What Straight Handwriting Slant Reveals about Your Personality

What Straight Handwriting Slant Reveals about Your Personality 1

Hector Elizondo and Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’

What straight handwriting means

I am sure you must have watched Pretty Woman, starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. Do you remember Barney? Yes, Barney Thompson, the cool-headed manager of the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

I find Barney (Hector Elizondo) utterly charming. Because he is sensible, responsible, calm, composed, quiet yet authoritative, unruffled and relaxed. He always handles situation with an ease on his face. Barney holds a powerful position but he never frets or gets angry or throws his weight around.

In fact, he is nice even to people who are not allowed in his hotel. By unwanted people I mean two hookers — Vivian (Julia Roberts) and her friend Kit (Laura San Giacomo).

There are two reasons I discussed Barney’s character in brief. First, he has acted in a very famous film and people who have watched the movie recollect him very well because of his his outstanding performance.

Secondly, I am going to tell you how you can easily spot such calm people just by looking at their handwriting.

In my experience, such people are great in relationships — both personal and professional. They are always guided by their reason and seldom act on impulses. Their heads call the shots all the time.

According to graphology, such a person usually writes with a upright slant (example below).

straight handwriting

A person with straight handwriting is level-headed and remains quite calm in an emergency.

Bart Baggett, the president of Handwriting University International, says,

This writer uses judgment to make decisions. He is ruled by his head, not his heart. Some may see him as cold or unemotional. He does have emotions but has no need to express them.”

A person with straight handwriting is withdrawn into himself and enjoys his time alone.The writer does not express emotions until they become extreme or build up over time, such as extreme anger, passion, or stress.

In his mind, he puts a mark on the wall when someone angers him. If those marks build up, and if he ever gets angry enough to blow up, he won’t be sorry about it later. He is ruled by self-interest and seems less compassionate. He is objective and given to evaluating facts before taking action. He is level-headed and remains quite calm in an emergency. In a situation where most people might get hysterical, he responds with a calm, poised attitude,” says Bart in the basic course provided by the Handwriting University.

Incidentally, such people are perfect for high-pressure jobs involving tight deadlines. In emergency, people with straight handwriting retain their sanity and refrain from going berserk.

What Straight Handwriting Slant Reveals about Your Personality 2

In emergency, people with straight handwriting retain their cool during emergencies.

Employers seeking candidates for high-pressure jobs ought to give priority to such writers if other aspects of their handwriting do not indicate that they are lazy.

The slant of handwriting is indeed a fundamental part of all analyses. According to handwriting analysis, If a person writes with a straight slant, the person will always be ruled by judgment unless his handwriting has strokes reflecting extreme resentment, anger or sensitivity. If there are negative strokes, such writers will be unable to keep their cool.

About straight handwriting, graphologist Lyn Brook writes in Your Personality in Handwriting:

When the writing is vertical the graphologist usually finds the person to have a sound balance between the heart and the head. As a rule the one who writes with vertical formations has a reserved manner and does not betray emotions on the surface. This person is disinclined to take chances and prefers to work out all ideas in a careful manner before coming to a definite decision. Generally the person who writes with vertical formations is consistent in mood and manner.

In other words, vertical or straight handwriting shows reserve, self-command, and a lack of spontaneity. This writer usually is a person with a highly critical nature, the mind rules the emotions.

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.