Dhoni vs Kohli: Their Signatures Reveal Who can Be a Better Captain

Dhoni vs Kohli: Their Signatures Reveal Who can Be a Better Captain

Virat Kohli

Kolhi-Dhoni signature analysis

“Virat Kohli needs to tone down, show less aggression and behave like a captain,” former cricketer Mohammed Azharuddin said about the Indian cricket team’s captain who lost his temper while being controversially given out during the second ODI against Zimbabwe in July 2013.

The story is that during a match in Harare last week, Kohli expressed exasperation at being given out and argued aggressively with umpires even after the third umpire ruled against him.

Azhar might have objections to Kohli’s behaviour, but cricket fans often ignore such incident. What matters for them is a win. And Virat Kohli has been consistently bringing victory for the team — even in the absence of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India’s best cricket captain so far.

Virat Kohli’s recent achievement is Team India’s 3-0 victory against Zimbabwe under his captaincy. In fact, after his spectacular stand-alone performances, cricket experts have started seeing ‘Hot’ Kohli as a substitute for ‘Cool’ Dhoni.

Here is a quick analysis of their signatures to get an insight into their personalities and see who has the ability to manage their team and make it taste many many victories. Here we go:

Virat Kohli’s signature analysis

The scribble in Virat Kohli’s signature suggest that he is often in haste and quick to react. He thinks and acts fast. He does not like going deep into something; he skims the surface and makes up his mind.

At the same time, he is quite adaptable as far as his public life is concerned.

Virat Kohli Autograph Signature

The speed of his signature and flying i-dots do indicate Kohli’s tendency to quickly jump to conclusions without thinking whether there is any logic to it. That perhaps explains his outburst on the field. (Also read: Why Sachin Tendulkar could not be a good captain)

As a team player, he is likely to face a few issues: While talking about his strategy as the team captain, it is possible for Kohli to miss out on a few critical points because of his hasty nature.

Also, he sometimes expects team members to understand things, though he may not have explained his thoughts and strategies to them in a lucid manner.

The team members who have played with him in the past may understand him well, but newcomers may face problems.

So, yes, Azhar is right when he says: “He is a good batsman and has been consistent. Toning down will be good for him.  It is good to be aggressive but some things are uncalled for.” (Azhar’s comments)

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s signature analysis

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

This man is a true leader, a team player. Dhoni’s signature shows he has exemplary confidence and the power to remain bold and unfazed even in adversities. The size of his signature shows he is firm, determined and steadfast. Dhoni’s signature indicates he likes to ensure that his is the last word.

Dhoni Signature analysis

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Signature

The slant of Dhoni’s signature suggests that he has the ability to remain calm. He seldom loses his temper and it will be difficult to shake him up. He does not allow emotions to interfere with his decisions.

The connection between the letters indicates that Dhoni is a compassionate person with little or no rough edges. He has the ability to establish good relationship with his teammates.

One of the things that stand out from the signature is Dhoni’s ability to strategise and ideate. And unlike Virat, he can communicate his ideas very well and make sure that that each team member has a fair grasp of what he expects them to do.

The proper placement of i-dot (even though he would probably have been in haste at the airport where he signed this autograph for a fan) indicates that Dhoni has the power to make sure something crucial does not skip his attention.

Hope this information helps you conclude who has the ability to be a better captain.

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.