Do you get angry very fast? Maybe your handwriting has anger strokes

“Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one.”

American statesman and philosopher Benjamin Franklin said that; my friend Lundroo’s uncle Hundroo always proves that. Like a jerk, Hundroo uncle gets angry frequently, but mostly with the wrong person, to the wrong degree, at the wrong time, for the wrong purpose, and in the wrong way.

Angry man

If his daughter didn’t wear the kind of clothes he approved of, he’d scream at her; if his wife put some extra salt or chilli in his favourite curry by mistake, he’d rebuke her; if his son did not bargain “well” with the vendor while buying vegetables, he would call him an idiot and abuse him. He had not heard anything about anger management, and would scold people who would give him anger management tips.

We know it’s not natural for someone to behave like Hundroo uncle. But it’s not difficult to find someone like him who allows his lid to blow off every now and then.

In handwriting analysis, the tendency to put out the lamp of mind in anger is shown by a rigidly straight beginning stroke of a letter that starts down below the baseline. Mostly it’s seen in m, n, h and b (pic below).

Anger in handwriting: Graphology

The strokes indicate an unconscious anger regarding a past incident. The person is harbouring anger, resentment or hatred against something or someone, which surfaces more often than not. Unconscious anger rooted in a negative past incident affects current attitude or relationships.

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If the anger stroke is combined with heavy writing pressure and right slant, the person will get angry so intensely that it’d be extremely difficult to cool him off. Such a writer will know nothing about how to control his anger.  And even if he wants, he cannot control his anger.

I advised Lundroo’s uncle to get rid of that unwanted strokes, because if this powerful emotion ever went out of hand, it could have wreaked havoc in his as well as others’ lives.

Hence, I recommend the same to everyone who gets angry at the drop of hat, without any significant reason, meaninglessly.  If you write the way Lundroo’s uncle did, get rid of the stroke as early as possible. That’s one of the easiest anger management tips you can get from handwriting analysis.

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