Will Your Relationship Last? The Answer is in Your Partner’s Handwriting

You may be fooled by someone’s candy talks, but if you know how to analyse handwriting, you can see the real intentions and plans behind those sweet words. That’s the power of handwriting analysis. So, let’s see what handwriting analysis is all about and how it can simplify your life in general and your love in particular.

But before that, a few things about handwriting and its connection to the brain. We have all heard and read a great deal about the unknown powers of the human brain, and the mysteries this organ holds. Ironically, much of what we don’t understand about being human is in our heads. So, let me give you some heads-up about a little unknown fact about the brain:

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Did you know that most of your brain cells get activated when you are thinking or writing? That’s right. Which is why handwriting is also called brainwriting. And the science that logically and scientifically analyses the manifestation of these brain impulses in the form of letters, or handwriting strokes, is called graphology. In other words, with the help of handwriting analysis it is possible to form the character sketch of the writer.

With handwriting analysis as a diagnostic tool, you can improve several things in your lives. For example, your love life.


We all know that at the beginning of a relationship, both the partners usually put on their best suits to impress each other. It feels good and neither of the partners has a problem bending some personal rules to please the other. But when the relationship matures and the initial euphoria evaporates, problems start cropping up between the couples. Some of the problems are manageable, while others are intractable.

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In such a situation, many couples wish they had a time machine, using which could go back in time, and change a few decisions they made. Well, we cannot offer you a time machine, and handwriting analysis cannot help you undo things either. What it can do is help you understand your partner better.

Shall we start? Are you one of the lucky ones to have receive those lovely handwritten notes from their partners? If yes, take them to a handwriting analyst to know if compatibility issues between the two of you might arise in the future.

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Additionally, you can use the science to being about improvements in your current relationship by developing better understanding of your partner’s needs. But, again, these efforts have to be mutual. And for that to happen, both partners need to be equally invested in the relationship.

Differences in personalities of a couple can arise at various levels, such as communication needs and social involvement. Let me give you a glimpse of what I mean.

Large writing vs Small writing

Large Handwriting

Large Handwriting

Small Handwriting

Small Handwriting

Those who write large-sized letters are extroverts. They will shower you with flowers and gifts to seek your attention. They are flamboyant lovers. On the other hand, those with small handwriting are introverts. They are master of focus and concentration, and when it comes to loving they go deep and care even about the minutest of details about you. They may not show their love in obvious ways, but they usually they respect and value it deep within.

Heavy Pressure vs Light Pressure

Heavy pressure writers are passionate, possessive, full of energy and vigour but stubborn. They rarely budge once they made up their mind. On the other hand, light-pressure writers are easily adjustable and adaptable.

Legible vs Illegible

Illegible writing means the writer is trying to hide something from you. He or she will not be transparent while communicating. They can be very good manipulators. Legible writing means that the writer is forthright and also expects the partner to be that way.

I am sure you would want to go back and look for these traits in your own or your partner’s writing. Before you do that, remember an important thing: the analysis is never done observing a single trait in isolation; you should look at a handwriting sample in totality before concluding on the overall assessment. And to know how to analyse a handwriting sample in totality, you need to learn handwriting analysis properly.

One you start exploring this science further, you will realise that handwriting analysis is a very useful tool to understand yourself first and then your partner. It empowers you with an insight into your partner’s mind. You can tell whether a person is going to be loyal or dishonest, dominating or humble, and much more. Just imagine if you get to know all this beforehand, how much hassle you will spare yourself. In fact, not only does it help you understand each other in a better way, but also guide you about how you can bring about improvements in your relationships. The only condition, I reiterate, is that both parties need to be adequately invested in this process.

In today’s life where break-ups often happen due to incompatibility, it becomes even more imperative to double-check before you take the leap. Look at the handwriting. Everyone writes. No matter how much technology advances, handwriting will never go out of fashion.

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.