Are you stressed and tired? Graphotherapy exercise can make to feel better

Are you stressed out? You can deal with it by just picking up a pen and a some paper and do some graphotherapy exercises.

We have said it several times that graphotherapy exercises can be used to by any of us to deal with a few problems. One of them is stress. By writing in a certain way for a few weeks, you can deal with stress probably in the simplest possible manner. It is easy and also free. So, make use of this wonderful graphotherapy exercise.

The graphotherapy exercise we are talking about is called the “Figure 8 exercise”. You can do this exercise anytime you’re feeling stressed out and need to calm down. Usually, this exercise should be done about 15 minutes a day. Even as you are doing the exercise, notice the changes you feel in yourself. You are supposed to do this exercise for 21 days. If you do these graphotherapy exercises regularly without giving any break, you will definitely feel a big change in yourself. You will feel relaxed.

Handwriting Exercise

To those who do not not what graphotherapy is all about, here is a brief account: Graphotherapy is a means of making conscious alterations in your handwriting in order to effect desired subconscious changes in your personality. This is a reversal of the normal writing process: now, your hand sends messages to your brain — the root of various ills… Read more on graphotherapy and explore the website by searching for graphotherapy to know what are those several other issues that can be dealt with this curative offshoot of graphology.

We know we have made you wait for the exercise longer than you would have liked to. Hence, without any delay allow us to take you to the article where the Figure 8 graphotherapy exercise has been given. Hope you make use of the exercise and let us know whether it helped you or not. Figure 8 graphotherapy exercise