Your handwriting tells whether you are feeling guilty about something

Handwriting analysis is not mind-reading. At Write Choice, we give you handwriting analysis examples of real people and tell you about how a handwriting sample is analysed. These handwriting analysis examples do not belong to celebrities alone; they are of real people as well.

For example, in this particular post, I have analysed the handwriting of a man whose script gave strong indication that he was feeling very guilty about something. After you finish reading this post, you will know in his own words what the guilt was. This is one of those handwriting analysis examples, which you are going to like.

The handwriting sample in question belongs to Bangalore resident one Mr Devendra. He had approached me in 2009 to get his handwriting analysed. I analysed his handwriting sample and was surprised to see what I found. This is what I said:

Devendra, your handwriting shows you see your future absolutely dark with no hope whatsoever. You are lost in your past and keep thinking about things that went wrong, especially in your relationship area. You do not want to trust anyone and desist from giving new person a chance.

You tend to blow issues out of proportion and sometimes get too fussy. You see problems at places where none exists. You are consumed by an internal fear though you put up a brave front. You like to to take your own sweet time to make decisions and refuse to rush up even during emergencies. This slow decision-making frustrates you.

One of the handwriting samples you sent me shows that people notice a dual personality in you because sometimes you are outgoing and at times too reserved.

You often get walked down upon because you are a soft-spoken person. I will like to tell you that the tendency to be sweet and nice is a reflection of your desire to be liked by everyone. Devendra, you have an inclination to defy authority and you do not like to take orders. You live for the day and believe that planning is a waste of time. Because of this attitude, you get yourself into situations that sometimes put you into trouble. At present, the area which is troubling you the most is your intimate relationships. You feel guilty about something that you did in your past relationship.

You can see that a handwriting sample can reveal so many things about the writer. So, this answers your question how handwriting is analysed. I have not given details about how I arrived at certain conclusions about Devendra or where I saw the guilt. I have not disclosed it because I have taken a collective view of the handwriting sample. And one can do justice to a handwriting sample and to the writer only when the entire handwriting is taken into account for the purpose of analysis.

I am sure such handwriting analysis examples will be quite useful to students of graphology. Learn how to analyse handwriting

Do read Devendra’s response in the comment section.