Did Your Parents Love You as a Child? Your Handwriting can Reveal

Did Your Parents Love You as a Child? Your Handwriting can Reveal 1

Childhood and handwriting

Every life has its own unique history, which shapes the personality of an individual, defines how the person is today and how she was yesterday.

Interestingly, the history also profoundly influences the choices the individual is likely to make tomorrow.

Handwriting analysis and signature analysis not only recognise this journey and can decode some of the bumps, challenges and triumphs borne along the way, but also fundamentally validate a person’s life journey.

For example, something as obvious as the slant of the handwriting can tell a lot about the writer’s past. There are many more. Let’s find out:

What left slant of handwriting indicates

A left slant writer reveals the unresolved childhood experiences. Emotional insecurity, relationship disappointments and feelings of emotional wariness with regards to intimacy which has had a strong hold on this person’s life journey. (Read more about left slant)

Childhood and handwriting

The quality of your childhood is reflected in your handwriting.

What extreme right slant of handwriting reveals

An extreme right slant writer discloses the dramatically induced individual. Irrationality, anxiety and creativity reign within this individual.

Feelings of being misunderstood and not fitting in are the hallmarks of this person’s life passage. (Read more about right slant)

Did Your Parents Love You as a Child? Your Handwriting can Reveal 2

What variable slant of handwriting reveals

A variable slant unveils the person whose parents were at loggerheads over the way to discipline their child.

Inevitably, the child learned early to play one parent off against the other, resulting in a lack of discipline.

Unpredictability, sensitivity to their environment, lack of inner self-discipline is this person’s life rhythm.

Did Your Parents Love You as a Child? Your Handwriting can Reveal 3

Rounded handwriting with middle-zone emphasis

Very rounded handwriting and concentrated in the middle zone, exposes a writer who has a strong need for love, nurturing and attention and is their driving inner voice.

Did Your Parents Love You as a Child? Your Handwriting can Reveal 4

What strictly straight baseline indicates

The individual, who uses a ruler as a guide for a baseline on unlined paper, is not only inflexible and disciplined but also thrives on a strict set of guidelines and routines.

This person is unable to ask for help even when needed because he  learned early in life that he can only rely on himself.

Strictly straight baseline in handwriting

Strictly straight baseline in handwriting

What wide word spacing or line spacing indicates

Wide spacing between baselines and wide word-spacing (as seen in Charles Darwin’s handwriting below) whispers the inner loneliness of this writer. The deliberate distance shows that the writer is reserved and egocentric, and a struggle to form lasting friendships is this person’s signature tune.

Charles Darwin handwriting

Wide word spacing shows getting close to someone is challenging task for you.

So, now you know how you should react when next time your next door neighbour appears aloof and reserved; your demanding co-worker yet again shows his  uncooperative nature; and your spouse displays his/her stubborn streak.

Did Your Parents Love You as a Child? Your Handwriting can Reveal 5

With  graphology, you can try and be non-judgmental about people around you because handwriting analysis will reveal to you why that particular friend prattles on incessantly about his woes or achievements; why your parent talks about the same old things of yesteryear; or why someone you know keeps thinking about his past all the time.

Handwriting analysis will help you validate other people’s lives and actions. And if you can successfully validate others’ lives, be sure one day you can validate your own as well.

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.