Geetika Sharma’s suicide note will tell what went wrong with the girl

The suicide of 23-year-old Geetika Sharma, a former woman employee of an airline, and the role of Haryana minister Gopal Kanda as an abettor, have drawn the attention of the entire country. The girl was apparently depressed because the minister had been continuously harassing her.

Geetika said in her suicide note that Kanda, the Minister of State for Home Affairs in the Haryana government, had repeatedly exploited her and her family.

The suicide note clearly indicated that Gopal Kanda had driven Geetika to commit suicide. There was something going on between the two of them, which forced her to take away her life. She committed suicide at her residence in Delhi.

I got hold of two handwriting samples (below) belonging to the girl. First, the suicide note. And second, a note she had written about three months ago. In both these samples, she has spoken about Gopal Kanda and how “horrible” the man is.

Here are a few things that I noticed about Geetika Sharma’s suicide note:

Geetika was terrified and had been feeling isolated

Notice the very first letter of her sucicide note. It is noticebly leaning to the left. In a handwriting sample, when the personal pronoun stands out as one of the few letters leaning to the left, the indicates the writer’s isolation and fear. (Read more about left-slant in handwriting)

Geetika Sharma suicide note

Geetika was in a tumultous state of mind

The slant of the suicide note is all over. In the first four lines, it stays straight. Then suddenly when she is writing Both of them have broken my trust… it suddently slants to the right. The slant stays that way for a few lines changing course once in a while. This unexpected right slant indicates she was suddenly overpowered by a surge of emotions. (Read about right slant in handwriting)

The interesting part is that in her previous letter, we do not see her handwriting tilting to the right. It mostly stays vertical. This shift in slant indicates that she had allowed feelings and emotions to take control of her actions. The girl had been on an emotional roller coaster for quite some time, which is shown by the varying slant of her handwriting. For someone to stay in a state of mind as turbulent and tumultuous as hers, a lot of things in life will have to go wrong.

Suicidal tendencies were high as per handwriting

At the right end of each sentence, the baseline of most of the letters are showing a sudden drop, which is a key indicator of the writer’s tendency to give up, says graphology. Check out from top: “my”, “their”, “misused”, “be” and “malicious”. In the previous handwriting written as well, you can see the drop in the terminal strokes at the right end of a few lines. In some cases, the terminal strokes of some individual words are also falling down the baseline. This indicates that the writer is fighting feelings bordering depression on a day-to-day basis.

Feelings of guilt were troubling Geetika Sharma

Handwriting sample of Geetika Sharma

The suicide note as well the other handwriting sample indicate that Geetika was carrying plenty of guilt feelings (shown by letters with twisted lower zones). She felt she had traveled far too down the wrong lane and was consumed by feelings of having made some big mistakes. It seems she did not share the feelings with anyone, but deep down they were eating her away.

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  • Narendra Kaushik

    Great Vishwas. Your analysis also points to the dubious role Gopal Kanda must have played in her death. The government authorities obviously turn a blind eye to how criminals become obscenely rich and then join politics to protect their ill-gotten wealth.

  • Divya

    What about her signature? Can you tell us something about that?

    • The signature is illegible with a great deal of emphasis on lower zone. This indicates that she was a restless person. The over-emphasised lower zone indicates her above-average instinctive desires.

  • Great insight vishwas as a post mortem of a sad end of an unfortunate life.hin ere are MY observations:
    1. Her DOUBLE DECKER SIGNATURE is the first thing that should have warned her and her well wishers of the pending disaster. it is a major sign of something wrong inside.the long loop of her main initial letter G is self-revealing. too much interest in the matters of the flesh,her relationship with her FATHER was not very good.she was trying to control something in her life…maybe too much dependency on others.
    Geetika was a dreamer, need to be different and definetly depressed.
    for the time being this should be enough. i have not seen the TV news and this post was the first news i got of this sad episode.wish we graphonomist could have helped her.

    • You are right, Donald. She was indeed a dreamer. She often set unachievable goals for herself without realising that the connect between the goals and the realities was missing somewhere. In this rush, she unwittingly allowed others to take advantage of her.

  • Ravindra Junagade

    First of all I must appreciate
    the contents and design of this website. It is not merely with commercial
    interest, but certainly promotes graphology with varied information and
    interactive feature.

    Regarding this analysis, I appreciate.
    It is very thoughtfully done. Surely there is emotional turmoil visible in her
    handwriting. It can be momentary while writing this very emotional communication
    (while preparing for separating for ever with her near and dear ones) or very
    recent phase in her life after experiencing the behavior of the persons she is
    blaming. The fact that whether it was her normal disposition will be known only
    if her previous writings are seen.

    Another striking feature in her
    writing is long Lower Zone loops, hitting the lines below. It indicates very strong
    instinctive drives which may be posing problem in her day to day life.

    • Thanks for your inputes, Mr Junagade. You have rightly pointed out the lower zone letters hitting the lines below. One of my first reactions to this was that her exaggerated instinctive drives were perhaps responsible for the state in which the poor girl was. She could not control them because if one notices, the lower zone letters indeed stand out.

  • bireniil

    Hi, Few days back i have come accross one more suicide note published in mid day there were lots of signs of suicidal tendencies it was a great example for the learner i have a copy of the same but dont know i can post the same… thank you very much vishwas sir… learning lots from your post.. thank you very much once again…


    Dear Vishwas,
    The day when this letter was on the TV and on the net, I was waiting for the analysis from you. On the very first day I thought to request you for the analysis, but you did it before I asked for that to you. As always I am a giant fan of you and I know that you every time give the best analysis of the stuff whichever you find from anywhere.
    Thanks for enlightening everyone for this art.
    1) I just wish to request you a thing that your analysis are not available to me in NCR weekly via MIDDAY. Is any other newspaper available in NCR that publishes your analysis weekly?
    2) Why dont you go for an institute here in Ghaziabad/NCR where people can learn this art?

  • erfan/Dubai

    Reading at Suicide note Feels like, She is Emotionaly Hurt a Lot, & It is very thoughtfully done well Palnned. Surely there is emotional turmoil visible in her handwriting its all well planned, But “Suicide is not the Option to End Such a Beautilful Life at very Young age of 23 yrs”
    It is like a person saying to God: “You have given me life and I am taking it away.” committing Suicide is unforgivable sin. suicide is a form of murder, Today we usually call it “depression”

    A person who commits Suicide is in to unforgivable sin, if it is as a result of a mental disorder like depression or some other severe form of anxiety is not in full control of his senses. We cannot say how God will judge such a person, but we trust to God’s justice, because he does not deal unfairly with anyone.
    We pray for the person concerned, and request God to forgive her,
    Knowing How Much you care about your Family Mom, Dad & Bahi,, you were amazing….you were true. May your soul rest in Peace.