3 important signature tips to boost your confidence level

In an email a few weeks ago, a reader asked me: “What is the good signature for my name in handwriting analysis?” The question was interesting, but not easy to answer. One good signature for one name is difficult because one particular style cannot be assigned to a certain name. Each signature style is unique and usually inimitable.

For instance, Alex can be written in 1,000 ways in a signature and it is possible that about 900 of them can be graphologically called “good”. According to signature analysis, various factors contribute to a good signature. I give here 3 tips that you need to keep in mind while choosing a signature.

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1) Capital letters in signature

Make sure that the first letter of your name or surname is never written in lower case. The first letter in your signature should always be written in capital. Graphology says the presence of small case first letter in a signature could cause a loss of self-confidence, and fill the writer with a feeling of worthlessness.

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2) Keep your signature style simple

In an attempt to make their signature look stylish, several people introduce some unnecessary strokes in their handwriting. These unnecessary strokes may appear harmless to untrained eyes, but they may cause hindrance in your personal growth at some level.  So, I reiterate: Keep the signature simple.

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3) Size of the signature

According to handwriting analysis, it is necessary to maintain an equilibrium between the size of your handwriting and that of your signature. It means your signature should not be much bigger or smaller than your handwriting. Why? A signature much bigger than handwriting could sometimes indicate megalomania. On the other hand, a smaller size of signature could mean that the writer will never have the courage to speak his mind.

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  • donaldbaxter

    good advice VH. i have in my 35 years of career as a graphonomist found that more than 90 percent of people have WRONG SIGNATURES…and they seem totally blind to it. most have never given it a thought  and usually copied some impressive person in their lives or simply doing it by trial and error. sad, but true.
    now i have designed literally hundreds of signatures and have learned from it too. your worthy short article is another education for me and i thank you for it VH. i am also grateful for your very valuable amendments to MY signature and of a friend i sent you last year.thanks again.
    i would just like to add a few points to your excellent advice:
    1. keep the INITIALS at least 3 times larger than the middle zone.
    2. keep it all CONNECTED as far as possible.disconnected signatures are the easiest things for fraudies to copy.
    3. never be afraid to go tell your bank and other institutions that you want to change your signature in their records. you have every legal right to do so and you should keep changing it.
    4.your signature is your PUBLIC PROFILE, your visiting card to the world.so present it very carefully.your signature should really be TUNED to your PROFESSION and YOUR FUTURE ASPIRATIONS/PLANS.
    5.avoid circles, angles (see MANMOHAN SINGH’S SIGN ON THIS SITE),flourishes,double underlines, overlines, double dotting,xing, illegiblity etc. as much as you can.
    6.TAKE PROFESSIONAL HELP IN DESIGNING AND MANAGING YOUR SIGNATURE…at least once a year or when you go through a life changing experience.
    7. lastly, and MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, be aware that merely changing your handwriting and your signature ALONE would rarely work…you need to go deeper and change your entire mindset AT THE SAME TIME…or you would just be covering up your inherent faults and driving your real problems deeper and you would soon have a perfect writing and sign but the problems would surface sooner than later.

    • I like you suggestion about everyone getting their signature checked at least once. It’s necessary because without realising people end up choosing something they want to avoid. 

      As always, thanks for the inputs, Donald.

      • donaldbaxter

        mugambo kkkhush hua!

    • Donald–fascinating advice. Thank you for that. I am wondering about why to keep the initials significantly larger than the rest of the signature?

      • Jodi, in graphology your first name is  linked to your own estimation of yourself and self-esteem. In the first name, the first letter is even more important.: Read this article for more info: 

      • Tall initials, thrice the size of the middle zone, are a healthy sign of an HEALTHY EGO…and make sure they gel with the rest of the signature and not just stand out as a sore thumb…and avoid a BIG MISTAKE I RECENTLY MADE IN MY SIGNATURE (confession of a graphonomist!?).even vishwas did not catch it when i sent it to him for a second opinion…i REVERSED THE D! unknown to me, all hell broke loose in MY LIFE…check PSYCHOLOGICAL REVERSAL on google and you would know or let me know…i might write a long article on it if BOSS VH asks me.

    • Sweta Singh

       Sir i use double dots in my singnature,can u please enlight us what harm it can make

      • Where exactly do you use the dots? Generally, the placement of two dots under an otherwise well-formed signature is considered good. 

        • Sweta Singh

          Sir i use dots below an underscore and end of the last letter of my singnature.

          • Get rid of the dot at the end of the signature. Retain the ones below the underscore.

      • WOW…so many people have contributed so much to my simple advice!now, SHWETA,here is the secret of DOUBLE DOTS below the signature:
        this was originally designed by over-cautious folks so NOTHING MORE COULD BE ADDED after you have put the final signature to your writing.later it became a hallmark of folks who are dealing with NUMBERS/ACCOUNTS and it suits such people even NOW.the rest of us best avoid it as it is extra flourish which is just showoff, a cautious approach to life.I used the double dots without being aware of its significance for a long time and than discarded it.many successful people all over the world have great signatures…AND NO DOTS.i have even seen THREE DOTS…horror!

        • Hi Donald, you are right about three dots. That shows an effort to compensate for the lack of something.

          However, in my experience, two dots form part of a healthy signature. I have not come across a case where the optional dots bring along any detrimental component.
          At the same time, I would like to mention here that if a signature is fine and well-formed, it is better off even without two dots.

        • Sweta Singh

          Thanks alot for ur vaulable reply sir..

  • JMH

    I very often see people whose signatures are much larger than their regular writing.  I wonder if this is an American phenomenon or an attempt in general to project an air of confidence i.e. human nature.)

    • JMH, I think it’s pretty normal in all parts of the world. In fact, an an oversize signature is one of the biggest indicators of the facade the writer wears. 

    • big ego, big signature. last year one graphonomist from bhopal went on KBC and praised AB for his BIG SIGN…without telling, naturally, that too big signatures,or initials , are ALSO a sign of INFLATED EGO! HOWEVER, it suits some people who HAVE TO LIVE LIFE KINGSIZE, like AB…but normal people best avoid it. and yes, you are right, many AMERICANS do have this trait…AFTER ALL THEY ARE ALL SHOWMAN…that is part of their culture and suits them well.YOU BE DIFFERENT,genius.

  • Hello Sir, Your website is very informative. Herewith i attached my signature picture.Can you help me to analyze it and recommend some suggestion whether I need to change my signature or not. Thank you very much.
    K M Thilagarbabu

    • Honestly, I have not seen a signature as intriguing and interesting as yours. Thanks for sending it across. Shows you are a sharp person who does not  like people to dig deep into his life. 

      This is illegibility at its peak, despite the fact that you hardly scribble. For how long have you been using this signature?

      • Sir, I have been using this signature since 2004-05. I just gone through my older documents….over a period of time i experienced gradual changes in my signature. Should i need to make any changes in it  ???  thanks in advance.

        K M Thilagarbabu

        • I think you need to change your signature. First bring out legibility in it.

        • yes, yes, YES.i have a friend, a senior executive, in delhi whose sign is the only one i have seen matching yours.all those ANGLES are the problem…sharp edges are like broken glasses, they hurt like hell.bring in smooth curves and enjoy a smooth life.

          • I agree with you, Donald. These are like rough edges and the worst part is that people around the writer feel it more than the writer himself. If a boss has such a handwriting, it will be difficult for people to work with him. He might make others’ lives miserable.

  • pls recommend me a simple signature,i use this one(file attached). My name is Bhanu Pratap Soni, i desperately need help, since i’m gonna turn 18 in a few months & this one embarasses me.

  •  current signatures

  • Tapnesh

    Sir can you analyse my signature i’m bit confused about it.. I have searched your whole blog but haven’t found the one of my kind.  

  • Hello Sir and thanks for the information you have given me..But sir can you analyse my signature i’m bit confused about it.. I have searched your whole blog but haven’t found the one of my kind.  

    • Tapnesh, your signature says you come across as someone who is very confident and can overcome worries and tackle challenges with a lot of confidence. 

      You like people to know about you and pay you a great deal of attention. One one your positive points is your ability to add a touch of philosophy in your conversations attract attention of the listeners.

      Tapnesh, your signature also shows that often you start hurting your own achievements. In other words,  without your realising, your decisions sometimes end up destructing some very good things you have done.

      In order to understand your signature more, I need to understand your stroke formations. That can happen only when we meet in person.

      • Okay thank you very much sir for this. So sir does this signature appear as good one to you ???? Sir i know no one’s character can’t be classified as good or bad but i all i’m asking you is that is this signature appearing a strong powerful person.    

        • storong, yes. powerful , yes. and power corrupts too. remember the latin proverb: CORRUPTIO OPTIMA PESSIMA=when the best is corrupted, it becomes the worst.and you can quote shakespeare also: nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

      • Sir my friend asked me to ask you am i a good leader(Boss)… can you check this one.

        • be a LEADER, NOT A BOSS! yes you live life on a BIG SCALE…but watch out for being bossy and arrogant. seen that ARROGANT AD ON TV?

    • TAPESH , i agree with all that VH has said about your signature, and i would add this:
      your signature needs a major overhaul.those criss crosses need to go, ban all the slashes too, are you using a pen or a sword? you are self-destroying for sure.slant is also towards the left…a no no.is that your surname under TAPESH? this double decker sign is also not going to suit you…and the tall p in taPesh is crying to be removed.T in TAPESH has morphed into something else…are you trying to be someone you are not in real life? yes, you sure have a UNIQUE SIGN, a bad one! i would like to see your writing, your old signatures and know your profession to advice you to get the best out of life.get in touch fast.

  • purvi

    1 can I put My name followed by initials of husband and surname
    like purviJD (undrline)any thing important to be known before inalizing signature?

    • sure…you can…just gots to show a few nice things to us graphonomists: you are a SOUTH INDIAN (hahaha), you have more faith in yourself, an independent thinker BUT…with storong roots and family ties….and a lot more. i would prefer to see an actual sample before saying more.

  • Enfpjodi

    I’ve tried to determine the meaning of why the last letter in my signature  turns down. Generally I do not make the letter “r” the way I do for the last letter of my last name (which is Horner.) Instead of the “r” having a fully-formed shape it is something of a point (but not super sharp point) and the end of the letter doesn’t turn up at all, it stays down but does not dip below the baseline. I am certain this means something but I can’t figure out what! Any ideas?

    • I am afraid I can’t say anything without seeing the handwriting.

      • Enfpjodi

        A sample from today.

        • @Enfpjodi

          I find your signature quite elegant. You are indeed a very confident & non-conflicing person who is quite happy-go-lucky. You are quite nice with words.

          I recommend no change in your signature. Just remove the dot after the middle name (M) in your signature. All the best.

          And I do not wish to comment on a particular letter. I have the full handwriting, so I will comment on it as a whole. An unfinished r sometimes indicates the writer is not too observant and tends to make the same mistake twice over….

          • Jodi

            You seem to have really pegged me! I am sure that isn’t a surprise to you. 🙂 I was getting to the point of worrying about that ending “r.” I actually think you may be correct about that “making the same mistake twice over…” so perhaps I shall work to change the r, even though it feels unnatural to me. I’m 41 and don’t have time to waste!

          • Jodi, there is no need to change ‘R’. Not all letters need to be changed.

          • Jodi

            PS I am happy to remove the dot after the M, I am not informed as to the reason however?

    • sure…the last letter of the signature SHOULD NOT TURN DOWN…it should go curvy and a little up…LIKE A HEALTHY DOG’S HAPPY TAIL! this creates GENEROUSITY…a positive trait.so incorporate it anyway you like.

  • rohit padte

    hi my name is rohit padte, age 30, I am in a profession of hospitality, I am A chef, just let me know if my signature suits me

    • You are a very sensitive person, Rohit. And you want to be considered different all the time.

      Some changes are required in your signature. But I won’t recommend any without seeing your handwriting first.

      All the best!

  • shyamaneja

    Thanks for your giving the tips for type of letters for prospectus of indiviuals.

  • Aditya Sharma

    Hi, Sir.. My name is Aditya Sharma, i am an engineer+MBA n working for an automation company.Can You Please analyze my signature and let me know whether it needs to be changed or not coz i have been thinking of changing my signature since long now and your guidance would be of great help for me.

    • Your lack of confidence won’t let you grow, Aditya. You underestimate yourself a lot. You need to urgently deal with this issue.

      I can’t discuss things in much detail here, but you may start by enlarging the size of your signature. Just make it double. And remove all three dots.

      All the best.

  • Isha

    Hello Sir
    Is it advisable to have a signature in which the name is not clearly readable or it does not matter whether one can read the full name from the signature or not?

  • Hello Tapnesh,

    You do not like it at all if any suggestions that are contrary to your views are brought forward by anyone.

    As Donald Baxter has said your signature needs a complete overhaul.

  • shaguna

    hello sir my name is shaguna mishra. will u plz tell me about my signature

  • Shaguna

    sir, my name is shaguna mishra . will u please tell about my signatur. sorry i was nt able to upload my sig. pic yestrday…

  • Bonshe

    hello sir, i am bonshe mishra dis is my sig plz tell sumthng about it

    (Note: i dnt make these smileys with it! )

  • Minal Jadhav

    hi sir!
    I am Minal Jadhav. Can you pls analyse my signature for me? also can you suggest changes if any as i want to change my signature.
    Thank You

  • veena

    sir i had doubt regarding to my singnature i use doulbe lines and double round is it good are bad

    • Double underlines should be avoided. I did not understand what you meant by ‘double rounds’

    • veena

      this is my signature it is good are bad

      • This needs to be changed, Veena. Remove one line and replace the circles at the bottom with two dots.

        All the best!

      • For more suggestions and elaborate analysis, please send an email to info@writechoice.co.in

      • haritha

        sir,is dis sign gud or bad??? can u analyse me by seeing dis???

  • Devendra Barala

    Hi Sir,

    I am Devendra Barala, pursuing graduation in Geography Honors.
    I read all blogs placed in this sites, learnt a lot.
    Please analyse my signature.

  • Rohith Reddy

    Hi Sir,

    I am Rohith Reddy pursuing graduation in civil engineering.Please suggest me a signature.


  • Anandhi

    hi sir,
    I am Anandhi, pursuing graduate. please suggest me a signature

  • atul vaishnav


  • Nimesh


  • Nimesh


  • rahul walanj

    sir i have my two sign but i want to choose one what should i do

  • Guest

    Hey Vishwas,
    I would really appreciate if you can analyse my handwriting. I have changed some strokes in my hadwriting over a month and don’t know why but it changed my whole handwriting.

  • Ananya

    great post!
    Some body told told me these 3 points long back !and I still follow these!and it works!

    • That’s great to hear, Ananya. Why don’t you share with us the changes you felt after effecting the three elements.

  • neelam ashok kumar

    Hi sir
    I am ashok kumar, plz sir suggest me for signature

  • vinod.a.s

    plzz suggest me a lucky sign
    my name is Vinod.A.S

  • prashant pundkar

    please suggest that is my signature is right or need to improve in it.

  • Satish vishwakrma

    Hi sir
    I am Satish vishwakarma, plz sir suggest me for signature

  • Madhushri

    Hello Sir, I’m madhushree pursuing my graduation in bcom and also working in a company as a trainee.. ive attached my signature request you to pls analyse and give your feedback.. tks

  • Ujjwal Shekhar

    Hello Sir I’m Ujjwal Shekhar, age 11 years . Can you please analyze my sign (which I feel is one of a kind ) . Suggest me any changes for it .


  • Rohit Dhiman

    Hello Sir,

    I am Rohit, some of my friends say that I should work on my signature to give a better impression on others, so here i am uploading my signature, could you please analyse it and suggest me some changes.

    Thank You

  • Alana

    My handwriting is so naturally tiny that my signature HAS to be way larger, otherwise who could read it? I spend a lot of time handwriting, rather than typing on keyboards. I like writing things out. I rarely sign things, and even more rarely sign the same pages that Ive written. When I do, however, Id say the name is around 3 to4 times larger than the rest. I also have had trouble trying to make my name look fancier or nicer, because the letters keep repeating over again- 3 As in first name- 3 Cs in last name. Start with an A is hard to make look right also, unlike an L which can be fancier or an M with lots of variance.

  • atul Mali

    please suggest sign for name — Atul Mali

  • Jitendraj Jitu

    This is my signature.is it alright ?

  • Jitendraj Jitu

    any suggestion ?

  • mohd rafiq

    hello sir / I am Mohd Rafiq khan
    i say my your signature is not good . i can do request to you . can you please analyze about my signature some different .

  • Prem Arockiaswamy X

    Hello Sir,
    My Name is Prem Arockiaswamy. X
    As I am new to this discussion I have some doubt and even am an very straight forward and hard worker, I didn’t even get any appreciation and promotion in my current company, and I want to change my signature. Tell me your suggestion.

    Here I have attached my signature for your reference.

  • RdWd

    There are no rules to signature writing. This post is just speculative thinking.