Rizz or Red Flag? Unveiling the Secrets of Modern Charm

Can you see beyond the rizz?

Can you see beyond the rizz?

Rizz is not only the word of the year for 2023 but also a new dating trend—well, perhaps a retro version, depending on how long you’ve been in the dating scene! Essentially, it’s the ability to charm or flirt with someone in a way that is irresistible.

We’ve all fallen for it—the “yeti of dating” appears so rarely that we are rendered powerless and a bit in awe when we experience its mysterious charm. Here’s how to engage with a “James Bond” and escape a “Patrick Bateman.”

See beyond the rizz

After the pleasantries, find a way to obtain their signature or a handwriting sample. Make it a game of “love notes” back and forth, so they see that you’re participating too. Analyzing a person’s handwriting is the most reliable way to assess their true essence, sans rizz. Also, it’s never wrong.

First thing’s first

Rizz or Red Flag? Unveiling the Secrets of Modern Charm 1

Large first letter

A large, oversized first-name letter is a sign of confidence. If they really have rizz, the first letter should be larger than average. The letters comprising the rest of their name will tell you if they’re trustworthy (you can easily read their name) or not (purposely blurred or illegible).

Under pressure

How hard do they press the pen into the paper when signing their name? If it’s light, they have less rizz than they’re portraying. If it’s heavy, the rizz is real. Run your fingers underneath the paper to see if you can feel the writing through the page. If you can feel it, pen pressure is being used. (Read more about handwriting pressure.)

So extra

Rizz or Red Flag? Unveiling the Secrets of Modern Charm 2

Underlined signature

Did they underline their signature for emphasis? Did they punctuate their writing with a flourish or doodle? Self-importance or an effort to impress is indicated if there’s an underline or flourish. Doodles are generally interpreted as a fun or playful trait—unless the doodle is sexual in nature; then, be wary of the rizz.

Last but not least

Rizz or Red Flag? Unveiling the Secrets of Modern Charm 3

First name bigger than surname

How does the first letter of their last name compare to the size of the first letter of their first name? If their first-name letter is larger, they feel superior to their family and probably to you and others. If it’s smaller, their rizz may not be as real as it appears.

Dating in the age of rizz can be tricky, but hopefully, these tips can help you navigate the murky waters and find some solid ground.

(Denise DiTrani is a New York-based graphologist whose analysis of love notes exchanged between Prince William and Kate Middleton appeared in a Special Edition issue of STAR Magazine. Contact – Denise DiTrani)

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.