My Signature is Bigger Than My Handwriting, What Does It Mean?

Signature is bigger

In graphology, signature analysis is quite important. We have discussed in detail about various kinds of signatures. In this article, we will examine the size of the signature in relation to the overall size of the general handwriting.

1. Small handwriting + Large signature

This is a very common handwriting style. Most people have their signatures bigger than their normal handwriting. A certain amount of variation is allowed.

Ideally, a signature twice the size of the handwriting is normal. But when it crosses the limit, i.e. if the signature is much bigger than the handwriting, it means that the writer is trying to appear more flamboyant than he is. It shows there is a considerable gap between his real nature and what he shows to the world.

2. Small handwriting + Small signature

According to signature analysis, such a writer is a typical introvert. This combination is often found among people who have a great ability to concentrate and stay focused in their area of operation. Such writers will have a great attention to details and would be suitable for a job that requires them to sit for long hours.

3. Medium handwriting + Large Signature

As I said above, it is normal for people sign their names slightly bigger than their handwriting. This is often healthy. It shows the writer’s confidence level. Such a writer does not try hard to get attention and stays true to his real character most of the time.

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.