Ignore Everything Your Friend Says If Her Handwriting Shows This!

Ignore Everything Your Friend Says If Her Handwriting Shows This! 1

A floating t-bar in handwriting shows the writer has lost touch with the reality.

What if your head was levitating three-four feet above your shoulder?

Well, that would be scary sight and it is also a physiological impossibility. But please imagine it for a moment.

So, your head is in the air and you see everything from an elevated position. Right?

How do things appear from a height? Of course, small, short and probably stumpy.

In other words, the size and shape of the objects in focus is not accurate.

Similarly, individuals whose heads are in the air (figuratively, dear) tend to undermine and underrate people and things around them.

They think of themselves as gifts to humanity, and unnecessarily find faults with others. (Also Read: People who find fault with themselves)

T-bar in handwriting

Using graphology, we can identify people who think they are superior to others.

T-bar above the stem should be avoided

T-bar in handwriting floating above the stem in Pic A.

According to handwriting analysis, the t-bars in their handwriting are above the stem (Pic A), which reflects their detachment from reality and shows their a false sense of superiority.

Also, such writers set unachievable goals in life and can achieve them only in their imagination. They derive a sense of superiority about themselves by exhibiting that their plans are far more big and elaborate than those of others.

I knew a lady who has this personality trait. We went to the same gym.

Even at the risk of being attacked by dumbbells and iron plates, I am revealing that she disparaged and mocked almost all members of the gym.

Ignore Everything Your Friend Says If Her Handwriting Shows This! 2

Someone with a floating t-bar in handwriting thinks she is superior to others.

Her favourite pastime was to comment on other people and establish that they are not as smart, efficient or intelligent as her.

She would often whisper into a friend’s ears statements aimed at ridiculing or belittling others, such as: ‘A looks like a canary’, ‘B walks like a camel’ and ‘C talks like a parrot’. She knew names of many more birds and animals.

Clearly, the lady had a superiority complex. She believed that somehow she is superior to others. The t-bars in her own handwriting were floating above the stem.

Superiority complex

People with this complex often have exaggerated opinions of themselves. They may believe their abilities and achievements surpass those of others.

According to healthline, the symptoms of superiority complex may include:

  • Very high valuations of self-worth
  • Boastful claims not backed up by reality
  • Attention to appearance, or vanity
  • Overly high opinion of one’s self
  • A self-image of supremacy or authority

Therefore, if your t-bars float above the stem, bring them down (Pic B). This will put you back in touch with reality and also enable you to set goals that can be achieved.


If you know someone whose t-bar in handwriting is floating above the stem, you should ignore her viewpoints and learn to take her with a pinch of salt.

Even if you do not want to ignore her, at least suggest to her to stay grounded because a floating t-bar in handwriting shows that most of her ideas and plans do not have any connection with reality.

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.