Handwriting Left Slant Reveals Why Some People Show No Emotions

sad woman, left slanted handwriting

According to handwriting analysis, people with left-slanted handwriting are emotionally withdrawn.

Left-slanted handwriting

“Aisha is so gorgeous and smart! I like her style, and the way she presents herself. I definitely want to be friends with her. But I get put off by her arrogance!” Ria said to her colleague, Hina. Aisha was the newest member in the corporate-finance team of the bank they worked for.

“Why arrogant? Did she say something to you?” Hina asked Ria.

“It’s been three weeks since she joined our department, but there’s very little interaction with the team. She barely talks to anyone. It feels like she thinks everyone in this office is beneath her.”

“She’s new. Doesn’t know many people here. Maybe that’s the reason…”

“Yeah, maybe. But even when we sit across each other in the cafeteria, she doesn’t talk much. I try engaging her in conversations, but she doesn’t seem interested in anyone on the table. She doesn’t so much as smile at any of them. She’s too haughty.”

“Then you should stop trying.”

“Yes, I think so. I’m not breaking my head over her anymore. I give up.”

Ria is a happy-go-lucky person. In her five years with the bank, she has turned many colleagues into close friends and she invariably helps out new joinees know their way around. That is why when Aisha joined the bank, Ria reached out to her in order to help her settle down at the new workplace.

After a few more attempts, Ria gave up on Aisha. Though her intentions were noble, Ria never found out why Aisha didn’t get close to her. She just assumed Aisha is an arrogant person stonewalling her friendly outreach.

While it’s possible Ria was completely right about her conclusions, it’s also likely that she misunderstood Aisha. Like any of us who are misunderstood once in a while primarily because of communication gaps or expectation mismatches.

But there are certain types of people who get misinterpreted more often than not — ironically, because of their silence. The ones that don’t speak much. The ones that don’t react much. Just like Aisha.

In handwriting analysis, some of the people who get misunderstood the most have left-slanted handwriting.

What does left-slanted handwriting say?

Left-slanted handwriting

People with left-slanted handwriting tend to hold back their emotions, bottle up their feelings, and react too little or too late unless provoked or pushed to the corner.

They stifle their emotions and postpone their reactions, increasing the chances of being misinterpreted or misunderstood.

On left-slanted handwriting, Graphologist Sheila Lowe says:

The extremely left-slanted writer is exhausted by the conscious need to repress his reactions, and his lack of energy may lead others to wrong conclude that he is passive and lazy.”

Left slant in handwriting is not very common. Hence, it needs to be understood why some people’s handwriting tilts to the left.

Left-slanted handwriting and parents’ role

Graphology says the left-slanted handwriting points to the possibility that the child’s parents (or at least one of the parents) were strict with him, and they did not encourage him to express his feelings.

Children of such parents stop feeling the need to express themselves easily and get emotionally detached from people around them. This is the attitude they carry forward into the future, though they may not always be aware of it.

However, you need to keep in mind that a left-slant writer is as emotional as any other person we know, but she chooses to keep her responses to herself.

In several cases, a left-slant writer shows an immature attachment to the ideals and values of his mother figure, who has usually played the dominant role in shaping his social personality. That is also because the father figure has played a weak or negative role in his life.

left slanted handwriting

It has been found in in several cases that people with left-slanted handwriting had a traumatic childhood.

I have also found in many cases that such writers also resist accepting any kind of change or progress. Such people in general grow up to become difficult individuals to approach, and they are choosy about their friends.

The question to ask here is: Was Aisha one such person? Maybe.

Traumatic childhood experiences

Handwriting Left Slant Reveals Why Some People Show No Emotions 1

Mohan Bose, an acclaimed handwriting analyst from Calcutta, says that in some cases, the left-slanted handwriting is also a result of some traumatic childhood experiences, resulting in their emotional withdrawal.

An article on regain.us corroborates Bose’s point of view:

Some people withdraw [emotionally] as a result of childhood issues left untreated. If a child was not able to cope with her trauma properly, she might be emotionally withdrawn in her adulthood. This is also common for anyone raised in an environment where the adults responsible for them were unable to form bonds. If a child’s guardian was emotionally withdrawn, this could lead to her emotional withdrawal in adulthood.”

You must keep in mind that if you have a spouse who writes with a left slant, he/she may love you, but may not say so or express in “standard” ways.

If you see this kind of writing, remember that life for such a writer hasn’t been particular easy. Therefore, you may be required to be patient if you wish to be anywhere close to such a writer. If you cannot, be ready to move on.

Facade to cover up withdrawal

Handwriting Left Slant Reveals Why Some People Show No Emotions 2

The public self-image of people with left-slanted handwriting is often very refined and polished

It has also been observed by handwriting analysts that the public self-image of people with left-slanted handwriting is often very refined and polished.

Emotionally, they are past-oriented and cold, yet may still seem quite gregarious and sociable in some cases. But it is just a carefully constructed facade to compensate for inner withdrawal, and hide the fact that they are mostly driven by self-interest.

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Left-slanted signature

Left-slanted signature

Left-slanted signature

According to signature analysis, when left-slanted handwriting co-exists with a signature tilting to the left, we have a person who likes to keep his emotions unexpressed at home as well as outside.

However, if the left-slanted handwriting has a right-leaning signature, it means that the writer is inexpressive at home, but he pretends to be an outgoing person when outside.

Let’s assume another scenario: right-slanted handwriting along with a signature leaning to the left. This shows the writer is expressive at home, but when outside, he does not feel the need to express himself. He remains withdrawn except when he is among people he knows very well.

If you want to learn more about various slants in handwriting, take our online handwriting analysis course.

Which way should handwriting slant?

A lot many people ask me which way should handwriting slant.

As a graphologist, it would be unfair to say one slant is better than the other. Each handwriting slant is naturally formed by a writer without physical interventions.

None of us have been taught to write in a particular slant. Depending on how our personality is, the handwriting slant develops on its own. That is why there is no right answer to which way should handwriting slant.

Should you change your handwriting slant if you don’t like it?

I have never advised it to anyone whose handwriting sample I have analysed, even when it shows an extreme emotional withdrawal (far left slant) or lack of emotional control (extreme right slant).

If you change your handwriting slant, you should be ready to experience some unmanageable changes that could spin out of even your control.

If you ask me, you should not change your handwriting slant except under expert supervision.

Left-slanted handwriting: Conclusion

Remember that people whose handwriting tilts to the left are not emotionally withdrawn by choice. They behave in a certain way because it makes them feel comfortable and secure. It’s part of their defence mechanism and survival strategy.

The lack of communication, affection, and attention early in their lives has convinced them that expressing emotions is a futile exercise. Believe me, it’s not deliberate; sometimes they don’t even know how to express themselves.

So, their dogged indifference may frustrate the hell out of you. If you value your relationship with such a writer, you need an endless supply of patience to win their trust. Without that, the relationship with such a person has no future.

If you are the one who is emotionally withdrawn and you have a left-slanted handwriting, you need to understand the effects your emotional state has on your relationships.

You are inadvertently creating an emotionally abusive environment by withholding attention and affection for the person who loves you. Unintentionally, you are awakening feelings of inadequacy in your partner who, in reality, has no reason to feel that way.

Share with us how you deal with someone who has left-slanted handwriting.

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.