9 Secrets Narendra Modi’s Signature Analysis Reveals about Him

9 Secrets Narendra Modi’s Signature Analysis Reveals about Him

narendra modi's signature

Narendra Modi’s signature analysis

In the past few years, very few Indian politicians have been both trashed and praised as much as Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Clearly, he is India’s most controversial prime minister.

While some refer to him as a strong administrator and harbinger of change, others have labelled him as the modern-day Hitler. Some have also said that there is no better performer than Narendra Modi in India’s political structure.

Anyway, we are not here to decide whether we should side with someone who abuses him or those who heap praise on him. We won’t conclude whether things said about him are true or not. Here, we will just analyse his signature to understand his personality.

Here are 9 things I have to share with you about Narendra Modi’s signature.

Narendra Modi's signature

Narendra Modi’s signature analysis

#1. Meet Modi the mysterious

If we do not have Narendra Modi’s full name written under his signature, there is no way to figure out it is his signature. In graphology, such signatures are called illegible.

While a legible signature means the writer is interested in communicating, an illegible one means the opposite. In general, an illegible signature reveals a desire to be seen, but not known. A desire to remain mysterious.

#2. Modi’s feelings are not readable

According to handwriting analysis, if all letters in a signature are readable,  the writer’s feelings are readable. His activities—good, bad or ugly—cannot remain unknown for a long time.

Because Narendra Modi’s signature is not legible, it’s possible that he has a few things about which he does not want the world to know.

Incidentally, Arvind Kejriwal’s signature is also illegible.

#3. Avoiding talks on personal life

According to signature analysis, if some letters in the signature are missing, it indicates that the person avoids any conversation on a few matters relating to his personal life. Narendra Modi’s signature has just one letter of the first name.

#4. True identity unknown

One thing that stands out in Narendra Modi’s signature is the big circle around the first letter of his name. It indicates that the writer wants to keep his true identity inaccessible.

Writers with such circles  in their signatures ardently guard their secrets and it is very difficult to know the truth about them. Many questions about such writers’ lives are just matters of speculations.

#5. Defensive personality

The circle around Narendra Modi’s signature also reflects his tendency to be over-protective about himself. A circle around the first name shows the writer gets defensive in public, and has difficulty making interpersonal connections.

Such writers have a problem making friends because they do not open up and are always scared of getting hurt. They suspect the motives of people around them, which often results in their social isolation. (Learn more about such signatures)

9 Secrets Narendra Modi's Signature Analysis Reveals about Him 1

#6. Rejects interventions

The dots at the end of Narendra Modi’s signature indicate that he likes to have the final word in whatever he does. The dots also suggest that he does not like others’ interventions.

#7. Public personality of Modi

You need to keep in mind that a person’s signature, as we have discussed earlier, only reveals his public personality and how he wants to be seen and perceived.

One needs to look at the overall handwriting of a writer to know what his real personality is. It is possible that the writer’s public personality is different from his real personality.

To that extent, Narendra Modi’s signature (illegible) only shows that he wants to remain mysterious and unknown to people in his public life.

8. Change in Narendra Modi’s signature

Narendra Modi signature

Narendra Modi’s signature taken from his official website. The signature has now been removed.

This signature sample above (in English) was picked up from an official document in 2009. Of late, there has been a change in his signature: it is much more legible as seen earlier on his official website. (Update: The signature has now been removed.)

The legibility, as seen in his new signature, shows a completely different picture of the former Gujarat chief minister. (Yes, a distinct change is observed in the overall personality if one brings about changes in one’s handwriting or signature. An example here).

The new signature (in Hindi) reveals that Modi now believes in greater communication and transparency because a legible signature means the writer is interested in communicating clearly in his public life. A legible signature also implies that the writer has clear ideas and objectives.

The average size of the new Narendra Modi’s signature reveals a healthy self-confidence and an assertive personality. It is not easy for opponents to put down a writer like this.

The ‘vertical slant’ of the new signature indicates that this man would take most of this decisions with his head rather than the heart. He has the capacity to stay cool even in demanding situations.

Interestingly, Rahul Gandhi writes with a right slant, which shows that he is dictated more by his heart. (Sonia Gandhi signature analysis)

The legibility in Narendra Modi’s signature (new) also indicates that the writer discloses in clear terms what he stands for and what his plans are. He does not attempt to hide his real thoughts and motives from those around him.

9. Is Narendra Modi like Hitler?

Some political opponents have compared Narendra Modi with Adolf Hitler. Let’s find out if there is any similarity between their personalities.

Check out the slant in Adolf Hitler’s signature below. When you measure the slant using a protractor, you will notice that he signed with an extreme right slant, and the the first letter is almost touching the baseline.

This extreme right slant points to the writer’s emotional volatility and his inability to keep his emotions and actions in check. Such writer’s behaviour is unpredictable and they can react in a violent manner.

Adolf Hitler's signature analysis

Comparison of Narendra Modi’s signature with Hitler’s.

Also, the signature pressure seems to be high. It shows a forceful personality who wants to have his way and becomes more persistent and ruthless in the face of resistance.

In fact, such writers get immense pleasure when they have to repress a rebellion or crush a resistance.

Adolf Hitler's handwriting analysisThe huge first letter in his signature indicates that that Hitler had an uncanny sense of self-importance.

Now, see that a vertical bar piercing through the first letter.

There are two things that are wrong with the bar: first, it has been unnecessarily introduced into the signature, and second, it is unusually thick and blunt. This shows the writer’s ruthless and brutal nature, and his tendency to be a bully.

So, is Narendra Modi like Hitler? Did we find anything similar to Hitler’s signature in Narendra Modi’s signature?

The answer is no. Hence, at least graphologically we can conclude that Narendra Modi’s personality is nothing like Adolf Hitler’s.

Final words

As pointed out above, your signature is just a reflection of your public personality, and how you want the world to look at you.

For example, if you have a big signature, it means you want to show to the world that you’re a confident person. Whether you’re really confident or not, will be known only when your complete handwriting is analysed.

Therefore, the personality traits identified from Narendra Modi’s signature will apply only to his public life.

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Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.