How Sexually Active are You? Find Out from Your Handwriting

Sex drive and handwriting

How sexually active are you? Your handwriting can reveal.

As a handwriting analyst, I keep getting questions like these:

  • “Can graphology tell us about the sex drive of a person?”
  • “Can handwriting analysis also indicate how my partner will perform?”
  • “Can handwriting show how sexually active or imaginative my partner is?”

The answer is yes.

In fact, my Calcutta-based graphology teacher, Mr Mohan Bose says: “Handwriting can not only reveal how sexually active you are, but also indicate how many partner you desire in your life.”

So, let’s hit the floor now (forgive the pun), and explore more.

So, how sexually active are you?

According to handwriting analysis, the clues to an individual’s sex life lie in the loops of the lower zone of his handwriting (y, g & j).

These three letters indicate how much sex an individual needs, how sexually active he is, and how often he wants his physical desires met.

The lower-zone letters also reflect the degree of a writer’s sexual frustration—an upshot of the gap between the individual’s needs and their fulfillment.

Let’s look at 7 types of lower-zone strokes in handwriting to know how sexually active the writer is.

1. Long lower loops

A strong sex drive is shown by long and moderately wide lower loops that penetrate into the lower zone with moderate to high pen pressure.

How Sexually Active are You? Find Out from Your Handwriting 1

Long and moderately wide lower loops in handwriting show a sexually active person.

The physical drives of such a writer are strong and the person is sexually active and extremely imaginative. The width of the loop indicates the quantum of emotional involvement in sex.

Moderately wide lower loops show the writer has a healthy interest in sex, and most likely he has good reserves of energy and stamina as well. He is receptive to the possibilities of varied sexual experiences.

According to graphology, such a writer also gets bored easily with his sexual partner because he needs a great deal of variety in life. He enjoys all types physical activities and is lover of comfort.

Long loops: Summary
  • Sexually active and extremely imaginative
  • Shows healthy interest in sex
  • Open to varied sexual experiences

2. Truncated lower loops

If the lower-zone letters are small or truncated, and they lack pressure (as seen in the example below), you have an individual who does not involve herself in too much physical activities, including sex.

How Sexually Active are You? Find Out from Your Handwriting 2

Truncated lower zone shops the writer is not much sexually active.

Such people dislike physical exertion and show disinterest in sex because the act needs a great deal of involvement at the physical level.

If you put together these two types of people—one with long lower loops and the other with truncated lower-zone letters—in a sexual relationship, there will be drought and famine in the bedroom, and they will unquestionably win the award for being the occupants of the neatest and crispiest couch on the planet.

Seriously speaking, the relationship will engender feelings of frustration in the partner who is more sexually active and demanding.

Truncated loops: Summary
  • Dislikes physical exertion
  • Shows disinterest in sex
  • Sexually dissatisfied

3. Incomplete lower zone

A fellow graphologist once told me that his friend, who was known to have a healthy sex drive, married a girl chosen by his parents.

After a few months when the graphologist met his friend for a session of handwriting analysis, he saw some problems in the lower zone of his handwriting: the loops in his y’s and g’s were incomplete as seen in the example below.

Incomplete lower zone in handwriting

Incomplete lower zone in handwriting shows the writer is sexually active but his needs are unfulfilled.

Incomplete lower-zone letters indicated he was sexually dissatisfied.

He confided in the graphologist that his wife, an extremely caring and lovely person, was not able to fulfil his sexual needs. There was stark sexual incompatibility between them because she did not have strong sexual urges.

So, what’s the lesson here, my friend?

The lesson is that if your favourite pastime is watching TV with packets of wafers, and you do not believe in doing much physical activities, please don’t get involved with a woman with a strong sex drive.

Else, you’ll find yourself gasping all the time and spending half your salary on buying cans of Red Bull or energy supplements.

By the way, what do you think will happen if both the partners’ lower zones have long and moderately wide lower loops?

Simple. They will have fun.

Two people with healthy loops in their lower zone have a sexually active life.

Two people with healthy loops in their lower zone have a sexually active life.

Incidentally, when graphologists do a compatibility test between two individuals, the shapes and the sizes of the lower-zone letters of their handwriting are taken into account.

The other features of handwriting, which need to match for perfect compatibility, include slant, pressure and zones.

Incomplete loops: Summary
  • Shows sexual frustration
  • Lower stamina
  • Less sexual imagination

4. Moderate lower-zone loops

Between the two extremes—high and low libido—we have individuals whose sex drive is moderate and their physical energy is evenly allocated to other needs of life.

How Sexually Active are You? Find Out from Your Handwriting 3

Moderate size of lower-zone loops in handwriting

Such a writer’s lower-zone letters, as seen in y’s and g’s in the picture above, are controlled: they don’t go too deep and their loops look normal, as opposed to inflated or narrow.

This writer understands that sex is a desirable and enjoyable activity—one that affords an opportunity to give and receive pleasure and love.

This individual has so much control that she or he can stay without sex for weeks or have it thrice a day.

Such a writer, if combined with other positive strokes in handwriting, can prove to be an excellent partner. He is capable of building healthy sexual relations, and can achieve and give satisfaction to the partner.

Moderate loops: Summary
  • Healthy sex drive
  • Concerned about partner’s satisfaction
  • Enjoys physical activities

5. Bloated lower loops

Finally, we’ll talk about people who are all gas, but they frequently talk about their sexual exploits.

Inflated lower zone loops in handwriting

Bloated lower zone loops in handwriting

They are the people who brag about themselves. But when it’s time to perform, they lose their momentum. They like to be known as “I-have-been-there-done-that” guys. I call them “I-will-come-soon” guys.

The inflated loops in their handwriting reflect excessive imagination, which sometimes leaves them with no energy to perform.

By the way, they are the people who want more than one partner. They seek variety—often to the point of promiscuity.

multiple sexual partner

People who write with big lower loops have a strong sex drive, and they are open to relationships with multiple partners.

Such a writer is capable of getting involved with many people from different walks of life, jumping from one relationship or experience to another without fully exploring any of them.

If his current sexual partner is not stimulating enough, he has a tendency to lose interest quickly and hop on the next one in search for more adventure.

In many cases, this partner-hopping exercise is just to boost their self-esteem.

Bloated loops: Summary
  • Open to multiple sexual partners
  • Gets bored easily with partner
  • Excessive sexual imagination

6. Cradle-shaped lower zone

This stroke, often found in the handwriting of teenagers, points to a romantic but unrealistic attitude towards life, emotions and sex. It also points to their emotional immaturity and impressionable nature.

How Sexually Active are You? Find Out from Your Handwriting 4

Cradle-shaped letters in the lower zone point to sexual frustration.

As far as sexual life is concerned, these types of writers tend to be frustrated and unfulfilled. Dependent and insecure, the childlike aspect of their personality takes over many areas of their lives including sex.

Therefore in intimate relationships, their expectations become unreal and inhibited, often resulting in an incomplete and unfulfilled sex life.

It has been observed that such a writer is emotionally stuck in the past, and is unable to let go of some painful and unpleasant previous relationships.

That prevents the writer from forging a strong sexual bonding with the partner, drastically minimising the possibility of a definite commitment. Guess what! It ultimately ends in sexual dissatisfaction.

The bottom line: such writers, despite being sexually active, are frustrated.

Cradled lower zone: Summary
  • Affected by past relationships
  • Sexually dissatisfied
  • Sexually inhibited

7. Unlooped letters in lower zone

If a person writes lower-zone letters without any loops, it indicates that the writer is comfortable being alone, and he feels little or no need for close personal relationships with other people. He is a loner.

Unlooped lower zone letters

A sexually active person with unlooped lower zone letters is often more concerned with self-satisfaction.

The writer carries the same attitude even in his sexual relationships. Despite being sexually active, he is designed to be more concerned with self-satisfaction rather than giving comfort/pleasure to the partner.

He lacks sexual fulfillment probably because he avoids getting close to someone on a personal level.

As explained above, loops in the lower zone indicate the quantum of sexual imagination. Since there are no loops here, the writer goes about doing sexual activities pretty much in a mechanical way—without investing much at an emotional level.

Interestingly, such writers deploy their physical energy in activities that need unemotional hard work. For example, their profession or business. That’s where a writer like that does well.

For such writers, the level of fulfillment is low in sexual activities. But that need not necessarily make him frustrated, because emotionally he is not much involved there anyway.

Unlooped lower zone: Summary
  • Concerned with self-satisfaction
  • Avoids getting close to sexual partner
  • Not much emotional involvement in sex


But before you begin to believe you have become a super graphologist, let me warn you here: please DO NOT conclude about a person’s personal sexual life just on the basis of one indicator in handwriting.

An individual’s entire handwriting is taken into account before listing the traits and understanding how sexually active the writer is.

Therefore, the disclaimer is: the strokes I have discussed above are indicative, not absolute.

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.