Are You a Spiritual Person? Your Handwriting Can Reveal That

Your Handwriting Reveals How You Feel about God & Spirituality

Most spiritual people are like magnets; they attract people with their generosity, benign attitude, positive aura and kind words. There are various behavioural signs that suggest whether a person is spiritual.

For example, they never feel like a victim, they love their lives, they are stable, they are not on an emotional roller-coaster, they rarely judge others, and they are not scared of making mistakes.

According to graphology, a person’s handwriting can reveal whether he is spiritual or not. We list below three elements in handwriting, which can point to the presence of the writer’s spiritual side.


1) Tall upper zone with moderate loops

When you find that the upper-zone letters (l, t, d, b, f, h) of someone’s handwriting is tall, it indicates that the writer likes to devote more energy to the mental areas of his life, which include spirituality and philosophy. A moderately high upper zone shows that the writer seeks to probe deeper to understand the meaning of life and the forces that control it at various levels.

Handwriting with tall, loopy upper zone

Handwriting with tall, loopy upper zone

If the loops in the upper-zone letters are present in moderation, it indicates mental stability and well-being.

Please note that a very high upper zone with exaggerated loopiness could indicate the writer’s pretentiousness and confusion.

2) Fairly straight baseline

In handwriting analysis, the baseline is the imaginary line on which the letters rest.

Handwriting with fairly straight baseline

Handwriting with fairly straight baseline

A straight baseline indicates that the writer’s mind does not waver and he is likely to keep his moral standards high. This state of mental balance is required to be spiritual. If the baseline is strictly straight, it shows the writer keeps himself on a tight leash.

3) Moderate middle zone of handwriting

In graphology, the size of handwriting gives a broad sense of how the writer utilises time. If the middle zone is too big, the writer will get lost in plenty of distractions. He will devote a lot of time to his day-to-day life.

On the other hand, if the handwriting middle zone is too small, the writer’s scope of life becomes narrow and he is afraid of an unfamiliar environment. He gets busy with frivolous things and does not see the bigger picture.

Handwriting with big middle zone

Handwriting with big middle zone

The moderate middle-zone size, in conjunction with a healthy upper zone,  suggests that the writer is capable of cutting off from social areas and channelising his energy into the spiritual aspect of his life.

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Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.