Handwriting in all capital: Why people write in block letters

I often face these three questions on all-capital handwriting: “Can you analyse handwriting in all caps?” “What does it mean if someone writes in all caps?” “Why do some people write in all caps?”

Before I answer, I must add that if a person has both cursive and all-caps handwriting, we will analyse only the former.

In order to understand all caps writers, you must know about handwriting zones. Handwriting is divided into three zones. Each zone is significant and it reveals something about the personality traits of the writer.

People who write in all caps usually want to remain mysterious

People who write in all caps usually want to remain mysterious

Although I cannot discuss in detail here what all the three zones in handwriting stand for, the picture below makes it clear that all the three zones can be found in a handwriting only when there is a mix of both all caps and lower case letters.

Three zones of handwriting

But in all caps handwriting, we only have the middle zone; the other two are missing (See the sample below). It is those missing zones that make an all-caps writer different from a cursive writer.

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You may now ask what the missing zones indicate. Let me explain.

Handwriting in all caps

I had an ex-colleague who wrote in all caps. We worked together for about a year and we sat barely a couple of meters apart. But beyond his name and the fact that he worked there, I did not know anything about him. I still don’t. In fact, most people on the team thought the same about him.

So, here is the answer to what does it mean if someone writes in all caps: these people do not like to disclose anything about themselves to others.

According to graphology, all-caps writers are uncomfortable talking about their personal lives — at least in interpersonal relationships. They do not want others to know about themselves. Often, such writers do not express their emotions in public.

People who write in all caps are uncomfortable talking about their personal lives — at least in interpersonal relationships

Someone who writes in all caps is uncomfortable talking about her personal life

Usually, all-caps handwriting lacks connection between letters, which indicates that the writer does not like to relate to people at a personal level.

Also, such writers are quite egotistic. They hold strong opinions and it’s very tough to get  them to see another point of view. They emphasise a lot on their day-to-day lives, rather than spending some time planning their future.

I agree with what graphologist Sheila Lowe says about all caps or print writers:

The writer’s [Block printer] energies are concentrated in the day-to-day area of routine and social interaction… her ego is central to all aspects of her life. She does not mind sharing her opinions, and expects you to agree with her. But if you don’t, it won’t change her mind.”

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  • Thank you very much.. the last paragraph matches word to word the person I know who block prints.

    • Shraddha, why don’t you tell us more about the person without disclosing identity?

  • arunima gautam

    hmmm… i tend to write all caps often. i would say i smtms prefer it… nice one!!!!!!!

  • Alamxmohd

    Dear Viswas,
    I wud like to tell you that All Philippine people used to write All Caps. & for this they are being trained to write all in caps. what do you say???

    • Thanks for this information, Alam. But I am not aware of about this. In fact, it will make for a curious case study for someone who knows about the history of the country.

      Till then, I won’t say anything. But if any graphologist from Philippines comes across this message, please do reply.

  • colleen

    My father was an engineer. He wrote in all caps for drafting purposes. This habit was then inherited by me. It’s got nothing to do with anything.

    Curious, as younger people generally can’t pen more than their signature in cursive, what will you do?

    • Dear Colleen,

      You may find the answer to this question on this page on Write Choice: http://disq.us/3cqtj9

  • Karly

    This is quite interesting. I too write in all Caps. I’ve been doing so since I was in middle school. I’m not even sure why I began writing that way, but it makes me feel comfortable doing so. It’s amazing how something so simple can reveal much more than what you can imagine. Great read, thank you for sharing.

  • Nryninaygr

    I am dyslexic, and have been writing in all CAPS for years only because it is much easier for me to have the letter turn out correctly.  I think these kinds of things need to be taken into perspective when writing an analysis.  A friend of mine told me about this article and told me to check it out.  (She was analyzing people we know for fun). Perhaps with all of the undiagnosed learning disabilities out there there are many more “ALL CAPS WRITERS’ just like me. :  )

    • Dear Nryninaygr, you are absolutely right. It must be taken into account before analysing the handwriting sample. 

  • wife

    I cant Believe  this!!! For years Ive described my husband as exactly mentioned about Capital writers, not thinking anything about his writing. It was my daughter who asked me 2 days ago why does dad write in capitals, I cant believe I never noticed, when I read this I was gobb smacked!!!! For my situation this is 100% accurate!!! wow!!!!

    • That’s interesting information, Ms Wife. Hope you have shown the article to husband as well! 

      Have you explored this website fully for more information?

  • Animeobsesion

    Both my parents write in all caps, and I found funny how some of the things match very well with their personality. However, my mother is very willing to listen and adjust her own opinions, but my father is very stubborn. Another discrepancy I found was, that while my mother hardly socializes with other people, much less talk about her life, my father does so freely. But in both cases, they are very proud and always see life as a day-to-day thing. 

  • Rafiq

    i culd relate to this. I want to learn from u how to analyse handwriiting. when you hold classes, pls inform me… thank s 4 this lovely website

  • Ann

    I write in capital letters for the exact reason you stated. I don’t want some stranger to know my “real” handwriting and thereby give them glimpses into my psyche.  

  • Yo!SheNice

    Good info… Definitely describes me… My opinion can be altered but it takes a lot of convincing which is seldom.

  • jdmartinez

    Yes, I agree. I hate it when people write in Caps. It is so annoying and it gives me a headache. It just seems so rude. 

  • F H


  • Zen

    I write notes in all caps, it’s simply because if I write them in my normal hand writing i cant read them afterwards

  • LC

    Writing in caps may be more related to habits formed in particular fields of work over time. My father writes in all caps – he was an engineer. I write in all caps (except my signature) probably because I am a horticulturist focused on landscape design. I work with blueprints just like my father did. Before college I always wrote in cursive.

    I’ve discussed this with others I work with. These are a fun, outgoing, social, creative people. Some mentioned their cursive was deplorable and clarity in communication had become paramount.

  • savannah

    lol ya i write in all caps when handwriting something, i can relate to some of these personality traits. cool article 🙂

  • Rachel

    That is so not true LOL, I’m a 1/2 filipino and unless they LEARNED it that way to be understood more clearly by whoever told them so is absurd. My grandmother who is full blood filipino wrote in that D’Nealian script cursive type of alphabet. I call it very illierate writing today but she wasn’t. She was a grade school teacher in Manila before my grandfather (who was filipino and a US citizen by that time flew her into the states.) Her old school handwriting began that way because she liked the look of the cursive homework of my mother (her daughter) and her siblings. I figured it was my grandmother’s way of being ‘accepted’ in a very racist society at that time in the early 60s/70s. My stubborn grandmother finally resorted to the manual typewriter because she eventually hated handwriting anything and today, even my mother can’t stand handwriting anything if a laptop with a printer can do it for her lol.

    I did notice a DISTINCT characteristic of old school filipinos in their age group, it was too neat and showed all the modesty, low self esteem, lack of confidence they all suffered in all their handwriting samples I seen. Again, with vietnam and the cold war were not kind to those people in the pacific rim.

    Today, my mother and I are totally different from her parents of course. She’s all about arcades, single stroked I’s, very fluid and flowy. My mom is cool. Unlike how fake/stuffy my grandparents and distant relative aunts and uncles were.

    Also, last comment about the CAPS handwriter. Maybe you might recognize the ‘filipinos’ you know who you claim all write in CAPS lmao) This is a true story. I knew such a man, caucasion from Detroit LOL who wrote all CAPS. It disturbed me that he wrote with a far right slant, and heavy pressure. I thought it was odd but I dismissed it as him just being quirky all right. As I got to know him and we evenutally moved in together, that charm turned into brooding hot tempered guy. Privately he was a substrance abuser. (“I’m a social drinker, I have it all under control!”, he’d say. NOT!), behind closed doors sure he was very quiet, but with every quiet substance abuser, he was an A-hole. Disagreeing with him was like walking on egg shells. He was a total manipulator, emotional blackmailer, see the story above of the girl who killed herself if you don’t do what they say/ask). Well one year, he beat me up twice for disagreeing with him. When I came to to call the police the first time, he turned on the charm to a female cop and they TOOK ME TO JAIL. The 2nd time he punched my right cheek so hard with his fist, he was centimeters away from my eyeball. He didn’t apologize until I was trying to look for the phone to call the police. Needless to say, I didn’t get a chance to call the police but I eventually divorced him later that year. He was very emotionally abusive but nobody would have guessed that since as he was very professional, personable. It helped him I was extremely shy around people. I believe CAP writers turn on the charm, part of their deceit act. He also murdered his father for the insurance money but of course his mother and I am the only one who knew that.

    Anyway, good luck to all who lives with anybody who writes CAPS lol, they’re always hiding something evil and you may never ever know about it until it’s too late!

  • Rachel

    Replied. See my answer above, Rachel.

  • K dot

    Hey found out something new about myself. Thats awesome,im egotistical,unemtional, and i dont like to open up to people,but its kinda scary my handwriting subliminally tells so much about me

  • john skillen.

    I write in all caps but they are linked together in each word. I’m very sociable I never shut up on the social media websites and not afraid to show my emotions. I think the way i write started when i had to fill forms in for the army. I tried uploading a sample but your page is having problems. I’m embarrassed about my writing. Whenever i try to write normal it looks like a childs handwriting, but i suppose its better than all caps.

  • shell hunter

    Vishwas, in our analysis of your website pages we have discovered your hidden traits, motives and desires. Your smiling face photo, for example, its rectangular, close-to-square framing and yellow color are quite indicative. So is the picture placement above left with the title words “Meet the author” (lacking the capitalisation of the title word Author). These are important details that describe your inner personality and actions. We noticed your head is chopped by the picture framing and tipped slightly to the left…. The color, font, and rather extreme word choice of the menu bar and sub menu bar items have all been taken into account, along with telling trait that the sub menu bar titles are capital letters! We could go on and on, but for brevity will close here. We wish you luck!

  • tina

    my father writes in all caps and also hesitates to write most of the time.Its all caps and also illegible..

    I love my dad BUT he is a player.his public life is a mystery.He is 61 and I am his 31 yrd old daughter.So thats a loooooonnnggg time.

    He tries his chance with every woman he meets…cheats constantly.He took my husband to his girlfriend(aunty’s) place.He finances my greedy husband behind my back and doesnt even tell my mom or me.

    It all about his work and his physical pleasure…food (he hates sharing it) , he visits clubs and flirts with my teacher /friends…

    A CAPS man’s daughter …howazzzat!!!!

    • That’s an interesting revelation, Tina. Do consider sharing his handwriting sample with us on the website.

      All caps writers can really surprise you with the secrets in their closet!

  • benque

    I’ve written in all caps all my adult life and pretty much everything written in this article couldn’t be further away from the truth.

    Same goes for the only other person I know who writes in all caps is simi

  • Klapaucius5691

    Before I was 18 years old, I wrote in lower case like the average person. When I joined the military at 18, we had to write a lot in all caps. I ended up only writing in all caps since I had no other reason to write in lower caps. I got out after five years and the habit stuck to the point where trying to write in lower case just feels weird and uncomfortable. I only write in all caps to this day almost 10 years after I left the military.

  • HappyAsALark

    i write in all caps because i think my cursive is ugly. when i write in upper/lower case it just doesn’t look clean and neat and i’m on the ocd side about cleaning.

  • Christopher

    I’ve picked up this habit over the past few years. Im an artist/designer and All caps just looks cleaner and more artsy, bolder, plus you can’t misinterpret what I write in all caps. I think my design ocd has led me down this path. I can’t stand trying to make out some sloppy cursive ish.

  • K240

    This seems a bit like astrology. Describe character traits and link
    them to something…. and you’ll get a host of people going “omg, that’s
    so me/person-I-know that also does that thing”. It will seem like it
    gives the analysis some credence, but it’s just a self-reinforcing

    People write in all capital letters for a variety of
    reasons. I have known many people who are in the sciences/engineering
    who do so because of the need for clarity, or because it is standard
    when working with blueprints or other official materials.

    I write in all caps because I have a hand tremor that makes my lower
    case print (and especially my cursive) very hard for others to read.
    Writing in all capitals allows me to write a little more slowly and
    better control each letter, for some reason.

    (and no, to those
    who are about to write “all caps is rude like shouting”… we are
    talking about HANDwriting here, not typing online)

    If you were to
    print an analysis saying that people who write in all capitals are
    “deep feeling people, who care a great deal about those around them, and
    are generally trustworthy and honest” you’d probably have just as many
    people answering with “my friend writes in all capitals and that
    describes her perfectly! thank you!”.

    • reallyerica

      Maybe this doesn’t apply to you because all-caps writing is not the way you would naturally choose to write? After all, It does say in the first paragraph that if a person writes in both cursive and all-caps, only the cursive would be analyzed. And claiming to be able to tell one aspect of a person’s personality (that they are not comfortable or inclined to share their personal or intimate thoughts or feelings with others) based on the way they express themselves seems quite different to me than astrology!

      • LawrenceConnor

        I believe they used the word former mistakenly. It is what makes more sense, since the article is about writing in all-caps. They simply should have used the word latter, instead. Poor writing. Poor vocabulary. Not sure. What I am more sure of. They wrote it wrong as to that specific point. It was an error as to their use of that word.

        • Hi Lawrence, there is no mistake here. When we say former, we mean former. Not the latter. If someone writes both in cursive and all caps, we will analyse the cursive.

  • Lizzy

    Beauty! what a perfect explanation! i know two very close people who write in all capital. despite being so close it is so much difficult for me to understand them or know what they think! loved this article!

  • Rajesh

    wow! that perfectly explains my uncle’s attitude. he seldom changes his mind. great article indeed!

  • JOHN


    • pizzaburgernecrophage


      • kcimsan

        I trust your SHOUTING posting is a joke as is your use of the word YOUR when the word is a third grade conjunction, YOU’RE, not to mention your obvious redneck approach. :-O

  • Jessica

    writing in caps is different than being a douchebag and typing in all caps.

  • reallyerica

    Many of you have commented here about *why* you write in all caps…but this article is not about why a person writes the way they do. It’s about what their writing style reveals about their personality. I’m curious, do you find the personality descriptions in the article generally do apply to you? I am not at all an all-caps girl, but I am married to an all-caps guy. It is absolutely true that he is not one to share his emotions and/or personal struggles with people–nor does he really care to get into a conversation about yours. He’s truly a friendly, personable, and super-intelligent guy, but not at all the “open book” that I am!

    • Thanks for your comment. It would be great if you share some more details about the personality of your husband.

      • reallyerica

        Well, like I said, I’m an open book–so what do you want to know? 😉

  • Stacelings

    I write in all caps. I am considered very talkative and outgoing. I literally strike up conversations with strangers daily. However, I am cautious about getting overly involved or trusting people I just met. I have very strong opinions and a very strong point of view. I have to watch my approach or I can come off as intimidating. So, I can see how the personality traits could apply. I started writing in caps during art school because it is consistent on the page – and just never went back. I wouldn’t say I have something to hide but I don’t offer up every bit of information about myself because I think – who really cares? I find other people more interesting. But if you ask me any question, I will answer it truthfully. So take it for what you will but I think in the case of all caps writers, these few traits are too general.

  • roxithefox

    I think that the description above is somewhat accurate. I would also say that people who write in Caps are insecure about their writing and spelling and perhaps think that by writing in caps it will help conceal their mistakes. I personally find it rude, aggressive and a little ignorant on the part of the writer who writes in CAPS. It may convey that the person who is writing is very irritated and since he can’t literally shout, he writes all in CAPS. An illustrious, well educated person hardly ever writes all in caps. There is just something about writing in CAPS that an English or language teacher knows is not right. There is more to the definition above.

    • Point well made! Thanks

    • Farah

      I’m sorry but this is a ridiculous explanation of yours for why people write in all caps. “It may convey that the person who is writing is very irritated and since he can’t literally shout, he writes all in CAPS”. People who write in all caps aren’t relieving their irritation through their writing. This may apply to typing, but it’s nonsensical in terms of writing.
      “An Illustrious, well educated person hardly ever writes all in caps”. That’s quite an assumption. Architects are actually trained to write in all caps. PROBABLY many doctors and engineers write in all caps too. I’m a chemistry student. I write in all caps.
      It bothers me when people make bold conclusions on topics based on mere assumption and subjectivity. What I don’t understand is why you are personally offended by a person’s style of handwriting?

    • Andy Jensen

      My hand writing has always been horrible. I always seem to be thinking faster than my hand can write. I started writing in all caps in college because I wanted everything I wrote to be easily legible and I can write cleanly in all caps much faster than I can print. But I do appreciate your broad, sweeping statements regarding those who chose to write in caps.

      Clearly I am undeserving of my 3.75 GPA that I received in my undergrad while barely taking any notes or studying more than twenty minutes before tests and undeserving of the Masters program that I am applying to currently. If only I could one day change my handwriting, so that I may finally be among the elite, illustrious and well educated sect of society.

      English is honestly my worst subject, I am not naturally good at it, and I do not enjoy it at all. I enjoy reading and my vocabulary is not that horrendous. My true strong suits are math and science.

      I must say, I am genuinely impressed with your ability to be offended by someones choice of writing style. It must have taken many years of delusion to get to a point where you can actually decide if someone is rude, aggressive or ignorant simply by glancing at a scrap of paper with some writing on it.

      I have met a handful of “illustrious, well educated” people with nice pretty handwriting. I typically met these people while they rode my coat tales in math and science classes. But I won’t hold that against everyone with excellent calligraphy skills. After all, just because the people that I met where unable to understand how to balance a chemical equation, or how to draw force vectors in physics class; it would be completely off base and asinine to lump them in with everyone else that has a similar writing style.

  • Jimmy

    I write in all caps purely because if i don’t my writing appears scrawly and difficult to read

  • Eric

    I write with a mixture of upper and lower case letters, noticing that I tend to capitalize hard-sounding lettings like R and D. But instead of being “egotistic” (strange that this word isn’t written out fully, as “egotistical”) maybe the better word is egoistic. I am always willing to abandon an idea if it’s proven wrong, and I actively encourage others doing this, and if I am “set” in an idea, it’s usually because I have contemplated it and have reasoned it out to be the most true way to look at it, not because I’m stubborn and refuse to change my mind. Handwriting, at the end of the day, is more akin to divination than it is forensics, so I give it the appropriate grain of salt.

    • Hello Eric,

      This article was not about people who write with a mixture of upper and lower case letters. It is one thing to use capitals to underscore a specific point in handwriting, and another to use all-caps for all purposes.

      • Eric

        Thanks for letting me know. I understand, but I still gleaned unseful/fun info from it.

  • Susan Reeves

    I write with all capital letters, I have for years. I find this to be much more neater and understandable.
    But I only use capitals when I am writing by hand. When I am on the computer, as you can see, I write with both upper and lower case letters.
    If I was to write like I do with my signature, no one shall understand it at all…lol
    I just completed an English exam as a prerequisite for a course and scored 91%. The professor never said a thing about me writing all in capital letter’s,
    This analysis rings somewhat true. I am a very difficult person to get to know, I have been that way since I can remember.

  • Katgarn

    I write in small capitals and regular small letters. Sometimes even in the same word I’ll find myself writing like this: ExAmpLe? I will admit to a lack of confidence, I don’t like to talk to many people because I haven’t accomplished as much as most people. Also I have epilepsy, would that have something to do with how I write? I don’t like writing in cursive because it makes me feel antsy for some reason, and therefore prefer print. I also have adhd and hate paying attention details writing in cursive seems like punishment to me, lol.

  • sadiesays

    Wait, so you are saying all people who write this way are like your classmate because though you knew nothing about him, you feel confident enough to write a personality analysis on him and others who write all in capitals? Sorry but this baffles me.

  • Logic

    This is all nonsense, people write in caps so it is easily distinguishable. There are very little or no variations of block letters, such as A, so you can easily tell it is an A, but people who write in lower case often have many different variations of writing a, so usually people who work at large international companies will write in all caps so colleagues from other contries can easily read.

  • JarJarJarJar

    Many students are starting to go to college/university for STEM majors, so it only makes sense that block printing be taught early. I think it’s stupid to try to analyse someone from their hand writing. My hand writing is crappy and can never be read, does it say something about me? I’m one of the most patient people you will ever meet, even when taking my time my handwriting slowly turns into scribbles. I learned cursive but still can’t read or write it properly. In today’s society, just be glad that the younger generation is even reading and writing manually. In my field of study to not block print is like saying “fuck all of you I quit”.

  • Lucila Cejas

    I wrote in cursive my whole life, and it was really bad. And eighteen year old with the handwriting of a middleschooler. Then a few years after, I became a waitress so I started writing in all caps so it would be easily read. Writing in print required too many movements compared to all caps.
    Then I started college and my note-taking was incredibly fast with all-caps. Cursive would have taken me a third more, and lower and upper 2/3.
    I write all caps, and I love it. I try to go back because I find it embarassing that as a professional adult, I cannot draw letters in the way they are meant to, but I can’t help feeling extremely comfortable writing like this. Maybe I should train my brain again?
    Also, the description about all-cappers in this article? Pretty much the opposite of how I am.

    • Maybe it will be a good idea to see your handwriting. Both print and cursive. Why don’t you upload it here?

  • Isaac

    I write in all caps because I didn’t like lowercase letters when I was younger… now it’s in my brain and I just write like that. I don’t really want to change how I write, I like it and it feels good.

    • Good for you, Issac. 🙂
      whatever keeps you happy.

  • Kelly

    Was the person you worked with former military? I was in the Marines and from day one, the only way you are allowed to write in a duty logbook, is in caps (if you wrote in lower case, you would have to rewrite it in caps). This includes any duty log. There were other rules that pertained to writing in the log when it came to changing duty personnel and such. Many military and former military still write in caps. I know I still do. I also feel it looks neater and more organized.

    • kcimsan

      This is most interesting as I stumbled across this article looking for the common word to describe non-cursive or what I always considered the opposite of longhand. I thought I print whereas others write, as in longhand script or cursive style. I now realize the differentiation between all caps and using both caps and lowercase. I print in all caps, but I’m the complete opposite of the author’s ‘strange’ analysis, as I’m a most outspoken raconteur, albeit that’s perhaps redundant – always talking, often about myself – and usually in excess, much to the chagrin of some colleagues.
      Ironically, I’m a retired Marine Corps officer, but never scribed entry
      one in a duty log book and don’t recall any ‘rules’ of printing in caps, but since I’m Old Corps, it could have been the genesis. I think I fall more into the categories of the other replies; I like all caps, it’s more distinguishable, my cursive is chaotic, yada, yada ya. I’m a former
      graphic artist and technical writer, and write incalculable email (if the
      plural of email is emails, why don’t we get mails in our mailbox?) and only type in all CAPS for emphasis. To say that printing in all caps is shouting, I feel is a stretch and a leap of social media faith. There are definite ‘truisms’ in many of the replies, but I agree these few traits are too general in scope and indeed much like a horoscope. So instead of placing all the people on the planet in twelve groups, we’re now going to place them in three? INCREDULOUS, PLEEEASE. (I couldn’t resist) 🙂

    • No, Kelly. The writer was not ex-military. He was a journalist.

    • Kitten

      Finally! An answer that is actually applicable. The article is opposite of my grandmother’s personality, and she was a Marine. 🙂

  • Fabien

    Is that a common style for people who write in all-caps to write? As I write in caps, however my handwriting (in caps) looks nothing like the picture above as I still use distinguishable capitals for the appropriate grammar rules and the rest of the word, still in caps, is just smaller. I started writing in this way because I hated how messy the variation of lower letters looked on a page and would spend hours writing and re-writing a word such as ‘egg’ in order to make sure the g’s were precisely the same length and shape; I also remember being embarrassed by my handwriting when I was a kid as it looked messy in comparison to the writing of those around me. I find caps the easiest way for me to write and re-read my notes and so much prefer it, however there seems to be a stigma surrounding those who write in caps and a lot of suggestion it presents a lack of intelligence, I was just wondering what you thought on the matter and whether you believe there to be connection?

    • Hi Fabien,

      Even if your first capital letter in a word is big and the remaining are slightly smaller in size, the same rules will apply. However, it needs to be taken into account what is the extent of connection between the letters, their slant and overall sizes.

      Most people do think that they write because it’s easier to write that way. But the frequent lifting of pen and the tendency to do that with ease tell a great deal about the personality of the writer.

  • raghavendra

    Hi to all…
    this is raghavendra here for signature analysis.pls anyone can tell me how my personality through my signature

  • Libor Panamerica

    What the author says is true. There may be other reasons why a person writes in all caps, but barring those external factors, you will likely be left with the prototypical all caps writer: a very introverted and secretive person. They allow little about themselves to slip out. You can know them for 10 years and still know nothing about them. How do I know? I write in all caps, and this describes my personality to a tee. Others have described me as such, and I am forced to admit that they are correct.
    And yes, I can be egotistic sometimes, but that can apply to anyone.
    Good article.

  • Libor Panamerica

    Also, I’ve read that all caps writers are usually quite intelligent. I wholeheartedly agree 🙂

  • Gillian Riley Lepisto

    I’ve seen 2 people with the exact same handwriting from different armies – for sure this is true – considered most efficient

  • Sophie Dainty

    my dad writes in a mix of caps and lower case, hes very ego central, has strong opinions, but he is not quiet, he can talk for england, everyone knows him and he is a very open person, a very outgoing and confident person. But i suppose his writing isn’t ALL caps so this obviously won’t all apply to him.

  • sadiesays

    Wait, so you are saying all people who write this way are like your
    classmate because though you knew nothing about him, you feel confident
    enough to write a personality analysis on him and others who write all
    in capitals? Sorry, but this baffles me.

  • Syver Lauritzsen

    That is the dumbest bunch of pseudo-science bullshit I have ever heard.

  • Charles

    This aptly described people who write in all caps. It is true that this article just scratches the surface. But it cannot be denied that people who choose to write in all caps have a certain personality type. Instead of dissing the article, one should at least attempt to know what handwriting analysis is and how it works. At least learn and then if you wish, you may call it ‘pesedo…whatever’. Please bother to read a bit about graphology to find out what is significance of cursive writing and what how it helps a graphologist understand the personality of a person.


  • Christian Moguel

    i write all caps, but thats just because i took an arcitectual designt class in high school and the teacher had us write everything in all caps because thats how we were supposed to. so after teaching myself how to write like this. i fount it difficult to revert to my old handwriting after the class had ended.

  • Lou

    I write in block capitals, but i know for certain im not introverted or the mysterious type. I started writing in block capitals because at the start of going to college for my medical degree i realised i couldnt read my own notes whenever i was revisiting a lecture for revision (it was pretty illegible.) So it seemed like a sensible decision to start writing in block capitals for study benefits. After that the habit just didn’t break and i feel pretty proud that im not going to be featuring into the stereotype that medical professionals have shoddy handwriting haha.

  • L O Connor

    I write in all caps, I definitely have no problem talking about my personal life, there are things that are PERSONAL, but I’m sure thats like everybody else……isn’t it???

  • some guy

    I started doing it after people told me I write messy when I write quick. I seen my dad writing in all caps all the time so I tried it and I write neater.


    I have since school written UPPER CASE and have always done so but to say that people like me dont like to talk about their personal lives doesnt reflect a bit of truth in my case.. in fact im the opposite and talk quite openly about my life…

  • Lisa

    I have written in all caps for 30 years and this article describes me to a T! 😯

  • ZLee

    I was pressured into all caps handwriting on a job as a teenager for uniformity and legibility, and it became a habit. Now it’s evidence of personality issues? Wow, can’t win for losing.

    • Jessica Taylor

      Being pressured into writing a particular way is very different from choosing to write that way. Writing analysis basics are generalisations and most frequently accurate but of course there is a lot more to it and there are exceptions to that. It probably shows something else (that you were pressured) and would indicate personality traits that are true to you. I didn’t word that well, what I mean is like my brother who was pressured as a child into being a ‘righty’ instead of a ‘lefty’, his writing does not indicate his personality accurately, but when you factor in the possibility of him being pressured to write with his right hand the more accurate assessment can be made and does fit…eg likely age of the writer and various probable details relating to childhood, upbringing and personality 🙂 You’re not losing…you’re more interesting 🙂

  • Hi Lawrence, there is no mistake here. When we say former, we mean former. Not the latter. If someone writes both in cursive and all caps, we will analyse the cursive, because cursive is more important and reveals more about someone’s personality. Hope this helps.