Shoaib Malik & Sania Mirza’s marriage: Is the couple compatible?

There is a man who plays with a hard ball. He wants to marry a woman who plays with a soft ball. He hits hard balls, she hits soft balls. Sounds like they will be a compatible couple. Perfect match. But there is a problem. There is another woman who plays with no balls, but she wants the man who plays with hard balls. Apparently, one of them is a slime ball. But I don’t have a crystal ball to know who the wrong guy is…

I know it’s confusing you. So, let me be a be clear. I am talking about Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik who has courted a lot of controversies over his plans to marry tennis player Sania Mirza. I am not recapitulating the controversy here. Contact Googleshwar for help.  I spent about an hour looking for Shoaib’s handwriting sample. I could not find it. But finally I found his signature. So, I thought I must share with you a few things that I noticed about the strokes in his signature.

Shoaib MalikClick here to view his signature in a hi-res file.

Does he hide his real self? By looking at just the signature, can you tell it is Shoaib’s? I don’t think so. It means that his signature is illegible. That’s the first thing that hits my eyes. The random scribble shows that Malik has an internal need to remain unknown to people around him. He won’t like to discuss his plans and keeps things to himself. The truth about his life may remain unknown for a long time. An illegible writer also feels he is misunderstood by his own people.

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Is he a story teller? Some people say that Shoaib’s version of the story has been cooked up by him. I really don’t know what the truth is. But the unnecessary loops coupled with unbroken garland connection between letters in his signature suggest that mentally (as opposed to sexually), he is quite imaginative and is able to connect his thoughts with remarkable ease. If all these traits are necessary to make someone a good story-teller, then yes, Shoaib is a good story-teller. (Stop smiling… this is no verdict on Shoaib’s chastity.)

Loops inside a & o: Shoaib Malik has in his name two ‘a’ and one ‘o’ — the letters of communication. But in his signature, both the letters are malformed, which indicates that there is some problem with the way he communicates. Writers with malformed ‘a’ and ‘o’ have a tendency to manipulate facts to suit their needs.

Ovals open at bottom::Shoaib uses a circles in place of i-dots. The circles are open from down. This suggests the writer inclination to indulge in underhand activities. Some handwriting analysts say an open also oval in handwriting shows the writer is dishonest.

Sania’s signature

Sania Mirza

I found just one sample of Sania’s signature on Internet. Her signature, like Shoaib’s, is illegible. Also, it’s scribbled.

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Scribbled signature: Such writers are always in a hurry. There are two reasons they scribble. One, their mind is faster than their hands. And second, they are hoity-toity rascals who tell others: I don’t care whether you can read my handwriting or not. I am just too busy to be bothered by that. I have no time for you…” Such writers seldom take total responsibility for things in their lives.

I can’t say more about her from this signature alone.

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