9 Simple Steps to Create a Lucky Signature for Your Name

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Find out what is the lucky signature for your name

‘How do I create a lucky signature for my name?’

A gentleman from Singapore once emailed me his signature sample with the following message:

“I am not happy with my current signature. I need your help to change it. What’s the lucky signature for my name? Could you please give me some lucky signature samples to choose from? How to know which signature suits my name?”

I analysed his signature and discovered that it was flawed at many levels.

In fact, his signature had 7 elements mentioned in one of our most-read articles on what types of signatures you must avoid.

It was not difficult to understand why the 32-year-old was feeling low on luck, and looking for some “lucky signature samples” for his name, so that he could pick one of them and change the direction of his life.

People believe that a good signature can bring success and luck. And they are not wrong.

A good signature is important because it helps you leave a good impression on people around you, and fills you with a healthy amount of confidence.

What is a lucky signature?

good luck

‘How do I get a lucky signature for my name?’

In my view, luck is an efficient accessory to success, but it cannot replace action. Rather, they work together, in tandem. In other words, they are not mutually exclusive.

Someone has rightly said:

Luck is great, but most of life is hard work.”

It means changing the signature does not mean you won’t have to work hard.

Therefore, in this post, I will tell you how to create a lucky signature, which will not only look attractive, but also boost your confidence level and bring you success.

Best way to get a lucky signature

To be honest, those who came to this page searching for ‘lucky signature for my name‘ or ‘which signature suits my name‘ should consult a trained handwriting analyst. Pay a small fee and get your signature cleaned up. That way you won’t be making any errors in your new signature.

Remember, if you make mistakes in your new signature, you won’t get the desired results of a signature change. A signature expert will help you clean up your signature.

However, if you don’t know a graphologist, but still want to modify your signature, here are a few things you need to keep in mind while changing your signature.

Why go for signature change

9 Simple Steps to Create a Lucky Signature for Your Name 1

Lucky signature samples: If you came to this page searching for ‘lucky signature for my name’ should ideally consult a trained signature analyst.

According to signature analysis, there are many good reasons why it’s important to have a good signature. Let’s look at a couple of examples:

Scenario 1: You are a knowledgeable and intelligent person. But you get scared and nervous when you go for job interviews.

The result: you do not leave a good impression on the people interviewing you. Sometimes, you can’t express yourself well despite knowing all the correct answers.

Scenario 2: You go to parties and as soon as you enter the room, you start feeling that everyone in the room is much better than you are.

As a result, you just find a quiet corner in the room and do not talk to anyone. And while the party lasts and everyone is enjoying themselves, you are just thinking about why you are not able to have fun.

Changing the signature will help with deal with these inhibitions and unknown fears.

9 steps to create a lucky signature

Here are the 9 steps you should keep in mind while creating lucky signature samples for your name. Pay attention to them.

#1. Make your signature identifiable

Lucky signature for my name

Lucky signature for my name — Clarity is a Must

You should start with this step. Make sure that your signature announces to others what your full name is. Clarity in signature indicates that you like to communicate clearly.

Also, it shows you are a confident person who is in control of himself. You come across as a direct and straightforward person.

#2. Signature size

Lucky signature for my name

Lucky signature for my name — Correct size is important

Yes, your signature should be large. But you may ask how large. That’s a difficult one to tell for an untrained pair of eyes.

A handwriting analyst can tell you quickly whether signature is big or small. But till you meet a handwriting analyst, keep in mind that your signature should be slightly bigger than the overall size of your regular handwriting.

#3. Avoid unnecessary strokes in signature

Lucky signature for my name

Lucky signature for my name — Avoid all kinds of unnecessary strokes

In your pursuit of a perfect signature, you should always resist the temptation to introduce unnecessary strokes/letters. They may look fancy to you, but they may not be good for you.

According to handwriting analysis, unnecessary embellishments could be a sign of vulgarity. However, that does not mean you cannot add some flair in your signature. In short, use your judgement.

Some websites may advise you to encircle the signature with loops, or to enlarge the bottoms of your letters to “spruce up” your signature. Please ignore them; they have no clue what they are suggesting.

According to graphology, you should always prefer elegance to embellishments.

#4. Do not leave out letters

Lucky signature for my name

Lucky signature for my name — Remember to write all letters

If you want to create the perfect signature for your name, keep in mind that you should not leave out any letters of your name. Some people think it is cool to scribble. Don’t.

Illegibility in signature, as we have discussed in another post, shows the writer’s evasive and escapist nature.

According to some handwriting analysts, leaving out letters in the signature also indicates that the writer should be trusted only after thorough background check.

#5. Getting the size right

Your signature should not be small, cramped, and stuck in one corner of a page. At the same time, it should not be very big. Somewhere in the middle should be the right way to go about it.

Too large
lucky signature samples - Priyanka Chopra signature

Lucky signature samples — Priyanka Chopra signature

The size of the signature tells us a lot about how people see themselves in the self-importance stakes and their standing in the scheme of things.

In fact, a study of people who have risen to become celebrities in their particular field has shown that the average height of their signature increases with time, and is more often 50% greater than non-celebrities. Take a look at Priyanka Chopra’s signature.

Too small

This person is often not likely to have a high opinion of themselves. A person with a small signature tends to avoid the limelight, doubting his abilities and generally lacking in confidence. He is unlikely to actively seek acclaim and attention.

#6. No print or scrawl

lucky signature samples - Steve Jobs signature

Lucky signature samples —Steve Jobs signature

You should not write your signature in all caps handwriting or print (disconnected letters). That conveys that the writer is socially awkward and cannot communicate with others effectively.

Take a look at the signature of Steve Jobs. His signature is absolutely legible and is not written in all caps. Write your signature in cursive. And do not scrawl. Make it legible.

#7. Underline the signature

lucky signature samples - Amitabh Bachchan Signature

Lucky signature for my name — Keep an underline

If you underline your signature, you are expressing self-confidence and an ability to cope with daily challenges.

You are willing to take chances in life and when you make a mistake, you are more likely to take the responsibility for any oversights, rather than blaming other people.

That’s a good quality, wouldn’t you say? Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan’s signature has an underline. Read more about Should You Underline Your Signature?

#8. Don’t enclose in a circle

If your signature is enclosed in a circle, it means you’ve built an invisible, often unnecessary but permanent, wall of secrecy and protection.

In challenging situations, such writers are quick to withdraw into a shell instead of facing them bravely.

#9. No full stops

9 Simple Steps to Create a Lucky Signature for Your Name 2

Lucky signature for my name — Avoid dots at wrong places

Being open to ideas is important in a good work environment.

By putting a full stop at the end of the signature, you give the message that only your views are paramount and there should no more discussion on a subject if other people’s views do not match with yours.

This attitude will alienate you, not bring about any kind of luck.

Lucky signature samples: Conclusion

9 Simple Steps to Create a Lucky Signature for Your Name 3

Luck is an efficient accessory to success, but it cannot replace action.

Creating a perfect signature for your name is not all that difficult. All you need to do is follow the points listed above.

However, remember that before making major changes in your signature, you should always consult a trained handwriting analyst.

Or, you may write to us for help. We will help you create a lucky signature for your name.

Else, you follow the steps given above and tell us how easy it was for you to create a lucky signature, and what modifications you made in your signature after reading the recommendations given above.

Leave your feedback in the comment box below along with a picture of your new signature. We will review it for you.

Or, get in touch with us to get a perfect signature for yourself.

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.