Do you get upset when your Facebook post doesn’t get likes? Here is what it means

Social media is addictive. For most of us, if not all. Some people just can’t get themselves to stop revisiting their social media space.

Remember those first baby steps you took to get acquainted with your Facebook profile page or Twitter timeline? I am sure it felt just like any other fun and harmless activity. You shared those lovely moments on your wall and got ‘likes’. Have you noticed that when you get plenty of likes, it feels good? What do you do next? You started spending more time on social media. And before you know, you fall into this trap of needing a positive response to our updates. It becomes a habit.

Soon, it reaches a point when you start feeling off when your posts are not ‘liked’ or they do not get many responses. Some people even feel empty and sad, and they start questioning their own worth. In fact, a study has also found the more time 19 to 32-year-olds spend on social media, the more likely they are to become depressed.

What do you think is happening here? Are you feeling empty because your post did not get enough likes? Yes, literally that’s what it looks like. But what you’re missing is not those one-click likes; it’s your self-esteem. The lack of it, to be precise.

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The point being made is not that you should stay away from social media. No, that’s not the case. You post something nice, you get likes. You post average stuff, and you get fewer likes. You post not-so-interesting stuff, you don’t attract any response at all. It’s normal. After all, it’s your virtual life, not real. But there is really a cause to worry if your happiness becomes dependent on the likes on your posts and updates. And it’s dangerous too because your cannot get rid of this dependence easily; you are held hostage by your social media accounts.

Many social media users want to break away from this hostage-like situation, but it’s not easy for them. Therefore, before you make the next attempt to free yourself from the clutches of the social media, you must first understand that your desire to constantly get approval on social media is usually a sign of low self-esteem. Once you figure out how to raise your confidence level, you will free yourself from the virtual chains that have made you feel like a prisoner.

Now that you know it’s the low self-esteem that’s dragging you down and pushing you to the brink of near-depression, you may be thinking handwriting analysis can give you some tips to boost it. Well, it’s not that easy unless you practise a few things. Here are the three things you should know in order to improve the level of your self-esteem.

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1. Perfection is Impossible

Yeah, yeah. I know you have been advised all your life to be perfect. But the point is if you make the advice the motto of your life, you should be ready to be in trouble. Learn to accept failures. It’s always a good idea to do better in life and set higher goals, but consciously resist the temptation to think that everything you do should be perfect.

2. Ignore that critical voice inside your head

This one is very important, and it’s necessary you learn how to deal with that voice that chides and berates you all the time. This voice is very powerful. If you try to fight it, you will lose. Believe me. The moment you try to fight it, it will come with more persuasive arguments to prove you are worthless. There is just one way to deal with it. The moment you hear the voice, just smile and pretend to walk away. In other words, just ignore it. It’s better that way. It usually goes quiet after being ignored and snubbed consistently.

3. Change your writing

Apart from that, you need to make two crucial changes in your handwriting: (i) Make sure the size of your capital letters, especially the personal pronoun I, stands out. (ii) Enlarge the size of your signature. Let your signature be at least twice the size of your handwriting. Make sure the capital letter is big. For more on signature, read 3 tips to boost your confidence level. The changes will help you regain confidence and effectively deal with disappointments.

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