Signature Meaning: What Does It Mean if You Signature has Two Underscores

Signature Meaning: What Does It Mean if You Signature has Two Underscores 1

Signature meaning: says signature is a person’s name written in a distinctive way as a form of identification in authorising a cheque or document or concluding a letter. A signature is usually written in the same way to show that something has been written or agreed upon by you.

For the past many years, we have been telling you about handwriting analysis in general and signature analysis in particular. We also know some of you use graphology to impress your family members, friends and colleagues. Well, good luck to you! We hope you are doing it accurately.

Today, we will add one more piece to your knowledge of signature meaning.

In our various articles in the past, we have talked about various types of signatures. In this one, we will discuss the meaning of two underlines in a signature.

If someone uses double underscores in his signature, it suggests two things:

Self Worth

It indicates that the writer may feel his public self-worth is inadequate. He may doubt his importance in relation to others around him. He is haunted by feelings of imperfections and incompleteness. On the other hand, a single underline indicates a healthy self-confidence and reaffirmation of the self. It indicates that person has a healthy ego and confidence.

Signature Meaning: What Does It Mean if You Signature has Two Underscores 2

Authoritative Figure

According to graphology, if someone uses two instead of one underline, it also means that the writer wants to force his will on others. He gets pushy with his ideas, because he feels he is unimportant if his views do not carry weight. In fact, the aggressive ambition of such people is indicative of their low self-esteem. (See the first point.)

Signature meaning of illegible script

The signature sample given above is illegible. A person who guards his inner feelings in public always maintains a certain degree of illegibility in signature, says graphology. Illegible signature also reflects the writer’s inclination to remain mysterious, impenetrable and enigmatic in his public life.

If you know someone who has two underscores in his signature, you may advise him or her to do away with one.

Final Words

Does it mean that everyone can underline their signatures? A simple answer is no. Underline is not suitable for everyone. Some signatures need it, some do not. And that can be determined only after analysing the signature.

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Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.