Want to Know People Better Through Their Signatures? Read On

Some tips on signature analysis free

Some tips on signature analysis free

Your handwriting is capable of revealing a great deal about your personality. An accomplished handwriting analyst can discover about 70 personality traits in one page of a handwritten sample. This article will give you free signature tips.

Difference between handwriting and signature

While the body of your handwriting shows your overall personality, your signature reveals how you want to appear to the world, and how you want to be perceived by others.

That is why very often there is a remarkable difference between some people’s overall handwriting and their  signature. It’s because they want to show to the world a picture of their personalities drastically different from the real ones.

Now, let me give you some tips on signature analysis free of cost. But before you start making use of these free tips, I suggest that you should avoid analysing a signature in isolation; ask for the handwriting as well.

Signature and handwriting look alike

Signature analysis free online

If the signature looks the same as the rest of the handwriting, the writer will behave the same way in public as in private. Such writers do not put up a mask to show something they are not. I call them WYSIWYG personalities. What You See is What You Get.

Signature larger than handwriting

Want to Know People Better Through Their Signatures? Read On 1

Often, you will find that the signature of a writer is slightly larger than his overall handwriting. It suggests that the writer has a good self esteem and confidence, especially when he is in public.

However, if the signature is much larger than the handwriting, it shows the writer’s compulsive need to be noticed and heard.

People who have comparatively large signatures have a low self-esteem and they compensate for their insecurities by increasing the size of their signatures. (Read more about big handwriting)

Signature smaller than handwriting

Want to Know People Better Through Their Signatures? Read On 2

Signature analysis free

A signature which is smaller than the handwriting often points to the writer’s lack of confidence. Such writers are shy and they like to keep a low profile in social gatherings. They do not want any attention. They get uncomfortable if  you put the spotlight on them. (Read more about small handwriting)

Now, you know three rules of signature analysis. But before I take you to the fourth one I have a small suggestion: avoid passing judgments on the people whose handwriting you are analysing. And avoid analysing a signature if it is not accompanied by a handwriting sample.

Illegible handwriting and illegible signature

Whenever I see such a handwriting sample, I know that the writer may be in real pain though he does not want to talk about it. Such writers suffer in silence and they do not at all discuss the issues bothering them.

Such a person seldom lets people come close because he fears that if he allowed anyone to get closer, people would know what he had been trying to hide.

The other reason behind the illegibility could be that the writer does not give two hoots about the recipient of his handwriting. He gives a damn whether you understood it or not.

Signature straight, handwriting slants to right

Want to Know People Better Through Their Signatures? Read On 3

We have discussed before that people who have right-slanted handwriting are capable of expressing themselves pretty well. If the right slant co-exists with soft letter connection, it means that the writer is affectionate.

But if the signature is straight, it shows that in public, the writer wants to be in control and avoids showing any emotions. He will appear cool and composed to outsiders. When he is at home, he will be affectionate and express himself better.

Signature slants to the right, handwriting straight

Want to Know People Better Through Their Signatures? Read On 4

Now, this is exactly the opposite. Such writers are more expressive when are with outsiders. But as soon as they are at home, they will be aloof and will not express much. These are the people about whom it is said that they are nice for outsiders, but not for people at home. (Read more about right-slanted handwriting)

Legible handwriting with illegible signature

Want to Know People Better Through Their Signatures? Read On 5

Signature analysis free

Such a writer seldom reveals much to people who are not part of his inner circle. In public, they maintain a mystery around themselves. If you get a handwritten with an illegible signature, it suggests that the writer does not want to be associated at all with the content of the letter. (Read more about illegible signature)

Legible signature with illegible handwriting

Now, here we have an egotist in the writer. This writer does not care about expressing his point of view to others. Why? Because he does not care about it at all. All he wants is to make a big, grand impression on people.

This attitude becomes a roadblock for him and often brings about failure because the “grand” impression that he makes on others does not last long and he lies exposed. People find out sooner than later that he lacks substance.

Want to Know People Better Through Their Signatures? Read On 6

Signature with underline and two dots underneath

Want to Know People Better Through Their Signatures? Read On 7

Signature analysis free

This is something people ask me all the time. What does the underline below a signature indicate? What does it mean if someone puts two dots under the signature? Well, here is the answer.

If you know someone who underlines his signature, it shows you are dealing with a writer who is resilient, strong, determined, motivated, dedicated and has emotional stamina to achieve what he wants.

He is someone who does not give up easily. He wants the best in life and works persistently and relentlessly to ensure he attain his goals, and achieve what he wants. (Read more articles on signature analysis)

Strike-through signature

Signature analysis free

Some tips on signature analysis free

I have talked about this type of signature in another post on signature analysis about the types of signature you should avoid. I am repeating it here.This strike-through signature means that the writer has a tendency to self-destruct.

I have noticed that people with suicidal tendencies (but this may not be a norm) have such signatures. It the strike-through comes in the first name of the signature, it means that the writer could be quite unhappy with himself.

But when this piercing stroke is found in the second name, it means the writer has some issues with his family. Also keep in mind that while analysing signatures, you should see how and where the signature has been placed on a particular page.

When you go deeper into the subject and learn it well, you will know how the placement of a signature will give you additional information about the writer.

For example, a signature placed on the left side of the paper indicates that the writer is a conservative person who does not like to experiment or try out new things. He is more comfortable in the known zone.

I hope you enjoyed taking these lessons on signature analysis, and you will make use of them as well. If you want to learn more, take our Online Course in Handwriting Analysis.

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.