Mr Mohan Bose of ‘Kolkata Institute of Graphology’ is a great graphology teacher

If you think I am good handwriting analyst, here is your chance to know the man behind my skills. He is Mr Mohan Bose, the director of Kolkata Institute of Graphology. He is a exceptional handwriting analyst and a splendid teacher. He is based in Kolkata.

So, guys, if you are in Kolkata and want to learn handwriting analysis or get your handwriting analysed, I assure you that you are unlikely to find someone more competent than Mr Bose. He is someone who constantly believes that a teacher’s purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop students who can create their own image.

Mohan da, I am thankful to you for granting me permission to put your name on my website and agreeing to give others a chance to become good handwriting analysts under your guidance and supervision. At the same time, I hope many of you, who want to excel in the field of handwriting analysis, will get an unmatched opportunity to learn the science from someone who has mastered over it unlike many others.

For more details, get in touch with him

Mr Mohan Bose

182A, Rashbehari Avenue,
Opp. Indian Silk House
Kolkata 700 029
West Bengal, India

Phone: +91+33+24657266

Cellphone: +91+9331040170


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    I am AYAN DUTTA and I am interested in this subject. I want to know how to reveal a person’s personality by analyzing his/her handwriting………………….Is it a scientifical method or is it more or less like astrology? I have no idea……… Please if any one of you can guide me a bit, I will be very greatful to you all……. Please mail me at —–>……Even I am ready to take admission………..

    • Dear Ayan,

      You should visit Kolkata Institute of Graphology and meet Mohan sir there.

      • faded night

        I am currently pursuing the beginners course from kolkata institute of graphology,and the one thing I would like to say is that you are right,GRAPHOLOGY ROCKS!!!and Mohan sir is just such an awesome man.I have had just five classes(last one was yesterday)and he has already become my idol.I have almost never met a man with such high achievements,who is as warm,honest and down-to-earth as he is.There is just so much to learn from him and I pray that I can continue doing so in the future.I am extremely fortunate to be Mohan sir’s student and a part of this prestigious institute.

  • pintu

    Sir I am PINTU want 2 learn GRAPHOLOGY.  Can U advice me how its possible? I am bit interest about it.

  • Vishal sancheti

    Hello Sir. I am Vishal from kolkata . I have been doing handwriting and personality analysis for last 4 years but it is more of on intuition basis. Now i want to learn the technical aspects as well. As i am working in corporate at a good post i want to enhance my expertise and use this knowledge in my work as well.
    Can you kindly tell me any proper course which can fulfill my needs and can be finished in short peroid of time.
    Please revert back with some suggestions regarding the same at vishalsancheti55@ waiting for your reply..

  • Arpana barnwal

    hello sir 

    I am a student and want to learn handwritting analysis so that it could benefit me in future circimstances. pls let me know how should I proceed.pls reply me at

    • Hello Arpana, 
      If you are in Calcutta, you must get in touch with Mr Mohan Bose.

  • shyamaneja

    Kindly arrange to send me the details of the course,fees, period, and utility after the course.Regular, correspondence, certificate,.Any other information be sent.

  • divya saraogi

    hi i want to learn graphology…plz can u provide me detail of admission .

    my mail id is

  • Mentor Magazine

    Can I please have Mr.Mohan Bose’s email id?