This Part of Your Handwriting Reveals If You’re a Shopaholic


Addicted to shopping? You may be a shopaholic!

Meet a shopaholic

“God! My credit card bills are becoming a real pain, Akriti, they just don’t seem to end…”

“Control your spending, Sneha.”

“I’ll surely do that, but what do I do about the never-ending bills? It’s too huge. Why the @#$% did I buy these Ritu Kumar clothes and these expensive…?”

“Babe, relax! Take a loan at a cheaper rate and pay it back…”

“Goddammit, I feel like destroying all the cards and running away.”

“You’ll be asking for more trouble…”

“Ya… after I pay back my outstanding, I swear I’ll never use my card again…”

This Part of Your Handwriting Reveals If You're a Shopaholic 1

These are the snippets of a conversation between two girls, which I overheard in the office elevator last week. Like many people, Sneha didn’t handle her credit responsibly and now she was writhing in financial distress.

While in debt, some default on the loan, whereas others like Sneha reluctantly decide to pay back the dues.

The first type is special; we’ll talk about them later. In this article, we’ll discuss people who allow their expenses to ball out of control and then face financial difficulty. A shopaholic, in short.

Some months ago, a Bandra businessman came to meet me to know why he always found himself in credit card debt: he spent a great deal on clothes, jewellery, perfumes and night-outs.

Handwriting of shopaholic

The businessman’s handwriting showed he was undisciplined (extreme irregularity in his left margin), impulsive (right slant) and its middle zone was too emphasised, which made him reckless in his spending on his day-to-day life.

Irregular left margin

Shopaholics may have an irregular left margin

According to handwriting analysis, if an undisciplined and impulsive person has an over-stressed lower-zone letters, he’ll be reckless when it comes to physical pleasure and material life (sex, liquor, partying, sports etc).


A) Extreme right slant; B) Prominent middle zone; C) Extended lower loops.

Similarly, if he has an over emphasised upper zone, he’ll be reckless in his mental activities.

For example, when such a person starts reading a book by his favourite author Osho, he won’t stop despite knowing that if he didn’t revise his lessons on Shakespeare right away, he’ll surely flunk the test the following day.

Final words

In order to curb the spending habits of the businessman, I gave him a few handwriting exercises, also known as graphotherapy. Now, he says that with some efforts, he has been able to bridle his tendency to spend impulsively.

If you also lack restraint when it comes to spending, write a couple of pages every day for at least a month with a ruler-drawn margin of one inch on the left.

(The article by Vishwas also appeared in Mumbai Mirror)

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.