Can Handwriting Predict Oscar Glory? Decoding the 2024 Nominees’ Autographs

Oscars 2024

Oscars 2024

Signatures possess uniquely personal characteristics. They represent the image a person projects into the world. Since celebrity autographs are as ubiquitous as the Hollywood sign, we are in a perfect position to predict the upcoming outcomes of the 96th Academy Awards premiering on Sunday, March 10, 2024.

Let’s look at this year’s Best Actor and Best Actress Oscars nominees through the decoding lens of handwriting analysis.

Oscars 2024: Actor in a Leading Role

Can Handwriting Predict Oscar Glory? Decoding the 2024 Nominees' Autographs 1

Oscars 2024: Actors in the fray

According to the oddsmakers and prior awards shows, Oppenheimer will continue to dominate. Even with favored odds, Cillian Murphy is not overconfident (normal size lettering throughout.) He has the support of his family (proximity of the first letter of his last name) and is looking forward to conversing with people he’s admired and wanted to meet (“L” loops and the open “C” and “M” initials.)

Paul Giamatti’s signature says he’s cautiously optimistic (upward slant), despite accolades from his family (last name underneath first name.) His back swept “t” crossing says he’ll savor the moments by reliving them long afterward.

If you want to have a fun time at the after party, hang with Coleman Domingo! His signature is playful, inclusive, and captivating (large loops and open spaces throughout.) The overall style is that of a natural born artist. There was only one career path and he followed it with gusto!

When he’s not on set, Jeffrey Wright is a man who likes to spend time alone, contemplating life. His natural discretion extends to his choice of projects, friendships, and pretty much everything else in his life. There is, however, an innate confidence that can show up on cue.

Bradley Cooper is decisive. Very. He knows what he likes and goes for it in every situation. He’s a man who appreciates the simple things in life. His home is most likely sparsely decorated and what’s there has purpose and function. (Want more Bradley Cooper? Here’s a deeper analysis.)

Oscars 2024: Actress in a Leading Role

Can Handwriting Predict Oscar Glory? Decoding the 2024 Nominees' Autographs 2

Oscars 2024: Actresses in the fray

Mathematically speaking, the “stones” (Lily Gladstone and Emma Stone) are the ones to watch. Lily’s autograph is essentially her initials, so it appears she plays things close to the vest. Emma writes a bit more of her last name but keeps the rest to herself. In Emma’s case, she may be withholding as a means of self-protection until she gets to know someone. Lily’s initials are angled upward – a sure sign of positivity. Emma’s intense pressure shows assurance and poise under pressure. The coin is in the air on this one!

Maestro’s Carey Mulligan takes things in stride. Her family connections are important to her (connected/closeness of the first letter of her last name), and she is available to them whenever they need her. Her semi-cryptic signature means she is good at keeping a secret. She is genuinely happy to be among the nominees and if she doesn’t win this one, a gold statuette is sure to be in her future.

Annette Bening has been nominated for so many awards it’s hard to keep count. Her talent and ability to morph into any character she plays continues to astound. Amazingly, the Oscars gold has eluded her – this being her fifth nom. Based on her handwriting, she does not get hung up on outcomes, she stays focused on things that are far more important to her. She is not defined by anything or anyone (breezy quality of her cursive) and will continue to surprise us with her convincing and diverse character portrayals.

German-born Sandra Huller has the most indecipherable signature of the group. This could be a function of learning cursive in Europe where their Kurrent-influenced method differs from the American-based Palmer method. Signing autographs does not appear to be her jam, in fact, she probably views it as a silly ritual. A natural enigma, Sandra relishes the opportunity to lose herself in emotionally layered acting roles.

Oscars 2024: Final words

While graphology provides a unique lens through which to view the nominees, it serves as a reminder that the true magic of the Oscars lies in celebrating artistic excellence and the captivating stories brought to life by these talented individuals. The true beauty lies in the ability to surprise and celebrate the unexpected. Get your popcorn ready!

(The author is a New York-based graphologist whose analysis of love notes exchanged between Prince William and Kate Middleton appeared in a Special Edition issue of STAR Magazine. Contact the author)

Disclaimer: One element of handwriting may be analysed at a time, but always look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at any conclusion.