7 Secrets Sonam Kapoor’s Signature Reveals About Her Personality

7 Secrets Sonam Kapoor's Signature Reveals About Her Personality
Sonam Kapoor

Find out what Sonam Kapoor’s signature reveals about her personality. —Photo source

Sonam Kapoor’s signature analysis

There is never a dull day for Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor Ahuja on social media. She is targeted frequently for airing her views on various issues—from politics to environment to nepotism in the entertainment industry. The latest controversy is caused by this tweet of hers on Father’s Day in 2020.

Sonam Kapoor, the daughter of actor Anil Kapoor, has been called names on social media, and netizens believe she is “dumb” and “a woman with no brains”. But the criticism does not prevent her from coming out and expressing her viewpoints.

Let’s understand the actress a little better by analysing her signature. One short disclaimer is that the analyst has assumed her handwriting looks similar to her signature.

Here are 7 secrets Sonam Kapoor’s signature reveals about her personality:

#1. Criticism? Bring it on…

Sonam Kapoor's signature analysis

Sonam Kapoor’s signature analysis reveals she is not a pushover.

It is indicated by Sonam Kapoor’s signature that she does not give a damn about what people say about her. The fairly large size of the signature shows that she is unlikely to get pushed around.

So, guys, if you think you’re bully her into accepting a viewpoint, that’s not gonna work. She is no pushover. She has a healthy ego, which protects her from getting affected by criticisms.

#2. Reasoning? What’s that?

The word spacing in Sonam Kapoor’s signature reveals that the actress is prone to acting and reacting in most situations as the mood takes her.

She does not believe in stopping to reason things out before expressing her views. As a matter of fact, the word rational is not part of her vocabulary.

#3. Speak first, think later

Sonam Kapoor’s signature says that the actor has little control over her actions. She speaks first and thinks later. It’s hard for the actress to remain objective before making a decision.

What makes matter worse for her is the the speed at which she thinks. The pointed strokes in Sonam Kapoor’s signature reveal that she is a quick decision maker.

According to signature analysis, such writers do not wait to look at the pros and cons of their decisions, primarily because they have a tendency to be in a rush.

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor’s signature reveals she feels more comfortable expressing herself through physical contact.

#4. Attention, attention!

The size of the Sonam Kapoor’s signature reveals that the actress is a high attention seeker. Comes with the nature of her profession, right?

But the problem with Sonam is that when she is not getting the attention, she starts feeling low and her self-worth plummets.

#5. Social butterfly

The signature also reveals that Sonam Kapoor feels a strong need to socialise. The actress does not believe in keeping her distance, and she feels more comfortable expressing herself through physical contact.

Her friends would tell you that she hugs them without any warning—sometimes without any reason at all. The writer is prone to forgetting her social boundaries more often than not.

#6. That’s my dad!

Sonam’s signature indicates that she draws a lot of strength from her family, especially her father, Anil Kapoor. She depends a lot on him, and is very proud of his achievements.

She is individualistic, but she is also attached a lot  to her dad’s side of the family.

#7. Not choosy about friends

It is indicated by Sonam Kapoor’s signature that she is not adequately choosy about people she calls friends.

She finds it difficult to be alone or quiet for a long time. Therefore, she keeps on looking for ways to connect with new people, and also allows them to come to her, exposing herself to the risks of betrayal.

Final words

Sonam Kapoor’s signature does indicate some personality flaws, but she is definitely not “dumb” or a “bimbo without brains”. On the contrary, she is a sharp person.

But she is not able to harness that sharpness and intelligence because of her tendency to act first and think later. She ought to be watchful of her propensity to act purely on instinct.

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.