Some handwriting strokes a teacher should not have: One is temper tick

In handwriting analysis, temper strokes are seen in t-bars. If a school teacher has such a stroke in his handwriting, he can be abusive. Hence, it’s very important to ensure that teachers’ handwriting are free of such strokes. This article is dedicated to an 11-year-old girl who died in Delhi…

Angry teacher

Do you know we got rid of a big problem in 2009? The problem was Shano Khan, an 11-year-old schoolgirl in Delhi. She died. She had slipped into coma after being beaten up by her teacher and made to stand in the sun with bricks on her shoulders. Hardly a big deal. Isn’t it?

Her fault was that she could not answer a simple question by the teacher.

Good riddance. Wouldn’t you agree that she was a indeed a big problem because she blatantly proved that the teacher was dumb, the education system is pathetic and all of us reading this are a bunch of impotent fools who just read such newspaper reports and forget about it?

In the tremendous heat, when most of us reading this were either sitting in air-conditioned rooms or looking for ways to avoid the scorching planet, the child was made to stand in the sun for two hours! It’s absolutely unforgivable! Could we do something to stop that? Probably no. We’re too busy with our lives.

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It is true we did not know Shano personally, but are we planning to wake up to the menace only when someone dear to us faces a similar situation as the poor 11-year-old did? Folks, can we be graceful enough to close our eyes for two seconds and say sorry to that girl for being a part of an education system which, in all probability, will kill many others like her?

Let’s not be callous. Do something about it. As a handwriting analyst, here is an attempt on my part to offer a solution to the issue. School authorities, please pay attention to the three strokes (given below) in the handwriting of candidates wishing to be teachers. Do not hire people with these handwriting strokes. Tell them politely to look for some other job.

1) Temper strokes

Temper strokes

Temper strokes in handwriting is shown by a t-bar crossed predominantly on the right side of the stem. The more it occurs, the faster such writers will lose control over their emotions. They should not be hired as teachers because they will quickly get angry with children who are naughty. Very often, they will be heard screaming at children.

2) Impatience strokes

Impatience in handwriting is revealed by the needle-point strokes in the top of m, n, r and h. These writers have lightning-fast minds. Honestly, I love this trait because many of my friends have it and it helps me communicate with them quickly. In fact, many CEOs of top companies have this stroke in their handwriting because they are supposed to make quick decisions.

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However, if a school teacher has this trait, it will harm students. Such a teacher will lose patience with slow students and he will proceed to the next chapter without noticing or caring whether his students have understood what he taught.

3) Aggression strokes

Aggression in handwriting is shown by hard right upstroke that replaces a lower loop. This person often resorts to violence. If a school teacher has this stroke, he will often inflict corporal punishment.

I hated my childhood teacher who used to put a pen between the fingers of my hand and press. It was too painful. Tears would roll, but as a five-year-old, I couldn’t do much about it because even my parents did not protest. Apparently, they thought whatever a teacher does is in the interest of the child. Can there be anything more foolish than this?

What a teacher’s handwriting should show

Many things, of course. Besides being intelligent and worthy, they should be soft and compassionate as well. Handwriting will help here too.

People who write with flat or round-topped m and n are generally very methodical and procedural. The smoothness is indicative of their lack of reckless aggression and a capacity to be patient. They seldom lose patience with children because it is not a part of their personality.

Pass around this article and make it reach every educational institution in the world so that they could hire right people to teach their children. Besides the three strokes mentioned above, there are many others that a teacher’s handwriting must not have. Lack of abuse in the formative years of life is important. Because an abused childhood fractures the entire personality and damages it irreparably.

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