3 Things a Sales Guy Should Never Have in His Handwriting

Sales career handwriting analysis

Someone with a sales career should not have certain things in his handwriting

People who work for the sales department of a company usually get paid well if they are good at their job. Plus, working as a salesperson also offers a chance to earn uncapped commission.

Therefore, many people want to get a job in sales. It’s lucrative, no doubt. Apart from that, the scope to grow in the company is immense.

But the bad news is that not everyone is cut out for a job in sales. One is required to have certain personality traits to excel in the field of sales. Without them, a career in sales is likely to fizzle out.

I give below three qualities. If you have any of them, it’s better for you to choose another career path; or contact Write Choice to learn the handwriting strokes that are best suited for a sales person.

#1. Fear of rejection – Common to Sales career

Before you think about going into sales, you must ask yourself: “How well do I take rejections?” Do you take long to recover when someone says no to you? If yes, then sales is not the job for you.

As a salesperson, you will be required to quickly overcome a rejection; you will have to forget that someone just said ‘no’ to you.

In fact, a sales guy needs to be absolutely carefree about any possibility of a rejection coming his way.

If you find a simple ‘no’ embarrassing or mortifying, you will face mental roadblocks in finding new clients.

The bottom line: if you cannot handle rejections or go to great lengths to avoid them, sales is not suitable you.

In handwriting analysis, a person’s fear of rejection is seen in the size of loop in the stems of letters ‘d’ and ‘t’. The wider the loop, the bigger the fear of rejection.

d and t loops - sales career warnings

Sensitivity is a restricting personality trait for sales career.

#2. You procrastinate a lot – Detrimental to a Sales Career

Well, if you have this particular trait, just about any job is not good for you unless you are taking part in ‘The Biggest Procrastinator’ contest.

Most salespersons are self-starters, and they need to take initiatives. Salespeople must tell themselves continuously: “If that work can be done today, let’s not put it off till tomorrow.”

3 Things a Sales Guy Should Never Have in His Handwriting 1

If, for example, a salesperson keeps postponing meetings, it would be difficult for him to build healthy relationships with his clients. And that would lead to delay in deal closures. See that?

You may not realize but by delaying, you might be giving your competitors a chance to succeed and steal your opportunities. Doesn’t sound great, does it?

In graphology, a person’s tendency to procrastinate is seen primarily in the way he places his t-bar. If the t-bar ends without touching or cutting the t-stem, you are a super-duper procrastinator.

t horizontal bar - sales career warnings

For sales career, procrastination could be detrimental.

#3. You’re pessimistic – Detrimental to Sales Career

As a sales person, one is required to exude great confidence and positive attitude, especially when meeting a client. Without optimism, success in the field of sales won’t be possible.

If you are a pessimist, you will tend to lose the battle even before it starts, and the possibility of failure will hit you like a ton of bricks.

3 Things a Sales Guy Should Never Have in His Handwriting 2

In short, if you are the guy who looks at the glass as half empty, sales is definitely not the right job for you.

In handwriting analysis, a person’s optimism or the lack of it is seen in the way he forms the baseline while writing on a sheet of plain paper.

If the baseline goes downhill, we have a pessimist who anticipates undesirable outcomes or believes that the evil or hardships in life outweigh the good or luxuries.

See an example below:

baseline showing pessimism - sales career warnings

A pessimistic person is unlikely to do well in sales career.

Final words

Should you find some of these personality traits in yourself, it’s time to take note of the problem. But don’t lose heart. You can still dream about having a sales career.

With some understanding of yourself, you should be in a better position to stop yourself from acting or behaving in an erratic manner.

Instead of worrying about the personality issues, you should work on them. Even if you can’t, there is no problem. There are plenty of other jobs in the market!

With a slight help from us, you can discover which job would be perfect for your personality.

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.