Handwriting slant reveals why some people show no emotion

Getting misunderstood is as common as receiving unsolicited marketing calls. All of us are misunderstood once in a while. But there are certain types of people who get misinterpreted more often than not — interestingly, because of their silence.

Handwriting analysis says people who often get misunderstood are usually the left-slant writers. They hold back their emotions and react too little or too late unless provoked or pushed to the corner. They are emotionally suppressed. And, by the time they decide to express themselves, the damage is already done.

Sad woman

Left slant in handwriting is not very common. Hence, it needs to be understood why some people’s handwriting tilts to the left, which shows that they are emotionally withdrawn.

Left slanted handwriting

Usually, the seeds of such personality traits, such as the tendency to remain emotionally distant, are sown in the childhood. Graphology says the left slant handwriting indicates that the child’s parents (or parent) were strict with him. The child developed a cold attitude because every time he expressed before his parents, they snapped at him. The child then became afraid of expressing in order to avoid the pain he experienced. This is the attitude he carries forward into the future.

Parental abuse

In other words, left-slant writers are generally insecure and lack spontaneity in their reactions to various situations. Such people in general grow up to become difficult to approach. People who write this way tend to be choosy in selecting friends and have limited friends. But they just love it when they find someone who “understands” them without them having to express in so many words.

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If you have a spouse who writes like this, he/she may love you, but may not say so or express in the “standard” ways. The antidote to this is being extremely patient and to encourage such writers to come out of the shell.

If you see this kind of writing, remember that you may be required to become more patient if you wish to be anywhere close to the writer.

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