What small handwriting reveals about the writer’s attitude

I am sure you know plenty of people who have very small handwriting. Maybe you are also one of them. If you are interested in knowing what small handwriting means and what it says about the writer, read on.

1. Sign of introversion

The size of middle zone letters, such as a, o, e, m, n, u and v, is  a key component while analysing handwriting samples. It suggests how much the writer needs other people in his life, and how many people he can accommodate in his personal life.

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People with small handwriting are very focused individuals, says graphology. They are able to shut out the world and can concentrate very well. Small handwriting often belongs to people who are introverts who like to live in themselves and rarely want to look beyond.

2. Ability to concentrate

Small Handwriting

Usually, scholars, researchers and great thinkers have small handwriting. For example, take the handwriting samples of Albert Einstein and Sir Issac Newton. Like most creative thinkers, the two have small handwriting. Now, you may ask why. Have you ever tried writing very small? If no, give it shot. Try writing very very small. You will know it’s not easy to write that way unless it is your normal style, and you will have to be extremely focused.

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Scholars usually need to shut out the world and direct their complete attention on their work. They do not allow their minds to wander. This need to concentrate and stay focused is reflected by small handwriting. Hence, someone who has a small handwriting has a good ability to concentrate.

Albert Einstein’s handwriting

Albert Einstein's handwriting

Sir Issac Newton’s handwriting

Sir Issac Newton's handwriting

3. A reserved personality

People who write small are usually not flamboyant or attention-seekers. They are like quiet mice nibbling at their cheese in a corner. They feel discomfort when you shower on them a great deal of attention. In short, very reserved.

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4. Pressure handler

Small writers are able to handle pressure pretty well. They work with amazing efficiency when it comes to paying attention to small details. Such writers understand their social limitations and they usually desist from making incursions into others’ personal space. Also, they are quite guarded in their reactions.

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5. Very small handwriting

People with extremely small handwriting are shy and have some self-esteem issues. They do not value themselves high. Such writers totally avoid the company of others, primarily because they fear that people will know their own lack of faith in themselves. They are very insecure, and if they are forced to become social they behave quite abnormally.

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  • Gordon

    My daughter has the concentration.  She is a terrible driver, but a Summa Cum Laude student.  Her aunt Doris wrote small like Einstein.

  • Guest

    what about people who start of writing in a moderate sized handwriting and then it becomes progressively smaller?

    • Hello Guest,

      Thanks for raising this relevant question.

      When someone’s handwriting starts big and gradually gets smaller, it means that the writer tends to get more focused as he progresses in his work than he was at the beginning.

      • Naresh Kokal

        True but in signature it may point to starting with a bang but energy petering out.

  • Naresh Kokal

    How big is big ? How small is  small?

    The specific way is to measure height of lower case oval alphabets ‘a’ & ‘o’.
    Normal size is 2.5 mm. anything bigger than this, is big,. 
    Small writing is 1.5mm and smaller.

    N.B  A small writing can be accompanied by TALL capitals implying                    ego, vanity and pride.

  • Ackillzone

    I have extremely small hand writing to the point teachers and other students throw my papers away cause they think my papers are blank wat does this mean???

    • In very general terms, an extremely small middle zone in handwriting indicates two things: 

      1) The writer is not at all interested in a social life.

      2) It is also possible that the writer is extremely bothered by a few things in life life. 

      Rest when we see your handwriting.

      • Ackillzone

        do i send you a picture of it and then you examine or something.

  • Catherien

    i have lot of head ace all the time,and also stressed of mind what should i do to get relief

  • Marie Kay

    I have a very open letter G.  i write it very fast.   I am told this indicates a writer.
    Hence, I have one book published and two ready to be published.

    • A ‘g’ that resembles figure 8 indicates a person’s ability to imagine well and connect his thoughts exquisitely. I trust that is what you mean, Marie. And, congratulations on your success as an author!

      Can’t say more without seeing the handwriting.

  • Reshma

    hellow sir i am RESHMA,from Andhra Pradesh.I Was working as a HR manager in IT company.I am interested to study graphology to enhance my knowladge in HR industry.

  • Wow… that was pretty accurate. My handwriting is typically comparable to about 7-8px of typed text. ;_;

  • unnikrishnan

    Hi Vishwas,

    My brother is a senior crime reporter and his handwriting is small, but his personality is unlike what you have mentioned in the article. He’s not introvert or shy or has any self esteem issues. What can be the other letters which does not make him a reserved character? Also, he has been consistent with his handwriting as I have hardly seen any changes in size or shape.

    • DJ

      I think your brother have very small word space and garland connection, so he connects all the letters in a word which gives him the ability to link with people.

  • Star

    I guess my hand writing is small/middle? It’s big enough to read yet not big to the point where I can only fit 3 words per row on a lined piece of paper (as some kids..girls..in my class do.) I think some do it this big not as a way to show how extrovert they are; but have the big hand writing as a short cut. As in they would need less to write about to meet any required amount of pages as compared to someone who writes a middle sized font.

  • hi

    Hi. I know of a friend that has varying handwriting. Sometimes her handwriting is big and sometimes it’s small. But every time she writes in cursive, her handwriting’s always small. Kinda hard to read her as a person for me.

    • Hello,

      You should post the handwriting sample on this page. It’s not a good idea to comment on a handwriting without looking at it.

  • melissa

    my little girl jordyn wants to know how to write small

  • Garrett Miller

    My letters are usually one millimeter tall.
    Reason for this is comfort and speed: less movement is faster and doesn’t strain the hand as much.

  • Rizwan

    Don’t even think of writing small. Me as a student ,is in a great danger. My words are nearly micro or can say micro itself. And now I’m facing challenges in tests.
    So all I’m saying don’t even think of writing small..

  • Marilyn Willett

    My fav actor Jonathan Frid [Dark Shadows] had a tiny handwriting except for the first letters of his name, yes he was offered many movie roles and tv but he turned them down he said he never wanted that attention again, he never married.
    A Shakesperean classically trained stage actor who played a vampire, his writing was almost a straight line.