Why Most Handwritten Love Letters have a Right Slant

Why Most Handwritten Love Letters have a Right Slant
Love letters in right slant

People with right slant in handwriting like to socialise and not be alone too much of the time

Right slant in handwriting

In their emails, many Write Choice readers tell me: “Vishwas, my handwriting keeps changing. Sometimes, it’s big, sometimes small. Sometimes, it has a right slant, and sometimes it tilts to the left. In fact, it changes from pen to pen. Is it weird? Is it normal for handwriting to change like this?”

To all those people who think their handwriting changes (I see hands of everyone raised), I must say it’s perfectly normal to have a varying handwriting. There is nothing weird about it.

The variations occur primarily in slant and size. In this post, we will restrict ourselves to changes in slant.

Once a girl called Anamika sent me two different samples of her handwriting. She wrote: “When I write a letter to my friend and the person I love, I write in a particular way and when I take notes in classroom, I write differently. Why?”

Before answering her query, let me ask you something:

How many of you have the time to sit and put all that effort into writing something as personal as a love letter, then go to the trouble of finding a stamp and posting it? Most of you will shake your head. The convenience of instant messaging has killed love letters.

These days many people avoid writing love letters, thinking it is an antiquated thing do. They do not want to be known as a “weirdo” who articulates the heart’s side of the story.

Still, there are people like Anamika who prefers a handwritten love letter to an email in order to express her feelings.

Personal note and right slant

When you write a personal note to someone, not only do you express your feelings but also subconsciously imprint your emotional state on the paper. That is why the writing looks different when you write to someone you love and when you take notes in the classroom.

Why Most Handwritten Love Letters have a Right Slant 1

Let me show you the two types of Anamika’s handwriting. The first was written with a right slant (above) and the second with a straight slant (below).

Why Most Handwritten Love Letters have a Right Slant 2

Handwriting slant: Vertical

According to graphology, the right slant in handwriting means that the writer wants to reach out to others at an emotional level, and he thinks with his heart.

While writing love letters, the subconscious desire is to reach out the the man you love. Therefore, her handwriting slants to the right.

right slant in handwriting

People who make right slant in their writing like to work where they can meet other people

On the other hand, she writes with a straight slant while taking notes in the classroom.

Handwriting analysis says the actions of someone who writes with a straight slant are controlled by the head. The subconscious needs are apparent: the mind must rule the individual while studying.

Why does my handwriting slant to the right?

People who make this slant of writing like to work where they can meet other people; the human element is always more important to them than the mechanical or clerical details of the work itself. They like to socialise and not be alone too much of the time.

The rightward slant in handwriting, according to graphologist Irene Marcuse, discloses initiative, activity, and an interest in the world. When this is coupled with simplified letters, it reveals an objective mind.

She writes in her book, Applied Graphology:

A rightward slant together with rounded and graceful letters indicates initiative, an enterprising mind, sociability, and an expansive character with an interest in progress. Very large and rounded letters with a rightward slant betray a restrained impulse in the writer, and an impatient and un-concentrated nature. While this handwriting shows strong and passionate feelings, it may also indicate an inconsiderate and thoughtless character.

There are also cases where people with extremely right-slanted handwriting can be emotional blackmailers. Read about them here.

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.