‘Your Handwriting Gives Health Warnings Much More in Advance’

noothan rao

Dr Noothan Rao says each handwriting sample gives a lot of insights into the human psychology.

Interview with Noothan Rao

The best thing about handwriting analysis is that we can identify the root cause of any disease, and what thinking or feeling led to that particular disease, says Dr Noothan Rao, an acclaimed graphologist based in Bangalore. Rao tells Vishwas Ved in an interview that understanding the personality through handwriting is a valuable way of making the best of both personal awareness and interpersonal situations for the benefit of all concerned. Edited excerpts:

You are one of the few Indian handwriting analysts who have done a good amount of research on medical graphology. Has it been difficult to convince people about the efficacy of handwriting analysis as a diagnostic tool?

I have never had any difficulty in getting handwriting samples of patients. I never imposed my diagnosis on them though I never made mistake of labelling any disease.

I was careful enough to mention the affected body parts in my analyses. I usually start with a psychological assessment and then enquire about their health issues to confirm my findings through the handwriting sample.

Do you collaborate with doctors as far as medical graphology is concerned?

Yes, I’ve collaborated with St Johns Medical College Hospital, Bangalore, and other doctors, clinics, old-age homes, orphanages and other institutions for the study of medical graphology.

Various doctors have supported me with their collections of handwriting samples and understanding of diseases.

What is your own strike rate in terms of the accuracy of the diagnosis?

The handwriting traces disturbances in neuro-muscular coordination, and the way strokes flow out of the writing instrument gives away a great deal about the health condition.

The warnings can come through our handwriting much before our body starts exhibiting visible symptoms of a particular ailment. Our handwriting gives clue to our health conditions – physical, mental, neurological, psychological, psychosomatic, and even hormonal.

As of now, a few diseases can be identified with more than 90% accuracy.

The best thing about handwriting analysis is that we can identify the root cause of any disease, and what thinking or feeling led to that particular disease.

For example, psychologically, it is proven that resentment leads to cancer and we can identify presence of resentment in their handwriting. Or, a feeling of inferiority can lead to kidney issues.

The list goes on and on.

Please tell us about your journey as a graphologist. How long have you been a handwriting expert?

My journey with handwriting analysis started during August 2008. It is been 10 years as an independent graphologist.

I came to know about it when I had put my 6-year-old son into a graphotherapy programme to correct his pencil-holding position. Today he is 20, and he is a well-groomed person.

The therapy helped him so much that he consistently topped in his class and in many competitive exams. His immunity level also has increased so much that he has never visited doctors and never missed classes or opportunities. I attribute his performance to graphotherapy.

All of this prompted me to know more about this science of graphotherapy. Then I enrolled myself into various seminars, workshops and certification and advanced courses on handwriting analysis in general.

During this process, I did find a positive influence on graphotherapy on my health as well. Later, I picked up research on the health aspects in handwriting.

You changed your own handwriting or signature?

Yes, I changed both. You can say I am a big example of how you can transform yourself and achieve a lot through handwriting and signature changes.

I studied commerce in college. But now, I am doing research in the field of medical science and got a woman scientist award also. Apart from that, I completed three thesis on various subjects and got doctorates and professor grade.

Tell us something about your graphology teachers…

I did my handwriting analysis course from Handwriting Institute of India, Bangalore, affiliated to Bart Baggett’s Handwriting University. Later, various books and people helped me gain in-depth knowledge.

What kind of challenges have you faced as a handwriting analyst?

'Your Handwriting Gives Health Warnings Much More in Advance' 1People assume this science can tell their future, which is not true. It takes time to temper their initial expectations.

Apart from that, there are so many regional languages and scripts. People expect analysis in that handwriting as well. Unfortunately, not much research has been done in those languages or scripts as of now.

Another big challenge is the time constraint. Perhaps I’m not able to do justice to the vast demand for handwriting analysis.

Handwriting analysis has such a deep connection with personality. In what ways can we use it to better our lives?

Understanding the personality through handwriting is a valuable way of making the best of both personal awareness and interpersonal situations for the benefit of all concerned.

In a professional or organisational context, graphology can be used in working relationships to enhance the quality of the group or team performance.

Handwriting analysis can also be used in the recruitment processes to screen right candidates. It can also help you become more confident.

Handwriting analysis can even identify and suicidal tendencies and therefore it can also be used as an effective counselling tool.

Besides, it can be used to test compatibility between business or romantic partners, health and career assessments and of course forensics.

Tell us about the most challenging handwriting sample you’ve ever encountered. How did you deal with it?

Each handwriting sample gives a lot of insights into the human psychology. A handwriting sample exhibiting severe trauma is always difficult to deal with. The emotional baggage leads to so many psychological and physiological disorders.

My counselling knowledge helps me to deal with such situations.

One of the difficult cases I remember involved a person who had killed his friend by pushing him into a well when he was 14 years old.

He carried the guilt and trauma for 40 years and suffered from asthma and severe constipation because both his releasing organs were affected as he was holding back emotions. After the analysis and the therapy, he got relief from the chronic diseases.

How about a signature change? How does it work?

Signature denotes our projection to the world. To be successful, we must show the world the best of us. According to signature analysis, changing or having a great signature brings that best quality and sends unconscious signals to everyone who sees it.

Could you explain to our readers a little more about how graphotherapy works?

Graphotherapy is the process of changing our handwriting to effect positive changes in our personality in a scientific way.

After much study and research, it has found out that by changing our handwriting scientifically, we can change our personality/behaviour, improve health and immunity and enhance memory and intelligence.

Graphotherapy is a therapeutic process designed to re-programme the personality through specific repetitive small micro-movements of the fingers, which, in turn, affect the synaptic pathways inside the brain.

In fact, I believe a lot in graphotherapy. I practise it myself every day and suggest it my clients as well.

For past 10 years, I have experimented with graphotherapy and come out with my own set of course. It has enabled me to cope with personal losses and have helped many clients deal with traumatic situations.

The results have been very encouraging.

Anything you can tell us about how graphotherapy helped a person?

There are many, in fact. Let me tell you about a couple of them so that people get an idea of how it helps.

A 65-year-old woman came to me with a severe acidity problem. The condition was so bad that she needed to sip water every few minutes and she burped frequently. She had to come back from the operating table for a cataract surgery twice because no amount of antacids helped her.

She did graphotherapy for three months and her acidity problem reduced drastically. Burps were reduced to once in five hours. Subsequently, she underwent the eye surgery and she is fine now.

Similarly, a 70-year-old woman’s Parkinson’s tremor stopped after three months of graphotherapy.

To what extent can altering one’s handwriting help in improving our personality or circumstances?

Graphotherapy has helped a lot many people raise the self-esteem and confidence level so much that they started their own businesses, took control of their lives, came out of the fear of motor driving and scored good grades.

Graphology not only helps us understand our personality, strengths, weaknesses, intellect etc, but also enables us  change or improve/eliminate personality traits by altering our handwriting in a specific way.

Graphotherapy works like both pranayama (concentration) in yoga and acupressure therapy. When we hold the pen, it presses against our thumb where the acupressure points of brain, pituitary gland and pineal gland are situated.

The act of writing also activates our brain. In olden days, people used to write the God’s name millions of times, write letters, songs, documents etc. These activities helped them stay very healthy and lead a longer life.

For illiterate people, drawing rangoli, knitting, making wick and turning beads of japmala/tasbeeh/rosary helped in the same way.

How popular do you think handwriting analysis is in India? Do you think enough is being done to promote handwriting analysis in our country?

In India, people hardly know about this science. A few people can relate to the forensic arm of handwriting analysis. That’s about it. Most people – even educated ones – have not heard of personality assessment through handwriting.

So, I don’t think enough is done to promote handwriting analysis in our country. Graphology is in its infant stage in India. It is crawling. We as graphologists should give pace to it.

A lot of young people are attracted to handwriting analysis with an aim to turn it into their bread and butter. Any advice for them?

It has a lot of potential and opportunities. The amount of opportunities I get and reject owing to lack of time and manpower is immense.

I always encourage others to take up handwriting analysis as their career. I have trained many small-town people in the subject and now they have taken it up as a career and helping others in transforming their lives.

I am ready to give advice to anyone who contacts me.

Tell us about your life beyond handwriting analysis. What do you do when you are not analysing a handwriting sample. Any hobbies?

I am into many other activities – counselling, teaching, healing, art analysis, astrology, tarot reading, crystal uses, dermatoglyphics, acupressure. My hobbies are reading, writing, travelling. My passion is sharing and integrating various knowledge, experimenting, inventing, research and development.

Any tips, which everyone can follow in their handwriting?

You should remember to put a full stop very close to the sentence to have better time-management skills. Do not leave too much of margin on the right – it reflects the fear of the future. Avoid backstrokes. All capital letters must be larger than other letters in one’s handwriting, and your writing must not tilt to the left.

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.