What is the Meaning of Circle i-dots?

What is the Meaning of Circle i-dots?
What’s the meaning of the circle ‘i-dot?
In some cases, circle i-dots is a sign of immaturity

Circle i-dots is indicative of self-involvement, by its deviation from school-copy of a desire for individuality and originality.

When other indicators support this such as printed, well-constructed forms, aesthetically pleasing forms, they give a clue to creativity and/or manual dexterity.

In a copy-book hand and mediocre form level, they become a mere bid for attention, an interest in fads, current fashions, artiness (most often seen in handwriting of teenagers or over-aged adults).

Circle i-dots

Circle i-dots

When accompanied by weak t-bars and left slant, the writer feels he or she is not doing what best suits them. uiten it mdicates some inner rebellion of which the person is not always conscious.

lt should be evaluated carefully as to whether a genuine talent in arts and crafts exists or whether it is merely a childish desire to be noticed.

If the only rightward trend in the handwriting of elderly people are the i-dots and t-bars, the rest of the script shows left trend. What does this indicate?

Since we are dealing with senescence we have to consider the possibility of inaccurate memory for detail, short attention span and hastiness. Right tendencies in the upper and left tendencies in the lower may also be indicative of a “willing spirit but weak flesh.”

Many times there is a disassociation from the demands of the outer world with advancing age. Self pre-occupation, egocentricity, living in the past and reliving the past is shown by retrogressive movements (leftward slant) in all zones.

Answers by Hilda Halpern

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.