Are You Sexually Experimental or Boring? Let’s Ask Your Handwriting

Are You Sexually Experimental or Boring? Let's Ask Your Handwriting 1
Sex and handwriting

I think that sexuality is only attractive when it’s natural and spontaneous.

— Marilyn Monroe

You may not believe it, but unconsciously, you give away a lot of information about your sexual personality by the way your write. Surprised? Well, that’s true.

Each human being has a certain attitude towards physical and sexual intimacy, and it’s reflected by the way we write — sharp, round, close, wide, narrow or spaced out. Each feature has its unique meaning.

In handwriting analysis, the lower zone has been established as the area, which give a fair indications of our biological urges and instinctual drives. But for the purpose of this article, we will narrow it down to just two letters—y and g.

Everything about these two letters tell something or the other about our sexual life. Be it the size of the their loops, the pressure exerted while writing them, or even their slant.

Are You Sexually Experimental or Boring? Let's Ask Your Handwriting 2

According to graphology, while the length of the lower zone gives a measure of the strength and potential of the sexual drive, the loops and their formations indicate how sexually satisfied the writer is.

People write these two letters in hundreds of ways. It’s not possible to describe them all here. In this article, we will restrict ourselves to four styles:

1. Rounded Loops: Vivid sexual imagination

If the lower loop is rounded and returns to the baseline, it points to an active and healthy sex life. They are sexually imaginative and think of ways to make their sex lives interesting.

On the other hand, inflated lower-zone loops written with extreme pen pressure indicate a forceful sex drive and a vivid sexual imagination.

2. Light Lower Zone: Low sexual fulfillment

A lower-zone formation, which is short and written with light pressure, indicate that the writer’s level of sexual fulfillment is rather low and he chooses to put his energy in other aspects of his life, such as work.

Are You Sexually Experimental or Boring? Let's Ask Your Handwriting 3

Lower-zone letters

3. Retracing in Lower Zone: Your needs are repressed

This particular variant points to repression of unconscious sexual and emotional needs. They do not express their sexual desires properly. Such writers are unlikely to enjoy sex due to fear and a desire to over-control their feelings.

4. Triangle in Lower Zone: Unresolved anger

Such writers are sexually anxious, and have unresolved anger towards the opposite sex. They are often accused of indulging in risky sexual behaviour, and getting experimental with their sex lives.

5. Regular Loop Sizes: You stick to a pattern

Well, this one isn’t fun. They are sexually conventional and avoid all sorts of experiments in the sack.

They follow a habitual sexual patterns with very little inclination to move away from a set pattern. But who said people do not enjoy regular, no-frills sex?

6. Cutting through Lower Loop: Sexual fears

People who write like this have deep sexual fears. The cause of of that fear is serious disappointment in past sexual life. Sometimes, this strokes also point to alcohol problems.

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.