Do Women’s Wide Hips Show Super Sex Drive? Revealing the Link to Handwriting

High sex drive because of wide hips?

Study says women with wide hips, also referred to as ‘child-bearing hips’, are likely to have more sexual partners.

Women with wide hips have a high sex drive and they are more likely to have a one-night stand.

I am not saying that. A study by Leeds University earlier this year has come to the conclusion. The findings, which singularly picked out women’s sexual behaviour in general, kicked off a lot of storm.

Some called it sexist, many just chuckled, while several others shook their heads with a smile, thinking the researchers really didn’t have any ‘meaningful’ job to do.

And then there were people who simply got confused by the report and wondered what the hell was going on.

In simpler terms, the report established that women with wide hips, also referred to as ‘child-bearing hips’, have more sexual partners because they are less anxious about getting pregnant. (Really?)

The controversial study conveniently left men out of its ambit for reasons best known to the researchers, who defined women’s wide hips as those wider than 14.2 inches (36 cm) and small hips as those under 12.2 inches (31 cm wide).

Kim Kardashian hips

Kim Kardashian, one of the most well-known celebrities with attractively wide hips.

Study on high sex drive

Dr Colin A Hendrie, who was the lead author of the study, said:

“Women’s hip width has a direct impact on their risk of potentially fatal childbirth-related injury. It seems that when women have control over their own sexual activity this risk is reflected in their behaviour.

“We found that women with smaller hips tended to have, throughout their entire sexual histories, just a couple of sexual partners.

“They really only had sex with people in the context of relationships, demonstrating a more cautious sexual strategy. If they got pregnant there would be someone in their life to help them.

“Women with large hips also had a couple of relationships over that same time frame but also had a lot more one-night stands. These young women would be having seven or eight one-night stands over the entire time.”

Do Women's Wide Hips Show Super Sex Drive? Revealing the Link to Handwriting 1

True or not, the study is definitely interesting. What I like most about the study is when Dr Hendrie says:

This study is not reflecting what men find attractive; it is about women being in charge of their own destinies, where they can control their own sexual behaviour.” By the way, many see this statement as a way to salvage an otherwise ‘sexist research’.

The bottom line (forgive the pun) is: Hips may or may not lie. Sadly, neither am I a hip police nor am I familiar with their language. What I do know is that your handwriting does speak the truth.

According to graphology, the science of handwriting analysis, a person’s handwriting can reveal his or her sexual behaviour. The clues lie in the lower zone letters of handwriting.

It’s time now to answer the question I asked in the headline: Is there a link between women’s wide hips and the lower zone letters of handwriting?

My reply is: Probably. You can read a previous article on handwriting analysis and sexual behaviour and many others on Sex and Handwriting.

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.