prince William

William possesses all the necessary ingredients of a natural, down-to-earth, unspoiled royal who takes his responsibilities seriously, has romantic leanings (rounded writing) and does not jump headlong into decisions he is not prepared for.

It took him 8 long years to get to fully know and propose to Kate. But what is it about Kate that attracted, and confirmed his choice.

Kate Middleton, ‘Her Royal Highness, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge’ was conferred the title by Queen Elizabeth. Formerly Prince William’s flat-mate went from fiancée to potential future Queen married her prince after waiting eight long years.

But Catherine, although a commoner is somehow different. Her normal, middle class upbringing and hard-working parents prepared her for her life’s journey.

Her father was a pilot (like William) and her mother was a flight attendant. They married and raised three children, Catherine, like William being the oldest set high goals for herself.

Her parents eventually went into “Party Pieces’ business and became middle-class millionaires enabling Catherine to attend the University where she met William.

Always the entrepreneur, she worked as a buyer for her family, learned photography, web page design, marketing and created her own independent design sense of style.

While not an aristocrat she possesses style, grace, poise and dignity. Her intelligence, proper manners and ability to handle societal situations has proved over the years to William that she is capable of capturing the hearts and minds of the globe.

Much like his mother Diana, she shares the same goals and aspirations as William, namely a down-to-earth, unpretentious level of reality with a determination and interest in humanitarian and environmental concerns.

Her Royal Highness, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has an angled (business oriented, able to handle stress and responsibility, maturity), narrow script with narrow letters (emotionally reserved, poised, private) and narrow word spacing (need for people, friends, companionship).

Her slant is to the right,(extroverted, emotionally available, friendly, environmentally alert), her T-bar is crossed at the top (sets high goals) and her lower zone letters, particularly her g’s, some of which look like the number 8 is fluid, crosses the baseline (satisfaction with being nurtured by her own mother) and has a round shape portraying her romantic, sentimental, love-oriented soft side.

The simplified, quick writing indicate her direct, straight-forward approach to life and the ability to absorb information and grasp new concepts.

Lucky for her that she is intelligent, has a good memory and good with details because Prince William has seen to it that she receives private tutoring to help the Duchess better understand and and familiarize herself with the royal responsibilities.

Unlike Diana who was never offered this ‘princess polishing’ Catherine will be trained in the arts, national institutions, media and government relations. Prince William in his kindness and love did not want Catherine to suffer not knowing her royal requirements.

Relationships must be based on at least five components; chemistry, character, communication, compatibility and commitment. While chemistry is best left to the couple to define, character is based on truth, honesty, reliability, maturity and trustworthiness.

Both show simple letter forms, relatively legible, with no twists or turns or unnecessary or covered over strokes. In short, what you see is what you get. Communication is based on shared truths and an ability to speak honestly and respectfully to each other.

William and Catherine’s middle zone letters (communication and ego functioning) is relatively small indicating their conversations are practical, realistic and intelligent, devoid of ego and control issues and filled with mutual respect.

Compatibility is based on commonly shared values, morals, ethics, and beliefs. Both have small, ego-less writing and neither has any extremes or embellished styles which otherwise would indicate self-absorbed, attention getting needs.

Compatibility is similar in intellect (small, concentrated writing), emotional compatibility (narrow writing, combinations of rounded and angled) pointing to reserve, poise, dignity and self-control over feelings and emotions, and commitment (connected letters) ability to connect, bond and establish longevity.

Catherine has good taste in her simplified letters, poise in her narrow forms and emotional control in her angled script. William is not too masculine; Catherine not too feminine. There is a proper balance of masculine/feminine energy to ensure that they both understand not only their roles but their true personalities.

Graphology is a gift that when unwrapped reveals the mysteries hidden beneath the surface. In the Torah tradition, the best sign of a good match is to find a spouse with a good heart. They both have a good heart and that is the elixir of a true royal wedding.

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.