Sonia Gandhi: ‘Large-hearted’ woman or ‘real manipulator’

“Which Indian politician do you find interesting, and like to know more about?” I asked an ex-colleague last week over a drink at the Press Club.

Pat came the reply: “Sonia Gandhi.”

I know plenty of people who are keen to know more about this Italy-born lady, and the desire to dig deeper into her mind was fuelled after the news came a few days ago that Sonia Gandhi had flown to the US for the treatment of an undisclosed ailment. There was absolutely no clarity on what had happened to her and why exactly she was there.

The mystery surrounding Sonia Gandhi for the past many years has clearly turned her into an interesting person. Hence, my ex-colleague’s wish to know her a little better did not surprise me. In fact, what I found really surprising was that I had not yet analysed her handwriting or signature on Write Choice despite knowing that a piece on her would be received well.

Over the weekend, I whispered to myself a cliche, better late than never, and began the hunt for Sonia Gandhi’s handwriting or signature sample. It was not difficult at all. I easily found a few signature samples. Here is what they say about her.

Sonia Gandhi with husband Rajiv and son Rahul

Before I go any further, I would like to give a balance to her personality by citing two incidents in her life. I am doing that because Sonia Gandhi is both liked and hated in India. And the two incidents present her in different lights.

The group that hates her says Sonia Gandhi is a manipulator who wants to grab power by hook or by crook. Her is why: some reports say that on March 14, 1998, she gave a go-ahead to her supporters to stage a constitutional coup against the then Congress president, Sitaram Kesri. The reports also said she hurriedly occupied Kesri’s seat when he was in the bathroom. Kesri was kept locked in the bathroom by the Congress goondas until her coup-d’etat was ratified by the assembled Congressmen. That’s how she became the Congress president.

But there is this grand diametrically opposite tale of how she sacrificed the throne after the thumping victory of her party in the 2004 General Elections. And later, she dumped into the chair a spineless thing, popularly known as Manmohan Singh.

In these incidents, Sonia Gandhi displayed two shades of her personality and both of them in a way attempt to neutralise each other. Therefore, it will be tough to say which of the two shades shows the real Sonia Gandhi.  I won’t give a direct answer here. So, we look at her handwriting and know a little more about her.

Sonia Gandhi's signature

Point number 1: The first thing that strikes me in the way she writes her ‘n’ in ‘Gandhi’. It indicates that she is someone who could say things without meaning them. If it suits her convenience, she would say something to save the moment. It won’t be difficult for her to go back on her words. But does that trait make someone vicious? It can’t be said with conviction.

Point number 2: The slant of Sonia Gandhi’s handwriting suggests she is an emotional person who take her decision impulsively. It’s possible that in the absence of foxy people like Kapil Sibal and P Chidambaram around, she may take some irrational decisions. And going by her handwriting, I won’t think twice before saying that she impulsively took the 2004 decision to give up the highest chair of the country.

Point number 3: There are some coils inside Sonia Gandhi’s oval letters a and o. The coils indicate the writer’s tendency to indulge in double-dealing. So, if you are of the opinion that double-dealing is synonymous with manipulation, you may think so. And because the coils appear in the two letters of communication, it is possible that such double-dealings are mostly done with the help of words.

Point number 4: Sonia Gandhi is a very sharp woman who makes quick decisions. The woman has an investigative mind and pointed middle-zone letters are indicative of her ability to see through people, and know what they are up to. She is capable of sizing up a situation quickly and making up her mind fast.

Point number 5: Her signature shows that it’s very difficult to read her mind and know what she is thinking. She is quite capable of keeping other guessing about her intentions and motives. Also, she is a sensitive woman who, because of her ego, won’t take any opposition lying down.

Point number 6: Is she a large-hearted woman? Her signature at least does not give any indication that she is magnanimous.

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  • Sujatamorab

    Found some insight into the enigma known as Sonia Gandhi through Write Choice. Please dig more. Is she a well-wisher of her adopted country or does she look down on us with scorn? Not many are fan of hers. Would like to know if they are right.

  • bharat

    She did not -sacrifice- in 2004 but could not convincingly answer the then President’s questions about her dual citizenship when she met him with Manmohan Singh to lay claim to govt formation. The great sacrifice and listening to the inner voice was all a drama to make the best of a bad situation.

  • arunima gautam

    interseting… hmmm…

  • arunima gautam

    interesting… hmmm…

  • EyeOpener

    She wanted to become the Prime Minister and recommended her name for the same. She never sacrificed her Prime Minister’s seat but the truth is that as per the law she was not eligible so she played the sacrifice drama to gain the sympathy of the people and made a visionles person as the PM.

    • Second Eyeopener

      I agree with you, Eyeopener. The ‘gandi’ family needs to be exposed. They have robbed us for the past many years, and if we do not wake up and kick their butt, they will continue to trouble us for the next many years to come. 

  • Just 4 U 7191

  • Raju Raj

    It is shocking that India is still being ruled by a foreigners. I think gulami is in our genes. We probably don’t trust the ability of someone from our own neighbourhood enough to let him take power. We have a subconscious need to be ruled by an outsider.

  • Kavita Chauhan

    Is there any reason why India is not able to find an Indian to lead the country? Or, are we so lazy that we are outsourcing our top post to lazier Italy?

  • she had not sacrificed her seat for Manmohan Singh .It was possible by the efforts of Dr Subramanyam swamy . See the link

  • kontimjerry

    It is a myth that she “sacrificed” the prime ministerial seat. At the meeting she had with the then President APJ Abdul Kalam, she was clearly confronted with a few legal points that gave her a CLEAR MESSAGE that she was NOT eligible to be a PM. One of these was a provision in the Indian legal framework which specifies the conditions under which an Indian national of foreign birth becomes eligible for such high positions – namely, the reciprocal treatment with respect to the law of their land of birth in regard to how THEY permit or disallow people born in India for their highest positions. Translated into plain language, if Italy would permit an Italian national born of Indian parents, to become a Prime Minister of Italy, then India can accept an Italian born Indian national to become the PM here. Unfortunately for Sonia (a.k.a Antonia Maino), Italian law does not permit Indian origin persons to become a PM in Italy, END OF STORY