Become Efficient: Remove This from Your Handwriting If You Take Up Too Many Tasks at the Same Time

Become Efficient: Remove This from Your Handwriting If You Take Up Too Many Tasks at the Same Time 1

Handling too many things at once: Some people give equal importance to all pending work at the same time. This personality trait is reflected in handwriting by the presence of unnecessary underlines.

There was a spring in Sophie’s step as she entered the lobby of her office. She looked upbeat and carefree in that light pink top and black knee-lenght skirt.

“You look cheerful, Sophie! Got a mid-year raise?” a colleague remarked jocosely.

“I wish!” Sophie said with an infectious smile as she swivelled her revolving chair and sat in it facing her desk. “It’s Friday, stupid! Weekend is here.”

Sophie, like most people, always looked forward to her weekends because she usually set them aside to complete some important personal work, and catch up on a bit of reading.

The noble plan notwithstanding, the pile of to-do items kept on increasing and the reading list continued becoming longer. And then weekends, like good times, would just scurry away in a jiffy, leaving Sophie with a sense of dissatisfaction and frustration on Sunday evenings at not being able to execute her plans.

Everyone in Sophie’s family knew about her ‘woeful weekends’, brought about by the fact that she could not differentiate between what was important and what wasn’t. In Sophie’s eyes, almost everything was equally important. For example, she really struggled when it came to choosing between a visit to the dentist and a trip to the stationery shop for a few stickers. In other words, she was unable to prioritise her work.

Become Efficient: Remove This from Your Handwriting If You Take Up Too Many Tasks at the Same Time 2

Unnecessary underlines in handwriting: A person like Sophie is inclined to open too many locks at the same time.

Unnecessary underlines in handwriting

According to handwriting analysis, a person’s inability to prioritise is sometimes seen in the excessive use of underscores in his handwriting. All of us use underscores to hightlight important points and enhance their significance. But if there are too many unnecessary underlines in handwriting, as you see in an example below, it shows that the writer wants to give undue importance even to trivial things.

Unnecessary underlines in handwriting

Use of several unnecessary underlines in Sophie’s handwriting shows that she gives importance to everything and lacks prioritisation skills.

Naturally, the recipient of such a document would be confused about what the writer wants to highlight. At the same time, this haphazard and random underlining of almost every word shows that the writer is incapable of distinguishing at all between the essential and the unessential. This inability to distinguish between the important and the unimportant is exposed also in day-to-day habits, relationships, dress choices and mannerisms.

Sophie used unnecessary underlines in her handwriting, which showed that even at work she would struggle when it came to prioritising her taks and managing her to-do list well.

Hans Jacobey says in his book, Analysis of Handwriting, that such writers “persist with great obstinacy and stubbornness in emphasizing and stressing trifles as if they were essentials. As a rule it is a feeling of personal frustration which impels them to demand that even the most unimportant features in their personal appearance and behavior should be appreciated and observed by others as important.”

Entangled lines: a sign of confusion

In handwriting analysis, entangled lines is another indicator that points to the writer’s inability to prioritise. Despite being a capable person, such a writer loses track of her assignments because she does not prioritise or plan. Leaving one task unfinished, she hops to the other and ends up finishing neither. (Read about entangled lines)

If unnecessary underlines appear in handwriting along with entanled lines, you have a person who can’t take a decision quickly and is more likely to live in messy conditions.

Unnecessary underlines: Conclusion

If you use unnecessary underslines in your handwriting, you must lose them immediately in order to become efficient. You must remember that you will keep getting sucked into unimportant things if you continue using unnecessary underlines in your handwriting.

Do you have such underscores in your handwriting? Let us know in the comment box below.

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.