7 Hidden Things Handwritten Envelope Addresses Can Reveal About You

handwritten envelope addresses

Your handwritten envelope addresses can reveal a great deal about your personality. (Image source: Pexels.com)

We all love receiving handwritten letters. When the postman brings a letter with a handwritten address, we instinctively scrutinise the handwriting on the envelope primarily to guess the author. But my dear Sherlock, did you know that this scrutiny can also reveal a few things about the personality traits of the writer?

The placement of the handwritten address on the envelope offers clues about the writer’s character, in the same way the arrangement of handwritten text on a sheet of paper is interpreted in handwriting analysis.

Let’s find out more about handwritten envelope addresses.

1. Obtrusive Personality

A writer with an obtrusive personality has the following traits: he’s highly assertive, intrusive, and inconsiderate of other people’s boundaries or needs.

A handwritten address that covers the entire envelope points to an obtrusive personality. This person, if he also writes to no margins in his handwriting, may have little consideration for other people’s time and space, as indicated by their tendency to take up all available space without much regard for aesthetic or functional boundaries. The sprawling nature of the address on the envelope also points to a lack of restraint and a potential disregard for social norms.

2. Voluntary Isolation

7 Hidden Things Handwritten Envelope Addresses Can Reveal About You 1

Even though handwritten envelope addresses are rare today, use this article to learn about the person who writes to you next.

In contrast, a handwritten address placed bang in the middle of the envelope, with a lot of white space around it, indicates that the writer desires isolation from social circles. This choice of layout indicates that the writer is comfortable within his self-created boundaries, and likes to maintain a mental as well as physical distance from the external world.

3. Idealism

When the handwritten envelope address is placed near the top edge with letters strokes inclining upwards, it points to idealism. Such a writer has high aspirations and is often guided by lofty principles. In other words, the upward strokes symbolise a desire to reach towards higher goals and ideals.

7 Hidden Things Handwritten Envelope Addresses Can Reveal About You 2

Various locations of handwritten envelope addresses.

4. Materialism

A handwritten address placed low on the envelope, especially if accompanied by heavy pressure or long lower zone projections, is indicative of materialism. This suggests the writer is grounded in practical concerns and material pursuits. The heavy pressure and extended lower strokes emphasize a focus on tangible, physical aspects of life.

5. Prudent Reserve

If the address is situated in the left half of the envelope, it shows prudent reserve. This placement indicates the writer tends to maintain a respectful distance from others and exhibits cautious behavior in social interactions. The leftward orientation reflects a preference for stability and a measured approach to relationships.

6. Extroversion in handwritten envelope addresses

7 Hidden Things Handwritten Envelope Addresses Can Reveal About You 3

Handwritten envelope addresses can reveal personality traits like extroversion, idealism, and materialism based on their layout and placement, providing insights into the writer’s character.

Conversely, an address pushed towards the right side of the envelope signifies extroversion and a propensity for spontaneous communication. This layout reveals the writer’s inclination to engage openly and energetically with others. The rightward placement suggests a forward-looking, outgoing personality.

7. Flexibility and Adaptability

The ability to adjust the layout and size of one’s writing according to the available space on the envelope is a sign of flexibility and adaptability. Writers who can vary their handwriting to fit the constraints of the envelope demonstrate an adaptive mindset and a practical approach to challenges.

Final words

The analysis of handwritten envelope addresses offers a fascinating glimpse into the psyche of the writer. By observing the placement and layout of the address on an envelope, we can infer various personality traits, ranging from obtrusiveness and voluntary isolation to idealism, materialism, prudent reserve, extroversion, flexibility, and adaptability. Understanding these subtle cues can enhance our appreciation of the intricacies of human behavior as reflected in something as simple as a handwritten address.

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.